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  1. Apart from the first two minutes I thought it was pretty boring. Still I guess that's what the first episode in a seasons like.
  2. Just spent my last 45k on a prime gold players pack.
  3. I thought that's the best he's sounded for a long time. Maybe it's cos he's singing oasis songs instead of beady eye though.
  4. I'm not sure that's true, look at the team Nepenthez is using on an RTG account, and Gorilla doesn't use special cards.
  5. Why "The Thais"? Why not just "the owners"?
  6. Needed a Poo.
  7. I use Caputo as a super sub for my Serie A side, I really like him.
  9. I'm only bothered about Calcio A I think. I keep thinking about making a championship team and then wasting my coins on SBCs.
  10. EFL
  11. I made the final of the knockouts for the first time today, I got beaten 9-2. Some bloke literally had a full SBC premier league side. Must've cost a fortune.
  12. I used all my 8 attempts last night, made one final and went 3-2 up in the 89th minute. Gave an EAids penalty away straight after and the other guy scored 2 in the first two minutes of extra time. Gonna try again with this tomorrow.
  13. Everyone going on about weekend league, I can't even qualify for the bloody thing.
  14. For three or four years I've been awful playing online. Always losing more than I win. I connected my ps4 to my router with a cable today rather than wi-fi and I've won seven on the bounce conceding one goal. Maybe I'm better than i thought.
  15. I had 20 of the Vitesse goalie last week expecting the Dutch cup final to be in the MM, I paid discard value for them. So I just discarded them. They're instantly selling for 10k now. Should I use my SBC Kane to get a mega pack from the Dele Alli SBC?