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  1. What a band, went to the last Ally Pally gig and it was a very emotional moment!
  2. Nice one, gone for something similar!
  3. Back on FIFA after finally getting a PS5 got 70k any tips on a team/ the game in general?
  4. I'm using Freetrade which is similar model to Robinhood in the states. Fractional shares and commission free. https://magic.freetrade.io/join/aaron/4d586f6d
  5. Ravens playing Bills/chiefs next week is going to be a belter!
  6. Let’s face it all going to come down to who Eddie wants to win...
  7. Anyone got any recommendations for sport packages?
  8. Anyone running a fantasy league this year?
  9. Where are Chilwell and Maddison? Convenient they are both out with niggles while being linked with ‘big moves’
  10. Just started back on FUT after a long break, got about 150k and only POTM Vardy. Any tips or advice on teams would be great and formation, the game seems to have changed a bit since it first came out this year!
  11. Does anyone use this for NFL? Looking at signing up for the season. Also can you login across different IP’s
  12. After one for this, drop me a DM if one becomes available
  13. 2 adult tickets for sale, I'm based in London. Latest I can meet in London in 9am Saturday morning
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