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  1. Just picked up 2 for Brixton, looking forward to it but hope Serge doesn’t go S.L.P style that wasn’t a good gig
  2. Anyone know if there are still tickets left? Holding out hope they may fall to me 😂
  3. Few of us London foxes are meeting, check out the thread in the supporters group.
  4. Has anybody seen the Brent council link at all or NHS?
  5. Yeah I’m in pal, Great work organising this! Did anyone manage to get semi final tickets?
  6. Any ideas on pubs that will be showing this outside, would be good to get a crowd together if we can!
  7. What a band, went to the last Ally Pally gig and it was a very emotional moment!
  8. Nice one, gone for something similar!
  9. Back on FIFA after finally getting a PS5 got 70k any tips on a team/ the game in general?
  10. I'm using Freetrade which is similar model to Robinhood in the states. Fractional shares and commission free. https://magic.freetrade.io/join/aaron/4d586f6d
  11. Ravens playing Bills/chiefs next week is going to be a belter!
  12. Let’s face it all going to come down to who Eddie wants to win...
  13. Anyone got any recommendations for sport packages?
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