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  1. I've not read everyone else's comments, I can't bring myself to, so I've just come on to have my own little rant. Woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach, then the memories came flooding back. Did that really happen? I can't remember being so disgusted with my team. And with so much at stake too. Wretched, spineless, humiliating capitulation. I said in the match thread that Bournemouth were the worst team I had seen since Southampton. They were lambs to the slaughter, begging to be put to the sword. Everyone beats Bournemouth but somehow we conspired to hand them four goals in half an hour. A lot of you are blaming Rodgers and he didn't cover himself in glory but this is on the players. Bennett for Albrighton was not necessarily defensive, just formation change. Whichever formation or players we had out there, we had more than enough to batter Bournemouth. They royally fouled up in a way that I didn't even think was possible. This will take some getting over. The season is now over for me. Champions League is gone without a whimper and if Wolves and Sheff U overtake us, I'm past caring after that.
  2. It's Vardy that I feel sorry for. He must be fuming. He's done the business all season and now, reaching the twilight of his career, he is denied a Champions's League swansong by those clowns and bottlers he calls his team mates.
  3. We ought to consider changing our theme tune: the whole world smiles with you? The whole world laughs at you!
  4. Well.... ..I mean... ...We jus... ...I...
  5. Bournemouth look like they have an extra man since the restart. We need to take it to them, not sit back. We need to get at that defence, that's their weakness.
  6. I think these are the worst I've seen since Southampton. If we mess this up....
  7. Because he's an exciting player that could cause havoc against this lot. Didn't he get two assists v Palace?
  8. I want to see Barnes on at some point against these.
  9. You do have a bit of a bee in your bonnet about this perceived passive style of play, you were perhaps the most damning critic of Puel, but the stats don't bear this out under Rodgers: Leicester - 64 goals Wolves - 48 goals. I do get frustrated at the lack of a plan B myself sometimes when things aren't happening, especially in the late stages, chasing a game, but the fact is that only Man City and Liverpool have scored more than us.
  10. I think it was just a typo. They do play in yellow. Maybe he meant 'liberal'?
  11. How terribly clever and... ...ORIGINAL! What a shining wit you are (as the Rev. Spooner woud say it).
  12. It is tempting to look back at all the maybes and the if onlys, Watford away still hurts, however, I think that you have to be phlegmatic and realise that every club will have plenty of similar tales of woe. If I'm honest, I don't thinkt that we deserve top four, we've only looked like a Champions League team on the odd occasion, but I don't care if we deserve it, I want it. It would be huge for our development as a club and for keeping players and bringing in top class. Next year, surely the usual suspects will be back. Chelsea and United will be stronger as will Arsenal and Spurs.
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