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  1. Haha that just came out, it was organic, I do apologise. The kids got potential but that's it. He's nowhere near Mahrez's level even last season when he was questionable. The worry I have is that this transfer saga roles on until the end of August and he then moves we don't have time to replace him. And before the Foxestalk keyboard warriors shoot me down and tell me there will be a contingency plan, we had a whole month to get a defender in and we got that Wague bloke in.
  2. Miserable ball greedy bellsniff
  3. The thought of him leaving is making me more and more nervous. It was only a friendly today but the lack of creativity in the second half was quite apparent. were now overloaded with defensive midfielders and no one to unlock a defence. if he goes we need someone to come in and hit the ground running to replace him. I Hope he stays
  4. Cambiasso..
  5. No offence BP but this is the worst formation in the history of football.
  6. Is there a stream for this? Cant find one 😪
  7. Surprised by the manufacturer ? surprised by the bespoke kit? surprised that the purple patch is on both arms?
  8. Same. It's getting silly, Bournemouth's fault, they started this by signing Jordan Ibe for 15m and he is garbage
  9. Definitely No must be be given a chance here before we decide if he can still cut it in the prem. cracking player if we can get him 100% fit.
  10. What if we sign a new 3 year kit deal with Genesis though? That wouldn't be great
  11. They want 50mil though 😮
  12. My mother in law likes mrs Browns boys and she's a right dick
  13. The formation I'm looking looks weird, I'm on my phone so it not formatted, do you mean 343 with Vardy up top and Nacho/Mahrez either side? That would be good
  14. Acid or football?
  15. Looking at this formation reminds me of when I took some acid in my mates garage.