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  1. No, but he might know a thing or two about shitting in woods. I hate international breaks.
  2. I don't know, you should ask @The Bear
  3. There is a link between football and philosophy. Wasn't Albert Camus a pro goalkeeper? And the pope (JPII). I could be wrong. And then there's Socrates of course... (edit - Curses. Beaten to it)
  4. I would disagree with this. I can think of plenty of players off the top of my head from the SAF era whose reputations were enhanced after joining United: Bruce, Irwin, Pallister, Ferdinand, Cantona, Keane, Robson, Rooney, Ince, Ronaldo, Djemba Djemba... (Can anyone spot the deliberate mistake?)
  5. Journalists have shown that phones can be hacked, internet weirdos have shown that the cloud or whatever it is can be hacked to look at nude pictures and sex tapes... or so I'm told. Most likely, in my opinion, the press has CR's password. I mean is Rebekah Vardy really going to rush out and phone the papers and betray a friend's confidence to report the earth shattering news that Coleen's basement has flooded? FFS.
  6. I'm not surprised. I've seen it, it looks a right mesh!
  7. We have an early leader. Can anyone beat that? Mine FWIW KP/Filbert St. Old Wembley Notts County Rotherham York City Birmingham Blackburn Sunderland (old) Sunderland (new) Sheff Weds Wimbledon (at Selhurst park) Man Utd Man City (0-5 ) Coventry Norwich Watford Birmingham West Brom Chelsea
  8. I thought it was all up front, no add ons or anything? Can you elaborate?
  9. @Wolfox, who does that remind you of?
  10. Just one goal in it with 20 to play. For all their dominance, that's OK. Liverpool will be thinking about protecting it as we get closer to the end and we will be forced to gamble.
  11. He's already won the league in France so contrary to popular FT belief, I'm sure he knows the difference between elbows and arses.
  12. Why don't you care if he succeeds? I still think he has done very good things for us under difficult circumstances and I wish him every success. Great news. Go on Claude!
  13. You should create a verbal ott assesment of Andy Peake whilst sitting on a hill top. Peak Peak speaks Peake on peak.
  14. I don't think Wilf is technically good enough for City, he is just what Arsenal needs but they won't pay the money and United? Would he really want to repeat Harry's mistake?
  15. Dunno but Harvey Barnes said that he often gives him a dig when he passes. That would get very old, pretty quickly for me.
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