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  1. Absolutely spot on, if we’d not won today he would’ve got the brunt of it. He’s just a nothing player and 9 times out of 10 is the weakest player on the pitch. Gets hooked after an hour nearly every game due to how ineffective he is, think we may have to cut our losses on this one.
  2. Ayoze Perez is an absolute disgrace of a man
  3. If we can defend set pieces against these I think we win. soucek a massive threat and Ogbonna if he plays. we win this 0-2 I reckon 💙🦊
  4. Can you pm me please mate, looking for some early 90s stuff 👍🏻
  5. I remember him getting the hump a few times when O’Neill dragged him and put big Matty up top in the last 20 mins 💙
  6. Not that I recall 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. He was right about that
  8. Comes across as not being that fond of us since he left?
  9. Your told you so posts are tiresome mate. He’s not been made a scapegoat he’s come in for some criticism and rightly so. His output this season in the main has been woeful. Yesterday he was excellent and rightly praised. They were diabolical though and one of the worst teams I’ve seen down here for sometime, let’s hope it wasn’t a one off and he can step up against the better sides in Maddison’s absence 💙🦊
  10. Buzzin for the lad 💙💙💙
  11. That league must be repulsive
  12. Did a good job man marking Tielemans until he lost him for the assist
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