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  1. I think you're taking this whole thing far too personally...
  2. Taking a proven goalscorer away from goal? Humm, ok. One thing I noticed from the West Brom game (and I know that Gray was missing) is that we really don't have much creativity apart from Mahrez. Our biggest problem with him is that we rely on him to create something special too much - because he's the only one that can.
  3. Confirmed on the OS; Edit: Balls, too slow.
  4. You're on crack if you think Barca are going anywhere near Mahrez.
  5. I guess the logic would be the longer you're in the division, and the more you invest in the squad, the safer you become. Unless you're Sunderland, in which case you spend about 5 years sliding towards the inevitable.
  6. It's happening tomorrow. Problem is tomorrow never comes...
  7. New West Brom club captain. Lock thread.
  8. You must be Roy Hodgson. "Formations don't win games, players do". Iheanacho as a wingback is either pure genius, or utter madness, and I've no idea which. I wish I had time to make my own "best players regardless of formation" starting eleven.
  9. I find it amazing that some people on this forum have clearly never watched a game of football.
  10. I think we all know the answer to that Regardless of whether you think Morgan has another season in him - we're woefully light at the back. Huth is out for 8 weeks, Amartey can't get a look in at CB (because reasons) and Benny still has to convince. So that leaves Morgan and Maguire (who's still only had 6 months playing time in this league). Another CB is a must.
  11. It's telling of current times that £2million for a solid reserve goalkeeper seems like a bargain.
  12. People had figured us out by the start of 2016 - just no one could do anything about it. Bilic and a couple of other managers even said as much at the time. Last seasons per performances were nothing to do with teams working out how we played.
  13. Mach Everton's bid and then offer him a deal. He's easily worth the same a week as Vardy/Mahrez.
  14. We did push the boat out, we just pushed it in the wrong direction.
  15. But.....but...but....