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  1. Scholar 👌🏻
  2. Can someone send a brother a link please? 💙
  3. Can someone pm me a link that works on iPad/phone? West Ham game is shown on mine . fuming
  4. Nice post Antonio, a few of us are travelling without tickets. Do you expect to sell out? Hope you win La Liga!
  5. Pretty much, keep the faith keef
  6. Download: world tv plus plus. App for iOS got bad feeling about today.
  7. Anyone got a stream for an iPad/iPhone for this? Pm me please. Much obliged
  8. Anyone who went to the club shop notice if they had the tracky tops in?
  9. Have they got any training gear in yet? The new tracksuit top looks mint
  10. Me too please, Bastard I'm shitting it
  11. It's fine at the minute mate no danger of the game being off. I live near salford quays towards OT and it's all good. One love
  12. It's the same feeling as when I watch a david Cameron speech. I'm seeing someone about it
  13. I don't usually post on here but I read the forum a lot. Col city fans posts make my dick go up into my body