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  1. I’m 9 wins 10 losses. Hopefully I’ll make 11. I’ve took some right pastings from some icon sides.
  2. I’ve played 5 games so far and everyone has had red Van Dijk. I lost my first game 10-3 although after five games my record is now 2-3.
  3. Did one more. Not bad for a target man.
  4. I’ve done two of the 81+ Premier League upgrades and got TOTS Allison. Then with the untradeable from rewards this morning I did two of the other Prem upgrades and got Kante. Think I’ll quit why I’m ahead. Quite happy with my team now.
  5. I read about it yesterday and tried it this morning, my fourth game is an 86 with 100 Chem, the other three are all poor Chem and no higher than 80. Although it’s the first time I tried it but I don’t remember ever coming up against three really poor sides.
  6. Anybody that’s struggling with getting high rated teams on squad battles, try having your active squad as bronzes when you do the refresh. It seems to make a difference for me.
  7. Just did one of those PL upgrade packs and got Allison. I about bobbed myself as I get Ederson in the pack yesterday and worried it was gonna be him again.
  8. I never play squad battles on world class or ultimate. Any team that is either low rated or low chem I play on legendary (which seems easier than world class to me). And sometimes I’ll play the higher rated sides on pro for weekly objectives. But you’re definitely right about bronze goalkeepers pinging 25 yard shots into the top corner, the other thing that I notice a lot is I very rarely get free kicks but seem to give loads away very cheaply but it doesn’t happen in online matches.
  9. I need to buy Maddison now but I think I’m gonna wait till after the SBC on Tuesday because I’ll probably pack him in that. I think I’d fit any of them in but I’d like to get Hazard or upgrade on the Van Dijk I’ve already got.
  10. Even if it is just a higher rated squad it’s about 7k for potentially a high rated card. I got 87 Amrabat. It’s probably worth the risk.
  11. You got loads of time. Don’t stress.
  12. Maddison is in then. No Vardy though.
  13. It’s all down for maintenance, till 10 I think.
  14. For three hours. Scheduled maintenance.
  15. 9 is all of them so far.
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