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  1. Scoring a goal early on would be nice, when was the last time we scored in the first 10 mins? Or the first half??
  2. Noticed last night that he was running the channels like he used to 15/16 and was really stretching Arsenals back line last night, particularly second half. Thought he was superb, scoring and creating a couple of opportunities. I know Rodgers has told him to play the width of the box but I would like to see him stretching defences more like last night. what an amazing achievement it would be if he bagged the golden boot. Think I’m right in saying he would be the oldest do so in premier league history? Absolutely love the bloke. 💙🦊
  3. Wouldn’t come here pal, plus his wages would be astronomical
  4. I really don’t get the Todd Cantwell love in on here. IF we make the Champs league we should be setting our sights slightly higher.
  5. Think he’s had his day now mate, was class a few years ago. Wages would be huge as well
  6. Not in the Post Rona Market I don’t think
  7. When this link first came out he said it was bollocks. Mans a moron
  8. eBay is your best bet for this, I found a medium on there and it was ****ing massive though, fit more like XL. Love the white away shirt from that season too. The pink away shirt this season I really like and think that will be a classic in years to come.
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