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  1. But he only scores pens..
  2. If he opts for Nigeria we will be in there like a rat up a drain pipe. real talk #afcon #thebestone
  3. Just signed a new contract good player though
  4. Just seen this re. Allardyce, him and shakey to take over? Hope not. hoof city
  5. It's more about being able to play football than strength. He's so limited it's frightening...
  6. Can someone pm me stream please mines shocking
  7. This feeling of potentially signing Siggy is the same feeling I had when we were interested in Collymore years ago. makes me wanna dance.. 💙🦊
  8. The only similarity between those pair is that they came from non league. gray is nowhere near Vardys level. terribel shout
  9. Take away my uncles boll@cks he'd be my auntie
  10. Said on BT sport yesterday that sigurdsson to Everton is rumoured to have been done as well. hope not. they will struggle when lukaku leaves for sure.
  11. Can we swap swop with swap?
  12. Have we got puma again?
  13. Soccerstream not working for me, can someone hook me up with a link? 💙🦊
  14. When does the puma deal run out? Not a massive fan of their kits.
  15. Scholar 👌🏻