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  1. New job/ promotion

    RobHawk if I could give a percentage it's an extra 16.13% wage increase over the year. I'm working hourly so there's a high chance of overtime and extra hours on top of the contracted hours, if that makes sense. It's exactly the same job area but for another company. The traveling altogether would be 40mins extra which isn't too bad, just an extra bus trip I guess, I doubt traffic would be bad, plus there would be some days I'd drive and parking wouldn't be too bad.
  2. New job/ promotion

    Thanks for the replies guys, most of what you have said has gone through my mind and I appreciate the help. Money makes a lot of difference to how I live, at the moment it's comfortable but I wouldn't say no to extra money. Arghhhh, why are some decisions more awkward than others. Also TYOTF how do you do that amount of miles, I'd be crying.
  3. New job/ promotion

    Just a quick question for you guys. If you had the chance to do basically the same job you do now, but with a different title for a bit more money, would you take the opportunity. The only down sides are longer traveling (20mins longer) and maybe more hours. It got me thinking of the pros and cons, the pros being more money and a better job title/ description. The downside is that the job I've got now I actually love it, it's cushy and most of the time I'm having a laugh with the managers and customers.
  4. Phil Neville?

    I wouldn't mind him here he would add extra experience and be a model professional to our youth player. I for one would be happy with him, remember the likes of Chris Powell and Nobby Solano coming to us nearing the end of their careers and look how good they did, even though some on here slated them for their age.
  5. The Walking Dead

    Thought I'd bring back this topic. But has anyone watched Season 3 yet? If not I won't spoil anything but it's the best season so far, by a long shot. Such a good story line, with new character being introduced and some pure evil ones too. This is what I want in a TV series, it engages and is way more entertaining than the second series which I thought was pretty damn good. One final note, I god damn hate mid-season breaks/ finales, gotta wait till February now. It left it on such a good cliff-hanger. And!!!! To make matters worse we're all going to be dead by the 22nd of December so I'll never know what's going to happen in the series
  6. Apocalypse Now or maybe sometime after that...

    I thought it was the 21st or something? I've booked my first class ticket to hell
  7. Interesting January?

    I am really un-sure about some of our fans on the whole is Vardy good enough. The lad has only had around 10 games in this league and scored four goals already, jeez does someone think he'd be the next messi or ronaldo. Vardy is good enough he just needs to gain more confidence. If I remember correctly people were moaning about Waghorn a few games ago, when confidence is flowing things will be fine. We're not even in that big of a striker trouble, Waghorn and Vardy did well yesterday and should they start on Tuesday I'd have no worries about the potential to score.
  8. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

    Just played a fellow leicester fan and drew 2-2 was actually a pretty awesome game.
  9. FIFA 13

    Awesome, I must have missed Ashleys comment. Cheers dude
  10. FIFA 13

    I don't know if I missed something but i swear Knocky was only 3* skills on this and now he's 4*. Or was he always 4*? Sorry for being dumb
  11. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

    Chemistry is basically dictated on the following things: Nationality; Position; Formation; League; Manager Formation; If you have these or a combination of the these then you can have 100% chemistry easily. For example, when playing a 4-2-3-1 if you have a player who has that formation and is in his favourite position his own chemistry will be 9. Do that for the 10 other player and the chemistry will be 99 (excluding the manager formation bonus). I have been thinking of making a dream XI such as 4-2-3-1 formation with Spanish, Brazil and Prem players. I think you could still get 100% chemistry with that but you'd have to make sure the players who played in the same league or nationality were next to each other, to make the connecting lines green and not orange. I hope that makes sense
  12. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

    My prem XI is sorted now, I think pace isn't totally abused in this game, it's about positioning and not rushing your defenders out. http://www.ea.com/intl/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#fhcxAQ4YbO3:360
  13. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

    4-0 down bring it back to 4-3 and at the 60 minute mark he passes it round his defense for the rest of the game. Why does this have to happen all the time.
  14. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Same, I've totally lost all respect for the games after MW2, Black Ops was truly bad, MW3 ok-ish just kept playing for the story line. My main problem with MW3 was that it was all the same, nothing new or invigorating. I'm sure I read somewhere it had exactly the same programming as MW2 that's why people hacked the game within 2 hours of it being released. Also MW1 and 2 were so much better, the maps you could actually enjoy with sniping. None of the bullsh*t about being killed from 10 miles away with a shotgun. Loved MW2 but I've not played MW3 properly since about February.
  15. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

    Its crazy how players can drop in price from one season to another. I mean look at Gerard last season 70K+ now only 25k. But I got a decent deal most are going for 45-50k so i was happy.