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  1. FIFA 18

    Had a big FUT related meltdown tonight, 300k on packs, sold Pogba to buy more. Then submitted both my icons into sbcs for 100k packs.
  2. FIFA 18

    Do you think you can qualify again? Or will you try the self service thing again.
  3. FIFA 18

    I used to play every squad battles game when the game first came out and even that was a chore at weekends. My rewards for this weekend league should be the same as getting gold 1 in squad battles which I can do by playing 1 or 2 games a day. I’m only bothered about improving my team now, a couple of icons and a Leicester TOTS card and I’ll be done I think.
  4. FIFA 18

    I got to eight wins. With five games left to go, so I just left it at that. Even the games I won I didn’t enjoy, I must have lost ten games after being in front, I had one where I had 22 shots and my opponent had 2 he beat me 2-0. There is no logic to it either, I got thrashed by 10k teams and I made a guy with a full icon team rage quit before half time. I genuinely have no interest in doing it again.
  5. FIFA 18

    11 games in and I’m 1-10. More one goal losses and another spanking. The game I won I won 5-2 though. Just lost one 7-6 after going 6-5 up in the 88th minute.
  6. FIFA 18

    So first time playing champs so far, lost all five games, 3 by 1 goal. 1 on penalties and one I got spanked by a full icon side.
  7. FIFA 18

    How does that work then, what do you have to do? I’ve just done it and it says I qualify, I’m not sure what the criteria is and I assume now it will be next weekend I get to play.
  8. FIFA 18

    Sessegnon is a good sub. I don’t know why I bother any more though. A year and a half of FUT champions and I’ve never qualified once.
  9. FIFA 18

    I’ve been going through the league SBCs the last few days, finished Mexico, Russia, Holland, Belgium, MLS and the Saudi one. Just need Juve from Italy, Bayern and Frankfurt from Germany. Done all but the big six in the premier league. Still need a few in turkey but one of them needs 30k bronzes so im not bothering with it.
  10. FIFA 18

    This didn’t turn out too bad I paid 500 coins each for 40 of them. And just sold them for 2.5k each.
  11. FIFA 18

    Slightly more expensive than my pile of Elnenys!
  12. FIFA 18

    I think they will keep the upgrades going. Or they will have something similar for the team of the knockout stage for the euro competitions.
  13. Leicestershire Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 74 seconds  
  14. FIFA 18

    I just used all my gold players that weren’t in my squad and a load of untradeables to do one and get Matthaus. Think I’m happy with that. I get Henry in the one I did when they first released it.
  15. FIFA 18

    All this talk about not doing the Icon SBC. I did one last night and got Henry. When I seen the french flag I was fully expecting Petit.