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  1. Completely agree. I’ll be very interested how The FA manage to justify giving him their ‘full support’ now also
  2. Wonder whether Southgate may have to reconsider the inclusion of Maguire now...
  3. This thought had crossed my mind also. Not a bad option as back up whilst he’s looking for a new club. If we’re letting him use our training facilities we may as well make use of him.
  4. The club website are now reporting that at least the Birmingham game tomorrow will be on YouTube. Unsure about the game at the weekend.
  5. I’m guessing we might ‘officially’ see the away kit at the pre season friendly game tomorrow. With us playing Birmingham on their turf I assume they’ll be in the blue and we’ll wear white.
  6. Also both being shown live on the club website which I’m very happy about.
  7. Similar to how our keeper kit was the same as Man Utd’s last season bar the sponsors and badge.
  8. Which could explain why the training kits available to buy are unbranded other than Adidas
  9. These are now available on the online shop under New Arrivals.
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