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  1. I buy them when I can but I don't know when I am working until after they are released. Didn't 3 of the games go to general sale anyway so I don't see your problem?
  2. I will take £30 for my pair. Might as well get used than go to waste!
  3. Still have 2 seated together available for this.
  4. 4 available for Wolves away. Happy to split them.
  5. 4 available all together for this. Happy to split them.
  6. Still have 4 for this, will take £15 each, no point them going to waste.
  7. Looking for a ticket for today ideally. Plans have changed so can make it now.
  8. Also 1 available for Palace this coming weekend
  9. Got 3 available for the Brighton game. Whole family can't go now.
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