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  1. Just had a phone call re my previous chase audition. They’ve reconsidered and moved me on to their shortlist, means I could potentially get the call to go on anytime. I mean I can’t have a cuppa at my parents house but I can film a tv show!
  2. I got his silver card in a bloody pack earlier. Should’ve waited.
  3. I’ve got Baby Puskas from an base icon pack ages ago. He’s brilliant, his left foot is like a rocket.
  4. Just done Roy Keane with untradeables. Has anybody used Owen? Is he worth doing?
  5. I’m going full icon untradeable. Meta is boring. Although I got headliners Ben Yedder untradeable. I’ve got Schweinsteiger, Hagi, Vidic, Hierro, Puskas and I’m working towards Keane. I’ve got the two showdown fullbacks aswell. I’m refusing to get Varane, Mendy, Gomez and Walker it’s just boring.
  6. Icon swaps objectives are driving me nuts. Must’ve took me 20 games yesterday to get the six PL wins and it’s taken 5 this morning to get one La Liga.
  7. I think that’s a fact mate. Much smaller player pool to choose from.
  8. I’m div 5 atm. Spent last year bouncing around 10 and 9. The only difference is I’ve changed from Xbox to PS.
  9. Got to 14 wins with 15 losses. Loads of horrible high scoring games this weekend. Found it a lot tougher than last week but maybe that’s because I changed my team up a bit.
  10. He looks like a beast of a card.
  11. I don’t really want to speak out of turn mate but people that are fully in control of gambling don’t have a weak spot. In the last year and a half I’ve learned that no buzz from winning beats the feeling of having money in my bank account that I’ve earned. It sounds like you’ve got the problem most gamblers do where any money you win ends up being money for another bet. Gamstop is brilliant, especially with the bookies being shut at the minute it closes off almost all avenues. Take care mate.
  12. Tbf, if you open them now there’s only slightly less chance of packing a TOTY.
  13. Get him onto his left foot. Absolute rocket.
  14. I just lost to someone who scored four corners against me. All exactly the same animation that I couldn’t do anything about. I’m too lazy to find a mechanic and abuse it.
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