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  1. I think it’s sold now mate. I’ll let you know if it hasn’t.
  2. I’ve got one available in M1. Collection from Birstall tomorrow night or at the game. £30
  3. I’ve just bought 50 of the Cuban MLS gold player as they’ve got USA this weekend. Hes 300 coins but if it’s needed for Marquee matchups it’ll go extinct, and it’s just the kind of thing EA would do.
  4. Long term I’d upgrade him to Pogba but he costs a fortune atm. I’ve built this around my untradeable Dybala, Alaba and Ndombele.
  5. I’d say you’ve got to find a way to fit your prem side into Mbappe.
  6. Just got TOTW Dybala untradeable in rewards. Guess I have to build a Serie A side now.
  7. I’ve just sold him and the Ox, Liverpool and Juve players are selling for 10k.
  8. I enjoy trading and making coins more than anything else on the game. And atm there’s not a lot you can do trading wise because there’s very little content. I’m playing with this team and I have 62 84 rated informs on my trade pile.
  9. I’ve sold up my whole team and just spent all my coins on cheap 84 TOTW cards in the hope they go up in value. I’ve bought a 25k premier league pace side while I wait for some decent SBCs. There’s not a lot to do in game at the minute though.
  10. Sorry I meant champs. If you genuinely lose a game you drop form so get easier matches.
  11. If you quit a rivals match it doesn’t drop your form, so you won’t benefit from quitting like you would if you just took the loss.
  12. I got Salah and Allan in marquee matchups. I bought Neuer and he’s rubbish though.
  13. They’re so hit and miss. I’ve done about 10 and got Alaba a couple of cheap 83s and then loads of 77 rated.
  14. Ndidi is great for a budget. Or try and grind for the Ndombele OTW. He’s really good and possibly getting in the TOTW.
  15. This games loads more fun without fifa points. I know this isn’t the best team ever but I’m enjoying using it. Zaha and Alaba are both untradeable. Need to upgrade my keeper and get a faster striker instead of Haller.
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