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  1. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I've got 1 spare if anyone's interested. SK4
  2. FoxesTalk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    You can make unlimited free transfers like a wildcard, but at the end of the game week your team reverts back to what it was before the game week.
  3. FoxesTalk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    I played my free hit this weekend, put three West Brom defenders in!! Took out Mendy and Stones aswell. Played my wildcard this week because I can't help tinkering with my team.
  4. Penalty taker

    Both Vardy and Mahrez completely rely on the goalkeeper committing and guessing the wrong way, it's just one smashes them without too much thought about where it's going and one tries to place them in the bottom corner. No penalty taker scores them all, apart from maybe Ulloa.
  5. Was it anti Semitic?

    It's more like Paki is to Pakistanis.
  6. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    If this is behind closed doors how are bet365 running in play markets on it?
  7. FIFA 18

    Looks that way. I'd never qualified for FUT champs before. But everyone on Beta got auto qualified this weekend. Won 8 of 21 in the end. Those three games broke me though. Especially the last one.
  8. FIFA 18

    2 games this morning where I was 2-0 up and lost 3-2 with the last kick of the game. Then this afternoon 4-1 up at half time. Lost 5-4 to an 89th minute goal.
  9. FIFA 18

    Dabbing is worse than before though, half the team do it now. i played some fut champs last night and won 5 of my 12 matches.
  10. FIFA 18

    Not a bad pack!!
  11. FIFA 18

    Anyone else get a Beta code for this yesterday?
  12. Game of Thrones - hide spoilers please.

    The trailer for next week shows Euron entering Kings Landing on his horse and if you pause it you can see Yara and Ellaria being dragged behind his horse.
  13. Game of Thrones - hide spoilers please.

    Apart from the first two minutes I thought it was pretty boring. Still I guess that's what the first episode in a seasons like.
  14. FIFA 17

    Just spent my last 45k on a prime gold players pack.
  15. One Love Manchester

    I thought that's the best he's sounded for a long time. Maybe it's cos he's singing oasis songs instead of beady eye though.