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  1. Come on, let's ease into it. I didn't expect it to be this hard!
  2. murphy

    Corona Virus

    I wonder, when all this is over, when we will get back to normal life? When I see normal behaviour, spacing or handshakes and hugs on TV it already seems odd, like social distancing is already imprinted on me and I can't imagine a return to normality.
  3. murphy

    Corona Virus

    Don't worry, there isn't one. You just know that some people have searched and searched and searched for it and the best they can come up with is a mention here and there about what herd immunity means. There must be some very frustrated people out there!
  4. murphy

    Corona Virus

    We used to use ivermectin in wildlife rehab for foxes with mange. Quite a powerful drug though, you couldn't just give it to them straight away, you had to give them supportive care to build them up first to withstand the parasitic die off and because it was such a potent drug. I think it is better tolerated in humans though.
  5. murphy

    Corona Virus

    Release the Rumble. Down with posting limits!
  6. murphy

    Corona Virus

    Well it's kind of based on the assumption that Beijing recognises the need for change after this and that they might feel a touch contrite? Probably is wishful thinking.
  7. murphy

    Corona Virus

    That's great but the fact that they're lining the corridor with a guard of honour kind of suggests this is very much a rarity, as if, when you go into icu you're not likely to come out again?
  8. murphy

    Corona Virus

    I don't think a confrontational approach with China is wise. What if they were sanctioned into becoming a pariah state and at great cost to the west? They would form stronger alliances with genuine pariah states like Iran and N.Korea, maybe Russia and become the superpower of the bad guys. No we need co operation with Beijing but things have got to change in China.
  9. murphy

    Corona Virus

    Seems odd logic to insist that if you want to know government policy, please listen to non-government ex-ministers and ex-MPs first, but OK. It seems to me that Rory Burns is saying that there is disagreement among the scientific community regarding the approach. I imagine as part of their consultation herd immunity was put to the government, modelled and dismissed so I imagine that the government would agree with him. We may not have been putting in Draconian measures at that time that others were, but we are on a different timeline to those countries and the importance of staged interventions has been explained to us by the experts and also the reasons why. Find me the quote from the government that says we are pursuing herd immunity as our policy and stop hearing what you want to hear.
  10. murphy

    Corona Virus

    I agree that China is responsible for a lot of ills in the world and these outbreaks keep happening from their region. I don't think that we can just isolate them or expect them to take any sanctions lying down, but the rest of the world must unite to apply pressure on China to mend their ways in many respects but in a manner of co operation with Beijing if at all possible.
  11. murphy

    Corona Virus

    Maybe there was some early complacency because previous outbreaks like SARS and MERS never really touched the west? Four SARS cases in the UK I believe and was successfully contained.
  12. murphy

    Corona Virus

    And this is in no way shaped by your well known and often expressed political leanings is it? Well Captain Hindsight, herd immunity was never the plan, we've been through that, it can be proven. The only evidence the herd immunity mob have is a discussion on This Morning when the Prime Minister mentions it as a theory. Despite hammering home measures, interventions and the plan to the contrary of this, every day for weeks. There's colourful graphs and everything. Pay attention. Unless of course you choose to believe that the evil tories want to kill our grandmas because it suits you to do so? Staged interventions were led by the science and the government's expert advisers. Going too early can be counter-productive and cause lockdown fatigue among the population when we actually need it to have maximum impact. If you have a problem with that, blame the experts. You know best of course. The government, quite rightly followed their advice, as would any other government of the day of any political leaning.
  13. murphy

    Corona Virus

    I keep reading this, but only in this thread. I though that mortality rate was at least 1% ? Flu has a mortality rate of 0.1%. I don't think we'll know til the dust settles, but I think that your estimate is optimistic.
  14. It is important to note that these crow attacks are limited, as I understand it, to the birth of lambs including the ewe in labour and couped ewes. A lamb is vulnerable at birth and for a short time until it is on it's feet. Mostly hill farmers suffer, but there is also afterbirth to distract crows and a fair mortality rate at birth which provides carrion for crows and farmers assume that they have been killed by the crow. A healthy lamb is not really a target for a crow I believe and most are born indoors. There is a lot of animals that have traits I dislike, magpies stealing eggs and young birds, sparrowhawks shredding birds alive, but a sparrowhawk has the right to be a sparrowhawk and a crow a crow. Crow's are highly intelligent, can recognise faces and they are nature's clean up squad for roadkill and even landfills. Put your gun away @Countryfox, crows are alright. It irritates me when farmers make claims about welfare. Every time I walk the dogs anywhere near sheep, so many are hobbling around and limping. The farmer clearly isn't that fussed about welfare.
  15. murphy

    Corona Virus

    I think that people, like me, are watching the figures with interest, hoping to see a plateau then a fall.
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