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  1. Had a £5 free bet with William Hill gone for Thomas Darby in the first e/w with them paying on 7 places and put a tenner on Beuver D’air. Not getting sucked in and betting loads this year.
  2. There was a bloke got chucked out a few minutes before. Then when the two women went a bloke went with them but he got let back in.
  3. Starting to get into this now, although my best Pokemon are just shiny eevee evolutions. And I’ve got no friends.
  4. I’ve already got his base card untradeable. I really struggle with FUT as I’ve had issues with gambling in the past and it always ends up with me spunking all my coins on packs.
  5. Sold Fifa last week after getting fed up of it, had 50k coins in my club and opened a pack, got that Van Dijk special card.
  6. Apart from Rivaldo every player is untradeable. I had a melt down the other day and sold most of my tradeables and blew the coins on packs and got nothing back.
  7. Hopefully from when he was at Juve because I’ve got 10 IF Pjanic on my trade pile.
  8. I thought it showed the Neymar, Bale and Messi when you log into the game.
  9. OTW Mahrez 420k! I used to have two that I paid 90k for and I sold them for about 150k.
  10. Got one with my new phone contract so I’m giving it to my son for Christmas. Bought Donkey Kong to go with it as that had good reviews. Should have a happy boy Christmas Day.
  11. Keep the IF in your club why you try the normal one? Worst case you’ve got an 87 card to put in an SBC which will save you a lot of coins.
  12. Took untradeables for the rivals rewards in my first mega pack I got Vertonghen and Pjanic and in the second I got Kroos. My back line now is Lloris Prime Zanetti Van Dijk Vertonghen Europa Alonso and they’re all untradeable so I’m stuck with premier league for the foreseeable future.
  13. Just got Fabinho out of the flash SBC, already had him untradeable so £££. Not sure why he sells for more than Fernandinho, Matic and David Silva combined though.
  14. You’ve got two rubbish totws, you should put them in a tradeable and leave it at that, worst case you get 15k coins back. I think I did 5 in total and get Mahrez, Martial, Batshuyai and two rubbish ones.
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