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  1. This wouldn’t of happened under their watch
  2. If Barnes took the Penalties .... baller
  3. You were just slating him earlier? Which one is it?
  4. He’ll not be going to euros after that with Southchops in the crowd. Barnes on the other hand might.
  5. It’s not no especially as we can get a few for them before the summer
  6. How did Demarai Gray pull rank on that free kick? Senior players (Tielemans should be telling him to step aside) mans never even got one on target in the 5 years he’s been here. Unbelievable
  7. If he starts, madders has got to be off set pieces which would be nice
  8. Wouldn’t be disappointed if he did go. Tbf to him he's probably been played out of position out on the right. Much better playing off a striker who can hold the ball up, which makes you wonder why we signed him in the first place. I never really rated him at Newcastle tbh, think he had a decent spell for 4-5 months where he scored a few.
  9. Didn’t know Alex Scott spoke french
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