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  1. Early days but not been overly impressed. Looks a bit light weight considering he’s played in the prem for a while and seemed to give the ball away every time he got it. I had reservations when we signed him, he’s not a winger and he’s not a striker so bit of a strange one. Would’ve preferred to have spent 30M on an actual winger if I’m honest. Still only 2 games in so hopefully he will improve but Brendan must be considering dropping him for Albrighton/Barnes for Sheff Utd.
  2. You can’t ever accuse Chilly for lack of effort. However, the quality of crosses he puts in are very poor. He chips or puts lofted balls in the box that are not remotely dangerous especially for a team that has no real height up top.
  3. This is clearly an attempt to lure @LinekersApples so you can throw him in the canal. nice try @StriderHiryu 😂
  4. I was cockshaw he would sign for us
  5. Samsonite... i was way off
  6. I don’t think we will have a better chance with the uncertainty surrounding Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal. This is our time (again)
  7. mod hero


    Nice one Tom ??????
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