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  1. Rodgers has been working with him at Chelsea, Swansea, Liverpool & Celtic - they clearly like to work as a team and if you think back to all of our most successful managers of the last 20years; O'Neill with John Robertson, Sven with Tord Grip , Pearson with Walsh & Shakey, and even Ranieri had Paolo Benetti & the fitness coach Andrea Azzalin
  2. Keep booting it up and doing a mission or two and just can't settle into a flow of it. Must've left it a month from the last time I played and another month the time before that. i've got to the swamp/bickering redneck families section of the story and have just burnt down a few crops with the Irish fella, the last mission I did was nicking some horses from the other family to then sell onto some twins who undercut and took the horses(why couldnt I just shoot them, take the money and sell the horses at a stable? Y'know like a down to earth murderous outlaw naturally should) The little things really annoy me and detract, like every time you and the boys are out looting & shooting in disguise it's "Hey Arthur!" - wtf is the point in this bandana if you're shouting my name out infront of the train load of people we're holding up? It took me a while to get into the last one to be honest and although I will say I did enjoy it, I certainly wouldn't have said it was my favourite R* game so maybe it's just me. How's the online developing?
  3. Watched the Milan Derby instead, was really fast paced with goals, chances and incidents galore. 3-2 the Nerazzurri. Saw the Messi chip though. That Geordie commentator adores him
  4. Cheeky goal today, ran a ring around Tarkowski and sold the freekick, perfectly showing enough of the ball to bait the defender and then throwing himself in the way to take the contact right outside the box. Too much fizz on the ball for Heaton, good pace and near perfect accuracy - beautiful tribute. Again though couldn't finish the match. Not 100% fit after a summer getting over a knee scare, next season I think the lad could set the League alight
  5. Evans completely melted for their goal and Ndidi nearly gave a pen away. Ricardo was forwards and backwards superb, firm precise challenges, got us the last min corner for the goal. Ran all game - absolutely superb. One I think we underrate, kind of like Ngolo we might have a raft of interest come the summer when some were saying it was all down to others while NG was a huge contributor
  6. Westley Morgan is a God! Ricardo MotM. Thought Chilly showed the good and bad of his game, willing runner who helped us press for most of the game with 10 men but when he got the ball he gave it away after running miles out of position. Fantastic performance
  7. All ties together in a fascinatingly mirrored way today - around a hundred days ago the lads had flown back in after attending Khun Vichai's ceremony with the first game back being Burnley home; stadium gleaming all white, complete silence and a clean sheet for both sides. The lads play Burnley today and then fly back to Vichai one last time to finish the ceremony. As then and today there are more important things in life than watching some lads kick a ball about, cherish it while you can.
  8. Messi seems to score everytime Barcelona play, why can't Kelechi Iheanacho score like he does?
  9. Jaspa


    Got two yesterday Didn't get a shiny Machop though
  10. Nahh it's fair enough if you want the Gray & Orange one, because although I dont like the monochromed badge at all it's fairly unique and some of our best results this season came in it
  11. Even with 4 English teams; Barcelona are still in it - Spain has dominated continental Club football for a decade with only Chelsea & Inter being able to win it once each during that time
  12. Looks like a bowling ball with the Champs League stars stuck over it
  13. Here an apparent goalie template for next season - some sort of camo and pretty basic looking colours Not so fussed about goalie kits being the same as so many other clubs than I get about outfield kits
  14. These are apparently going to be the main Adidas templates that are gonna cover most kits next season - we'll certainly have an away kit using one of these templates just like the white & blue away one we have this season which is just a switch colour of Brum home This template above is already being used with Man U for their Blue & Gold detail 3rd kit this season
  15. Alot of our fans can be ruddy stupid, so it depends who you decide to listen to. For me, honestly I don't think he's fully fit, meaning an extra week off here and there could benefit him & us in the long run, and onto next season where in the summer where I think he can sort himself out and we'll see him complete a full 90mins more often without hobbling off the pitch
  16. England still desparately missing decent midfielders. Loftus-Cheek, Barkley, Dier, Henderson, Delph & Dele Ali The front line is sorted, wingbacks sorted, CB lacking experience but still decent, Goalie getting flakey again but it's that midfield which needs someone to step out of the shadows
  17. Should've given a pen for that just for comedic value
  18. Atleti have been useless tonight, pop shots from range ect. feeble defending comparitively to their established standards - that pen is a proper capitulation
  19. Has Griezmann done anything? Also, I know Juve are a very good team; underrated even but have Atletico just lost something about them over this last year? They don't seem as gritty, determined and solid as when we came up against them a couple of years ago
  20. Jaspa


    I was saying the same thing back in this thread - Adidas have been the worst with this for a long time, even if you count in Nike and their identikit which was everywhere three or four years ago when Man City were given that same design for two years in a row. Adidas have been doing it for years if you think about all of the midtable/lower Clubs of the Premier League in the last decade who have adorned three stripes(Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, West Brom, Middlesbrough) - they were obviously just given the same catalogue of three naff & pretty bland templates to pick from year to year. I think the main problem is these behemoth Sporting Brands see their brand as bigger than that of the Clubs they represent, and the 'templates' are not only a cheaper option design and production-wise but it gives all of the Clubs in the brand an instantly recognisable uniform which at a glance says more about the brand than it does about with football club wearing it
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    So Celtic fans would be enraged further due to a fact we might be able to sign Tierney before another Club, if it hypothetically came down to it if we lose one of our best and most promising players These people somehow get paid to post this stuff onto the internet?
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