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  1. You see him towards the end of the series when it shows the original ambush in more detail. He talks for a bit then puts a blanket over his head, I guess it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that there was some sort of bait and switch though.
  2. The new Chief Constable is the bloke from the first series that was Arnotts boss. Maybe it was all to get him into anti corruption. Nobody has ever been convicted due to AC12 they all end up dead, maybe that’s the theory.
  3. Is it just me? Or are AC12 in line of duty massively in affective? Gates not really corrupt and ends up dead. Denton blackmailed by OCG ended up dead. Dryden not guilty of most things, sacked on taking his wife’s speeding. Dot massively bent, didn’t spot it, Dead. Series 4 Huntley did their job for them. Corbett dead. Lakewell dead. Maneet, Hilton, Georgia all dead. Half a fire arms unit killed in series 3. There’s practically nobody they’ve put in prison or stopped from being murdered. Cracking TV though.
  4. Did the second run of week 3 this morning. My ankles were in bits half way through the final run. I’m assuming this is a weight issue, seriously contemplating sticking at this week until I can shift a bit. Still enjoying it though in a morbid way.
  5. I try not to put 81s and 82s in but anything else is fair game. My team is pretty much set in stone now and won’t change unless I get something huge. I’m doing the Zambrotta but am out of coins and just have 2 Keylor Navas left as fodder. I want to replace Keane next but I don’t know who or what with. I’ve got Robben, Klaiber and Fer that I switch with the French league players sometimes, El Sharawy, Szoboszloi, and POTM Benzema. Baby Blanc, Prime Hierro, Tavernier and Birthday Hermoso as subs/reserves.
  6. Depends what sort of Icons. I’ve got Prime Cannavaro, Hierro, and Keane. Moments Schmeichel, Puyol and Nedved and baby Puskas and half way to moments Zambrotta. I put every card I get through upgrade SBCs and have literally nothing in my club. No idea how people afford the top tier ones though.
  7. Anyone else thick like me and played two games in silver lounge before realising they’d changed the game mode for silver stars.
  8. I’ve got him. He’s good but maybe not much better than an Oblak or Ter Stegen. My problem was with those two was I’d keep chopping them in as SBC fodder, so Schmeichel will stop me doing that. I’ve done a few of the icon SBCs now Hierro, Keane, Puyol, Nedved and haven’t been disappointed with any of them.
  9. I think it will have to be. Not sure where I’m finding 700k of fodder.
  10. Has anyone done that Renato SBC? I’ve just got Atal Untradeable and need a ligue 1 CM. It would clear me out though.
  11. 8-8 in champs after last night. Last time I played I finished 8-22. I really don’t understand this game sometimes.
  12. Always the same that two big cards come in one player pick after a load of 81s and 82s.
  13. Must be mad. Just started Champs. Lost 6-1 and 5-2 then won 10-8. I seem to have lost the ability to tackle.
  14. Finished week 1 this morning. Really enjoying it. Maybe it’s just watermead is beautiful at 6am so that helps, and there’s hardly any people about. Bought some cheap running shoes which seemed a lot easier on my feet and an arm band for my phone.
  15. Fut Birthday Hamza in objectives tomorrow!
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