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  1. These are for you FIF, just to say welcome back xxx (Whoever you are)
  2. You are not taking into account the long term financial ramifacations of being viewed as a spineless soft touch club.
  3. Albrighton always put a shift in, Okazaki, Simpson. Drinkwater was our best player until injury took it's toll.
  4. I recall plenty of criticism for him last year for his half hearted displays but no one wanted him sold - until he stated he wanted to leave. My point about his 'millions' was that people were saying isn't it jolly decent of him to actually turn up and pull on the shirt as if we should be grateful to him. Well, no, he is paid handsomely to do just that and the point stands whether you think it is old and tired or not. Finally, thank you for your 'suggestion', duly noted. I have one for you. Might I suggest you go and have a lie down in a darkened room and chill the fck out.
  5. My top three irritations regarding the Mahrez thread: Number 1 - Any criticism, however valid, is 'hate'. Grow up. Number 2 - "Can't believe you want to sell our best player" etc etc etc. - It is Mahrez that wants to go. Not one person ever suggested selling Mahrez but he has stated his desire to leave. Why is it that some people just cannot get that ??? Number 3 - Anyone that does want to see an unhappy player go (for the right fee) wants to replace him with a workhorse/journeyman. Finally, comparing him with Siggurdsson. Should we be grateful that he is actually doing his job that he is paid millions of pounds a year to do?
  6. Well Mahrez himself thought that. RM Agent - "Hello, is that FC Barcelona? Mr Mahrez will see you now." Barcelona - "Nah, you're alright." Hilarious that he came out and said that he was tired of waiting for Barcelona. In the same way that I am tired of waiting for Beyonce to call.
  7. (Really needs the wind sound effects)
  8. Now that's funny!
  9. That's fine but where are all the laughs? This thread is as about as funny as a dose of gonorrhea.
  10. He's a massive kn0b though.
  11. What's that got to do with it? Spurs got Harry Kane for free. Do you think they'd let him go cheaply?
  12. I think you'll find that even with Kante we were a counter attacking side not a possession side. That same 'unchanged' side that had just on the league. Can we get minus rep points on this forum please?
  13. Bollards. It was when CR changed the formula that everything went wrong. Shakespeare went back to the basics that our success was built on and won 6 in a row.
  14. Good idea. This thread has got to the stage where it actually hurts my eyes. I'm off to til there's any news.