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  1. So he's upper Championship level but you'd be happy to see him on our bench? What do you think would happen to an upper championship level CB if they had to play in the EPL?
  2. I don't remember people waxing lyrical about Slimani at any point.
  3. I don't see any hype, people are realistic about the standard of the opposition, not great but better than Blackpool, they're surely just happy that we've won our first game in the Europa. I've got a smirk on.
  4. Liverpool were poor under Klopp until he got in the players he needed. Does that also make him arrogant?
  5. Not making the assumption that my comments on a chat page have a positive or negative affect on the club, management or players.
  6. I was replying to your message ' Its fans like you with that attitude that will see us back in league 1 as quick as it took us to come up.'. My point being that it doesn't matter what fans say on a chat board. We're back to Father Ted and dreams/reality here, this is not the real world, being at the ground is.
  7. The fans attitude has nothing to do with promotion or relegation, that's down to the attitudes of the owners, management and players. Too many people on here seem to think that the witterings of fans on a chat page directly affect the club. We have some input when we're at the ground, that's it.
  8. Who cares what you, me or others think about his approach, the point is whether the club were aware of it when they signed him.
  9. Are they that easy, or we that good, that we can afford to leave a hole in front of our weakened defence? We don't have Vardy so goals are hardly guaranteed.
  10. Rodgers made it difficult for him by not putting on Under or Albrighton at the same time, but he shouldn't have let him on the pitch in the first place. If we had to play him because he's now realised that Perez/Barnes/Iheancho aren't going to score goals without Vardy on the pitch then I hope they have someone lined up for January.
  11. Two squads of 25 for each competition or one massively increased squad? I wonder which one they'll push for?
  12. Imagine the quality of the lower teams in the PL if they had the right and money to have a squad of fifty. TV money would drop.
  13. If the discussions are successfully concluded, the European Premier League would effectively usurp UEFA's Champions League competition, which has been a mainstay of the continent's football calendar for decades.
  14. 16/17Ankle InjuryMar 9, 2017Aug 17, 2017161 days15 16/17Ankle InjuryAug 20, 2016Dec 3, 2016105 days19 Am I missing something?
  15. Only just found out that Soyuuncu is out for 3 months, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Choudhury is clearly not adequate cover for Mendy let alone Ndidi.
  16. Gray helps nothing and nobody. Yes , he's helped see out a few games but be honest, haven't we all lost patience with him? Don't see how he improves us and clearly there's been some kind of disagreement behind the scenes.
  17. Can I watch this Villa game via an annual Now TV Sports Package? If not: I'm with Virgin so if I buy the Sky Sports Package I can then view Live Events and pick and pay an extra £15 for the game? Thanks
  18. I very much doubt they've picked our next two games to get back at the club via the fans.
  19. I've added and switched on the VPN but when I click your link it tells me it's not available in my region.
  20. Has he been given a pay rise since he arrived? He hasn't extended his contract in that time, obviously, and he's done **** all in that time to warrant an increase.
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