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  1. If some of you lads are buying Chinese replicas of DHGate ect. drop back in when it arrives and let us know the quality please. I used to buy a few about 5 years ago but the quality dropped off so I stopped going for it. Was using AliExpress mainly but it looks largely the same to DHGate so a little apprehensive again. I think our home kit is actually alright, will take a little while to get accustomed to blue/white/blue again but I I like the chequers pattern, I don't mind gold, it's tidy & not offensive, no other teams in the League seem to be wearing the same kit. Though black kit looks terrible, proper Championship tier template Puma we're giving us back in 2012, pink is unique but another cheap template with no effort making us look like a Liquorice Allsort.
  2. Him going to Man City over United would be better for him and England National but probably not the best for the League. We'd want huuuge money though £80m - in the right system he's a gem and helps massively defending set pieces which now it's one of our strong points. Even if Pep knows his faults he would know Harry's strengths just as well, I wouldn't rule it out because of that. Either way cough up or we'll eventually raise his contract for another year. He's a unique talent we just haven't really utilised him fully, I'm not overly convinced by Caglar or Benko yet either.
  3. Saw it late last night. You can really see the motivation difference between the two fighters going in, there was only one winner between a tall frame of lean, packed & coiled quick fire muscles against the shy big fat slow wobbly sack of potatoes. Boxing really has too many of these burnt out bloated cadavers ready to receive brain damage for the right price. Get more quality fighters and get them fighting eachother more often, like a League of ten of the top blokes going for it a year, half a dozen big fights a year in each weight class possibly in a League system. It's so weird how the whole system works, or more like the series of boxing authorities work together. I understand boxers can't all fight 3x a year but it's surely not a money issue nor would it deminish the profile of boxing.
  4. Adidas can't even be bothered making full kits now but guess what, you still get a template - Ayr United
  5. Jaspa


    At a Club in trouble which doesn't want him, who also has a player they want on loan from said interested party? No, not really. Its pretty complicated. £40m keeps getting referenced as if a manager had came out with it, it's a completely made up figure by no-one with a clue
  6. Jaspa


    Where did this £40m figure come from anyway? Just some random Journo I'm assuming
  7. Jaspa


    Dangerous but inevitable ambitions, alot of Clubs in the Premier League era have gotten to this point of being past 'established' and trying into trying to mix it with the big boys; Bolton, Villa, Leeds, Blackburn, Stoke & Pompey come to mind. Could say the only middling team which hasn't yoyo'd is Everton, somehow perennially between good/crap. It's a challenging task is all I'm basically saying, many have fallen by the wayside on this path
  8. I have no idea why you've brought Nigeria into it. If our away kit looked anything like Arsenal's I'd be on it in a flash, so there's your +1 already. If Burrdo were to make Arsenal muck-ups they'd still do well I agree but surely the counter to that is why put the effort in at all if all the aforementioned roadmen of North LDN are gonna be copping your gear if you could copy say Swindon Town's kit, stick Fly Ethiopia on it and an Arsenal badge and there you go easy £$£$£$££$£$£ no fuss The only rational explanation I can think of is for 9/10 Clubs they print out the same dull trainingwear from the same workhouses, using the same child labour - just bolt your valued Marketing Partner's® on them and off you pop nice, cheap & simple. Get Arsenal or a Club they like through the door and they'll roll out the red carpet, only experienced child laborers with all their fingers and teeth get to make the kit and Hanz Schnitzl the esteemed connoisseur kit designer gets flown over from the Bahamas to design the socks, mittens, coat, hat, walking out jacket; the lot. It's so lazy and soulless, I hate it and I hate it representing a Club I love
  9. They'd sell more kits if they made them look good and put the effort in, surely thats one reason they've knelt down for Arse; to sell more kits. Both us and Cardiff got shafted by Adidas last season and beyond a couple of details on the home kit this year they've done us over again. Pink & Black catalogue pieces with bob all effort beyond sticking a badge on and King Power = 2.5x Mark-up. Would they sell more if they were better looking? Think so. Whats the cost of Adidas employing someone to draw a kit together? You see better attempts from teenagers on Twitter. No excuses it's just lazy and cheap. Completely living off their brand and name
  10. That Southampton sponsor has to be one of the worst ever. Their kit looks proper Championship 08-11, like a better fitted JJB effort
  11. Even more disappointed in Adidas if they've pulled some of the stops out for Arsenal and actually taken some time in designing an away kit. Their home strip not looking bad at all either
  12. Quickest ever free-kick won by Vards from kick-off?
  13. What a player Ricky is. Fully deserved. He found the step up tough initially but put the effort in to get up to par and has stayed consistent for nigh on 30 games now. Ontop of that he's a superb player and a consummate professional. Really hope we can have him for another couple of seasons at least. You'd say Chilly would probably shade YPotY given his England breakthrough and his consistency in comparison to Maddison but since Brendan has come in Madders has uped the ante and has been showing real skill most weeks - a very unique player we have on our hands who has had a tough first season but it's finishing brightly. So fair enough
  14. Not a fan of his new wonky looking hairdo
  15. Let's not just start slagging off our own players currently playing for us, lads, keep it civilised. Beckford
  16. We looked knackered from about 40mins on. Certainly weren't beaten by lack of effort though. I wish we could've strung a few more passes together in the second half, sloppiness probably brought about by their pressing and our tiredness. Screamer won it, Kompany's tried them before and made a complete tit of himself - he's probably just won the League for them. Besides some likable players Man City are a quite dislikeable Club, they come across as very tacky, fans up at arms about everything slightly contentious being against them, random Saudi's running up to Pep at full time for a congratulatory ball rub. Pretty sure Nacho's still on their pay roll too.
  17. It's all a conspiracy apparently. Man 'Cityzens' are a strange bunch. We look like Chelsea. . . When was the last time we went with Blue/Blue/White?
  18. They do the same thing every season. Decent start, grim middle and an upturn in results towards the end which drives them out of 10-14th and up into European contention. It's a weird Club though - historically successful with very expectant fans and alot of investment into the squad, they haven't really competed for anything since Moyes. A performance here and there against the big boys, the occasional bright youngster and a few Brazilians aside they're just fodder in the League, typically uninspiring and unpredictable game by game yet consistently average.
  19. Pretty much this. The only people who seemed to have been offended are some salty Arsenal fans
  20. Can we just buy Neres's brain and put it in Dimmy's head?
  21. Think there was a little moment in the Manchester City Netflix series where Sergio says something quite respectful about Vards after the loss at theirs last season when Kun bagged a hat-trick against us, clutching Vardy's shirt after the game and saying he's a hero or something like 'what a player' with seemingly genuine admiration. To even compare the two is madness, Aguero has been a top 3 in the world striker for most of this decade. Much like Aguero's off seasons you could point out this season as Vardy being injured/out of games, only still to put in 20 Goals a season.
  22. You kind of get what he's saying, it's a peculiar role he became known for here. People always talk about the title winning season being 4-4-2 but it was more like 4-2-3-1 with him dropping back to huarang the opposition midfield & defence - more or less a 4-3-3-1 when Kante was playing too. Who couldn't miss this?
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