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  1. I’m curious about his BMI, he’s got 3% body fat which makes the sluts go nuts apparently. please confirm
  2. Agree, thinks it’s due to sharks hugging the touch line whereas Pérez plays infield as he’s not even close to being a winger. Ricardo can maybe looking at undertaking instead of overlapping similar to Baines did for Everton with Pienaar?
  3. 2 assists, we look a lot more balanced with him in the team. 🦈
  4. He’s been great Ricardo and we are lucky to have him don’t get me wrong but Evans for me has been immense and is key to soyuncu’s form as well.
  5. POTY by a million miles. Absolute colossal and the only one that gives a shit by the looks of things
  6. Patchy form for 3 years
  7. More exclamation marks in your posts from now on please
  8. Only post when this sort of thing happens. Bore off you maggot,
  9. We’re really missing a player who can change the game, hopefully get a decent winger in the summer. Would’ve loved Ziyech or someone of that quality. Not easy to come by though.
  10. It is relegation form tbh however, some of the performances have been decent. If we play how we did at the weekend we will make the top 4 no problem 👍🏻
  11. Has Gray played at all since Villa in the cup? Not sure he has. Might indicate Rodgers lays some of the blame for the goal. Surely looking at bombing him out in the summer.
  12. Where would we play him? Been turned into a bit of a holding midfielder for them in recent times
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