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  1. £80m for Maguire and £50m for Chilwell represents a fair level of stupidity imo. Why Ricardo 'soon enough' but not Wilf? That seems like a statement clutched out of thin air. If the big clubs don't want him (I think some probably do) then I'd be delighted to keep him. Don't you remember how much we struggled when he was out injured last year? He is the best defensive shield in the league.
  2. murphy

    Jonathan Tah

    They seem open to it whereas St. Etienne are fighting tooth and nail to keep Fofana which tells it's own story.
  3. I find it harder to accept when this team lets itself down. For instance the capitulation last season stings even now because I know that we're much better than that. When we were rubbish I had much lower expectations and could accept it more easily because, well... I knew we were rubbish.
  4. Wilf's pass completion this year is 84.5% against an average of 84,7% for the team.
  5. True, but if The Channel wasn't there we'd have to build one. I'm just kidding. I should go to bed. I'm getting one of my silly moods when I post even more shit than usual.
  6. The two irreplaceables would be Wilf and Ricardo in my opinion. Anyone else could go as long as the fee was suitably obscene. edit - now that I come to think of it, Barnes has got to stay too. Can't lose Harvey. JV is the most irreplacebale of all but he won't go. And Soyuncu. We need to keep Soyuncu and Youri of course. In fact the whole Turco-Belgian alliance must stay. And Wes. Another year for Wes and keep Kasper as the team shop stewards. Evans needs to hang around too. All that experience. And Kevin. Kevin and Christian. They're part of the furniture. Big Dan, Mendy and Kelechi. All good cover. Justin is the future, can't sell him. Madders it is then.
  7. No, I manta-very word.
  8. You must have missed the fish puns. They were a riot.
  9. Evans will be back for Man City.
  10. Of course we can. Being a football fan makes hypocrites of us all.
  11. murphy

    Jonathan Tah

    Yes, you're right and there are lots of other examples I could think of, of washed up players coming good for us going back to Tony Cottee. I'd still always choose the model off signing the kid with the potential to be a superstar though.
  12. murphy

    Jonathan Tah

    Yes, I made that point earlier in this thread about Congerton/Rodgers favouring players with a point to prove before Brendan came out and said the same thing.
  13. murphy

    Jonathan Tah

    I don't know anything about them either and I had never heard of Under until a few days but ignorance has never stopped me before. My view is that Fofana is a rising star and Tah is a fading star. Fofana has pace athleticism and huge potential. Also, the more they say we can't have him, the more it makes me want him.
  14. murphy

    Jonathan Tah

    I wouldn't get too excited. Tah has only scored 4 goals in 224 appearances. That record is less than half as good as Jonny Evans' who has 18 in 417 games and 3 goals in 74 for Leicester. Wesley is the man. Tah will feel like a distant second prize for me.
  15. Interesting point. Which players do we think have been improved during Rodgers tenure? Nacho, as you say. I can't really think of any others. He hasn't managed to get a tune out of Gray for instance.
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