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  1. So how do you do football banter when you have to be so terribly courteous and respectful to every team? Now that would be boring! If you don't understand the joy of abusing other clubs, the schadenfreude of seeing teams fail and the sheer pleasure you can gain from laughing at opposition fans and tormenting your non-Leicester supporting mates when the opportunity arises then you are seriously missing something from the whole football fan experience. We're not talking about Munich type songs here, just the pantomime of football.
  2. Well I've made my point about three times now. I'll try again. I think that the all seeing eye of VAR will spot all kinds of minor infringements that hitherto go unpunished. We might find ourselves with a stewards inquiry after every goal. Opposition players will demand it. Of course supporters will celebrate when goals go in but will have that nagging doubt that a goal is not a goal until VAR is satisfied. In this scenario the joy and spontaneity of each goal will be lost to some extent.
  3. But that's not what I mean. Yes sometimes VAR will go in your favour, sometimes not. What I'm saying is that the spontaneity and joy will be lost or at least diminished for every goal as you will always have that little voice in your head asking you if it needs to be VAR checked. A goal will never be instant again and never really stand for a few moments until the technology has been satisfied. We will lose something important and quintessential from the game.
  4. I think it will be dreadful. I'd prefer to live with the referees mistakes. Consider the joy of scoring, the spontaneity of leaping in the air completely involuntarily and sometimes hugging a complete stranger. That will be lost if we have to wait for VAR all the time.
  5. A packet of fags is about a tenner a time and you're getting all that passive smoke for free. You're welcome.
  6. That's one way of looking at it, or you could say:
  7. I think the fact that Silva, Nacho, Slim and Musa can't/couldn't get into the team shows that transfer value does not mean automatic selection.
  8. murphy

    80s Classics

    Did I ever mention these are personal friends of mine? Not sure if I ever mentioned it. I might have mentioned it. Once or twice.
  9. Any striker with a name like Moussa is a no thanks from me.
  10. As much as I hate to say it, I think Wolves probably have been the best of our group this year. It remains to be seen how hqard that Semi-Final sickener hits them though. Then Watford. They're a good team and have had a great season. Man for man, I would put our squad a little ahead of theirs but as you say, they have experience whereas we are babies. They also have a big physical presence which is why I give them half a chance in the cup final. Man City will obviously be favourites but I think Watford have a chance of knocking them off their stride. That leaves us ninth best this season but on an upward trajectory and hopefully next season we will have ironed out some of the silly mistakes that have dogged this one.
  11. Agreed but Watford haven't played yet. They could win the FA Cup and finish seventh and qualify twice.
  12. We really are up Effluent Valley without a rowing implement regards Iheanacho. We have £54m tied up in him and Slim. Neither has much resale value at the moment and we need a second striker. If we send Nacho on loan, we have to buy a striker for a third time. Can we afford that? That's before we take another likely hit on Silva. We need to pull out all the stops to try and offload permanently as we need the money. Best case I can imagine is that someone comes in with £15m each for either Slim or Nacho or hopefully both but I can't see it.
  13. Two years, 60 appearances. Not good enough. Not even close. Even his national coach has run out of patience with him. He doesn't get a run of games because we actually want to try to win them.
  14. Whoscored lists his weaknesses as: Finishing Aerial duels Offside awareness. Great! His strengths? Crosswords and knitting.
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