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  1. 40 mil pennies maybe. Really want us to keep the squad for another year. VAR is made for Maguire and Maddison. Add Youri Tielemans and Neal Maupay and we are good to go.
  2. Haven't read the full thread. I may be wrong, but the players are willing to talk to BBC Radio Leicester, as long as Stringer is not the guy asking the question. So if it is the case, Radio Leicester need to look at themselves. Don't have anything personal against him, but I don't enjoy Stringers commentary/analysis. Seems like one of those guys that would have got bullied in class.
  3. Can't make this up. Seriously, no one at the club had the backbone to say no to BR. His CV, is gash. People on here referencing Slim, Musa and others. We need to learn from those mistakes, not make the biggest one yet. Head of recruitment means, just that to me. Whether he has the best scouting team in the land. It is all relative now.
  4. A marketing article to bring in BR's mate from Celtic. Haha As said, some hit and miss. If we can avoid a window like the one after winning the league. We're half way there.
  5. I too visited the Celtic forum to get a feel and reaction to the move. One thing that stood out were BR's signings were poor. It all makes sense, with this guy as head of recruitment. Open Letter anyone. Just get Steve Walsh in.
  6. After getting cut open a few times against Brighton. I can maybe see why BR may have opted for the change of formation. Dissapointed by the goals, but lets not forget the save and block from KS and Wez, few minutes in. That being said, it was poor all over. I think the second half instructions were to take care of the ball which caused us to slow down. Dissapointed for Gray, after having a super game previously. Barnes is better on the left. 3 at the back with 2 training sessions is a big ask. Looking forward to some intensity and drive.
  7. Southend United (1995), and we lost. How we signed Pontus Kåmark, I never know.
  8. Really want this to happen.
  9. Get the ball in midfield, and pass back to the defenders.
  10. As mentioned above, I think we were linked with him before. I prefer to look at, if he is getting the best out of the resources available. Is he an upgrade on Puel....Probably
  11. No way were we ever going to score 3 goals. All the previous defensive, slow and ponderous style of play is going to have an impact when trying to win a game. I would be surprised if they even train to attack.
  12. I was going to write something similar. chapero82 comment will do.
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