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  1. You’ll regret losing desailly to get Inzaghi or Lehmann.
  2. I can’t get on with Messi though. So far five games without a goal and missed a few sitters.
  3. Got Inzaghi out of my prime icon pack . Then I rinsed my club to do a mid icon pack and got Scholes. Then I opened all this weeks rewards and packs last night and got moments Guardiola. Which I sold for 700k and bought Messi.
  4. Why’s it on fans to promote safer gambling? Isn’t that just another example of the gambling industry passing the buck. The gambling industry doesn’t give a toss about safe gambling, they just tick boxes to make it look like they do.
  5. Personally I find GA is the main reason I haven’t relapsed. There’s so much experience and advice on offer. But the most important thing is putting barriers in place like you have done. Good luck mate.
  6. Seen the new Star Wars this morning. It kind of redeems itself from the last film. But stole a lot of it’s plot from end game.
  7. Get your silver wingers sold.
  8. Red Promes for my player pick. Looks a nice card but I don’t think I’ll use him.
  9. I hate playing champs. I’ve played twice this year and finished on 10 and 12 wins. I swear it’s bad for mental health. I just like the red cards.
  10. I needed 3 wins from my last 4 and couldn’t be bothered with the stress so I just scored OGs from kick off and quit. Hopefully karma remembers me when rewards are out.
  11. Got to 11 wins with 4 games to go. Better than last time I did weekend league as I got 10 with 1 to go I think. Don’t think I’ll bother trying to win 3 out of the last 4.
  12. Don’t do it. It’s a coin sink Pre Black Friday.
  13. I put most of the crap I won’t use into upgrade packs and I’ve got a pretty good Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga side from it. Struggling for Prem and Ligue 1 though.
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