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  1. Has to be a goal from both leagues. I’ve done 6 games with 3 from the other 3 leagues and a Serie A and Bundes striker up front. The five I’ve scored with both registered but the one I only scored with serie a didn’t.
  2. Dupe Salah. Good rating to put in an SBC I guess.
  3. That Hazard card is really good.
  4. Salah and Immobile. I’m getting a nice premier league reserve side now.
  5. If it makes you feel any better!! Although I’ve opened hundreds and hundreds of upgrade packs. Can’t get all four of them in a team though.
  6. Just opened a half price prime gold players pack and got this. I deleted the game a couple of weeks ago. EA Fvcking know.
  7. Worse than that, Vieri, Inzaghi and Gattuso.
  8. I did three final icon SBCs tonight before I delete the game for the year, bet you can’t guess what I got?
  9. The last I heard the Leicester group had been told by the venue that they can’t go back until at least September. I don’t think that’s changed yet either.
  10. It took me ages to start getting goals from him. I think I was just expecting him to be amazing without any work from me though. He gets as many assists as he does goals now.
  11. I’d love that Mbappe. How do you find Messi?
  12. Sometimes I end up back in 9 or 10 if I’m doing objectives. This is my team, it looks expensive but I think Dumfries is the only tradeable player in the squad. I just rinse everything in my club through upgrade SBCs and hope for the best. Obviously those two pack pulls from yesterday have helped a lot.
  13. I’d happily swap some pack luck for some ability at the game. I can’t get out of division 8. Drives me mental.
  14. Objective pack, genuinely read to bin the game off after this weekend and then 5 million of players in two packs. Absolutely gobsmacked. I’ll show you lot my team when I’ve sorted it.
  15. So, after opening my Elite 3 Squad battles rewards and getting nothing higher than an 80 and doing the TOTS SBC and getting a dog muck 83 Saudi Player. I put some of my last gold rares in an 81+ SBC and got this....
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