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  1. I think he has improved since Tielemans came in rather than Rogers. Alongside Mendy, the onus was on him to be more ambitious in his passing which is not his game. With Tielemans alsongside he can sit back and concentrate on what he does best, stealing the ball and giving it to Youri to make things happen.
  2. It isn't really up for debate, it's only delusional Leicester fans that seem to think we're bigger. If we could ask unbiased people there would be no debate. Celtic are bigger, their average gate is twice as much as ours and in a few more years, we could be in the Championship. It's not pessimism because it doesn't bother me that we're smaller than Celtic or smaller than Man U etc, I can live with that quite happily. It bothers me when our fan base make themselves look like a laughing stock If you think Celtic are smaller than us, then explain to me how they have a turnover in excess of £100m? We have a turnover in excess of £150m but £130m is from the Premier League. To put that in perspective, Celtic took about £18m. So that is a net turnover of around £20m for us, against £80m+ for them. Case closed. So anyway, Callum McGregor.....
  3. murphy


    Actually Harry is the best header of the ball in the premiership. His aerial duel success rate is the best in the league at 78%. Shane Duffy 3rd (72%).
  4. Yeah, but they haven't got the internet yet in Scotland....
  5. It does. It says "We've got more money". (At least while we're in the PL) That's why we are able to take players from bigger clubs like Porto and Celtic. Just ask yourself this question. Are Bournemouth bigger than Leeds? If you think yes, then we just have very different criteria for club size.
  6. No I would disagree, I know we had our fifteen minutes worldwide after the title win, but Celtic have fans everywhere, with the whole Irish/catholic thing.
  7. You really think we are better known around the world than Celtic??? We have a premier league trophy, Celtic have won theirs 50 times, plus the European Cup. We don't play in the biggest league in the world, that is the Champions League and Celtic play in that every year. We are a traditional yo-yo side. A provincial club that hovers around the bottom of the Premier League and the top of the Championship. Three years of mid table doesn't change 100 years of history and not so long ago Bolton were in the Prem when we were in League One. If Celtic or Rangers were in the PL they would top 6 every year and sometimes challenge for or win titles. They are bigger than us, always have been, just as Glasgow is bigger than Leicester. It's better to just accept it and be comfortable in your own skin so to speak.
  8. Well it keeps cropping up, so... I wish it would go away too.
  9. murphy


    Didn't they all have the same platform? They all play for Premier League clubs, but one has just moved up to a different level. (That's Harry by the way for all of the unbelievers out there).
  10. We're not even close. Nowhere near. We've just got more money. We're on upward trajectory but it won't last forever. Leeds, Charlton, Bolton, West Brom, Stoke... I bet they all thought they were established and where are they now? We need to enjoy these times as they won't last forever but please get a grip with these delusions of grandeur as it just makes us all look like knobs.
  11. Not bad for someone who can't defend. Centre Backs With The Best Aerial Duel Win Percentages 18/19 Harry Maguire (78%) Virgil Van Dijk (74%) Shane Duffy (72%) Wes Morgan (69%) Willy Boly (68%) James Tarkowski (68%) (Minimum 100 Aerial Duels Contested) Premier League Stat Man ⚽️ on Twitter_ _Centre Backs With The Best Aerial Duel Win Percentages 18_19 🏴______ Harry Maguire (78%) 🇳🇱 Virgil Van Dijk (74%) 🇮🇪 Shane Duffy (72%) 🇯🇲 Wes Morgan (69%) 🇫🇷 Willy Boly (68%) �.mhtml
  12. murphy


    For some reason i can't seem to quote from another page, but anyway, since you're asking, you said: "he's had a very poor spell at Monaco, I'm not sure a good quarter of a season, makes him one of the highest rated young players in Europe." And then when I replied to that with reasons why he was so well regarded you countered by comparing those achievements with Jonathon Greening and some other bloke, clearly trying to argue against it. So now you agree that he is regarded as one of the brightest prospects in Europe? Why didn't you accept it in the first place? Would have saved a lot of time.
  13. murphy


    So why are you asking random FT members? Give Mr Rogers a ring I'm sure he'll fill you in.
  14. murphy


    It seems that you are disputing whether YT is/was regarded as one of the brightest prospects in Europe. OK, well I've tried a couple of times but if you won't take my word for it, just do your own research, it's easy to find, it's kind of well known.
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