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  1. Would it be ever so slightly churlish of me to say that I really object to that big red cardboard emirates backdrop that we lifted the trophy in front of?
  2. To choose the potential for silverware over actual silverware does not seem very logical to me Sorry, couldn't resist. Now is the time to bask in the afterglow.
  3. I think there are a few converts this morning, but it puts to bed another recurrent theme on these pages. Leicester City - bottlers? I have to admit that I have questioned whether there is a certain fragility in our mindset and yesterday we all had an emphatic answer to that question. I hold my hands up and apologise. I shall never doubt you again.
  4. Because you should show class in victory as well as defeat, especially on such an occasion. I don't really care about Chelsea but such a crass display of disrespect reflects badly on us, but if you don't get it I'm probably wasting my time trying to explain it to you. Big Dan now getting racial abuse in twitter . Very sad. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12307886/daniel-amartey-racially-abused-on-twitter-following-leicester-citys-fa-cup-final-win
  5. Great thread. My Dad died in November 2014. He took me to Filbert St from the age of five and had supported us for decades going back to the war. I used to love hearing his stories about Arthur Rowley and Charlie Adam. At the end, he was ready to go but I deeply regret that after watching years of mediocrity he just missed out on The Great Escape followed by the miracle and now that elusive FA Cup.
  6. To be fair, everyone's talking about us, but this guy, like most Forest fans, doth protest too much. Denying that we are local rivals is all they've got. If they deny any historical rivalry as if we're beneath them, then they don't have to participate in said rivalry in which they'd be laughed out of town. Better off squaring up to the sheep instead. I hope they languish in The Championship for a lot longer yet. I haven't missed them one bit.
  7. Just look at it. It's beautiful. It's ours!
  8. The greatest Leicester manager of all time was clearly Michael Appleton. He won every single game he ever took charge of (2).
  9. In a season that has been blighted with so many injuries we are so lucky that Youri stayed fit.
  10. You need to include the ecstasy beforehand for the full gamut and maximum schadenfreude. Like someone who's numbers just came up and then realised that their ticket was in their jeans that they had just put in the wash.
  11. Dan On a day when Leicester fans, players and owner really showed their class, this was not at all clever.
  12. £1.8m for winning the final. Might cover Youri's pay rise?
  13. This forum should have a function whereby you can 'like' every single post with a single click. Would save me a lot of time.
  14. I'm definitely against signing another full back, Gosens or not. We've got four plus Amartey and Kevin at a push and Thomas has proven that he is good enough and will only get better. Why blow a big portion of a limited budget to put an obstacle in his way, especially when we have other priorities.
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