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  1. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Please tell me you had to look that up and you didn't get it from memory?
  2. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Apart from Southampton
  3. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    The way coutinho got between the lines should be a warning to Shakey, not to mention Salah, Mane, Firmino. If he continues with 442 on Sat we are in big trouble
  4. Dragovic looks some player

    Have we got a view to permanent with him?
  5. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Cracking post, completely agree. lets see what happens on Saturday. I really fear for him and I've nearly lost all confidence tbh. Ulloa is an absolute shambles
  6. Our strike force must have them nervous, 2 target men 👌🏻
  7. Wilfred Ndidi

    I hope that's a sick tasteless joke?
  8. I think this as well unfortunately. Really want Shakey to do well. It's getting a replacement that scares me more. Can only think of Tuchel and he wouldn't come anywhere near us.
  9. The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    Rooney handed in a transfer request and got a new 300k a week contract. so yeah he would
  10. This is the reason we are all worried. Shakey is making mistakes almost every week. The results have almost gone as I would've expected but Shakespeare's decisions have been baffling. That is is why we are all worried I think
  11. We need an identity

    To me it's pretty obvious, we won the league with Kante in midfield with Drinky. We all Know Kante did the job of 2 players which allowed us to play 442. Both have gone now. WE NEED TO EVOLVE. Ndidi - King or Amartey or Iborra Mendy or James cant play together in a 2. I say Iborra because he when he did play for Sevilla it was in a 3 and he doesn't look very mobile. this has been going on for over a year now and it's really grating on me as is having 1 right back (Amartey is not a right back) Ndidi is suffering in this formation as he is being out numbered and his passing and composure on the ball is not great. Ndidi has definitely regressed since joining.
  12. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    We don't have Silva though do we so he needs to adapt.
  13. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Did anyone else hear Shakey say that Huddersfield didn't have an extra man in midfield earlier? im really starting to believe he's out of his depth