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  1. Luxury! When I were a lad.... It's a lame argument to make this kind of comparison. Fatigue in sport is not about whether you can cope with the workload or that the poor lambs are too tired to run about, it's about whether you can keep your performance at it's optimum level.
  2. Of course you can. Players play through spells of poor form all the time and come out the other side. Strikers go on lean spells and play through them. All Nacho has ever proven is that he is a total enigma. Remember, he has been dropped and then played several times before without being effective.
  3. murphy


    Why are we entertaining a loan to Villa when he already has a season long loan to Monaco? There must be a good loan fee or bigger percentage wages offered otherwise we should tell them to buy or sod off. I'd be gutted if one of our players helped them stay up.
  4. OK, they are similar ages, point taken, but Shaw seems to have been around forever. My reluctance is down to the fact that I don't like signing players that are on their way down. These type of signings worry me as I would question their hunger and whether they think that they are slumming it or too good for us. I'm not talking about Shaw specifically here, I don't know him, just making a general point about transfers that fit this kind of profile. I always prefer players on an upward trajectory. Cambiasso is an obvious exception but I think that is different as he was a player in the twilight of his career looking at one last hurrah and chance to play in the PL.
  5. Agree with this. Young, hungry players on the way up please (like Justin), not washed up has-beens on the way down (Shaw).
  6. Being told off for something you 'did' in someone else's dream. Firstly it didn't happen and secondly that shit is a product of your imagination, not mine. Tell yourself off.
  7. And fans that turned on Ghezzal, (I take it you mean the booing) were also condemned by most on here. You can't seriously be suggesting that Diabate and Ghezzal showed more promise than Chilwell?
  8. You can't buy that kind of guarantee unfortunately. I think that a CB, probably on loan, is essential, otherwise I won't be too disappointed if we don't sign anyone.
  9. Well I got that all Hwang! Mind you, there's a wealth of possibilities for a name like that. I haven't even started yet! Stand by .
  10. murphy


    The article just says that they've made an approach. Given Villa's finances, Slimani's wages and their precarious league position, I would be astonished if it was anything other than a loan which is no good to us really. Might aswell leave him at Monaco. For all Slim's ungainliness and alleged character flaws, I still think he has goals in him and I would love to see Villa drop. Let's not help them.
  11. Albrighton is a terrible wing back. A walking penalty. That experiment has already been tried, failed and strangled at birth.
  12. Watford out of the relegation zone as it stands with Villa to play Man City later
  13. Yeah, I get that and I'm not saying you're wrong, but the difference with those players is that whilst they might have been ineffective, they didn't have a high profile stinker like Chilwell did yesterday. That's why I'm suggesting we don't compound the issue by dropping him, let's see if we can get a reaction out of him? For Rodgers to decide anyway, I'm happy to back his judgement.
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