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  1. lol, typical FT. People still don't understand that a player can be judged on career to date not two games, hence why I was nonplussed when he signed, ie before he played for us at all, based on what I know of him as a Newcastle player. Lightweight and consistently gives the ball away, but does score a few when he has been played centrally. He didn't just drop out of the sky. Will still 'support ' him though, just as I have always supported Leicester players of all abilities but will also reserve the right to have an opinion, thanks.
  2. They were played as inside forwards, not wingers, which is why he was signed as opposed to buying a proper winger, but If he's a £30m player, then so am I. I was nonplussed when we signed him and got a battering for daring to say so.
  3. I think all of this OTT praise is due to the relief that he isn't shit. Not bad today, valuable experience, but we were carved open at will in the first fifteen.
  4. Yes, we've done quite well out of Chelsea - The Birch, Keith Weller, Muzzy Izzet, Robert Huth, Dennis wi... ...oh.
  5. murphy


    Gross! I've just had my dinner.
  6. Rodgers was here for 1/3 of last season, nothing changed and can you think of a player that has been transformed by a managerial change? Take Silva or Gray. Both have played under 3 and 4 managers and are still the same players. Rodgers is not an alchemist.
  7. You seem to have answered your own question there, although it wasn't 5 minute cameos. He didn't turn up for 926 mins over 30 PL games last season. To paraphrase Einstein, what is 'absurd' is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  8. I have no love for either of them. They're Chelsea players. They move on, so do we.
  9. I don't know about other countries but I find it unsettling that the English working class is so despised by the 'loudly left' these days. The very same that are supposed to represent it. The above repped by arch leftist @Buce of course.
  10. We only have so much disposable income. Some people like to travel, or go on the piss or whatever and collectors like to accumulate tat. It is generally spent on stuff we don't need, hence the term 'disposable', however unless you give yours away to the have-nots, a statement like that seems a bit hollow and sanctimonious. I am not a collector myself, but it seems to me that it is all about the thrill of the chase. It might as well be milk bottle tops to some people. You chase the new thing and then straight away it becomes an old thing so you need to find the next new thing. A bit of a pointless cycle. I would question how much pleasure collectors actually get from their collections.
  11. I believe that over- indulgence diminishes character. Of course, we should always strive to make life easier but I just have an opposite view on how to achieve that.
  12. Mutual friends that have never met but then when they do, they bond over how much of a twat you are whilst you have to take it in smiling good humour. Yes, I do remember the time the time I set my trousers on fire... Yes, I do remember the time I shat myself in double physics... etc etc
  13. I could have written that Rumble! In a previous life I had a proper job and it was properly shit but antique dealing really is a piece of piss isn't it?
  14. It's not that life is easier, all the shittiness of life still exists, illness, loss, poverty, heartbreak etc and always will, but we are lacking the stoicism to deal with it. We are becoming softer and it seems that as we are indulged at every setback and encouraged to be offended at the drop of the hat, then life is only going to get harder.
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