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  1. Well this brings to an end the run of nine games against lower half opposition. Plenty of potential banana skins and we amassed 25 points out of 27 which is remarkable. Sometimes it doesn't click, sometimes you are under par, sometimes the opposition step up or they just don't suit you. It happens. Liverpool struggled today by all accounts. Our team has not suddenly become rubbish, just an off day in the context of the bigger picture. Let's stay positive and onto the next one.
  2. Come on! 9 in 9! TWICE! Never been done before.
  3. So that's less than we paid for YT
  4. Thankfully he wasn't wearing it on Thursday.
  5. You're right. I agree. So back ot, how do you solve the problem with the left wing?
  6. Ah yes, Corbyn's nationalised state run free for all (except you'll pay in taxes) ultra fast socialist broadband. It would have been magnificent.
  7. There's no such thing. Sturgeon trades on the big bad Westminster bullies that she can hang everything on. If she ever gets her independence and has to pay her own bills voters might not be so kind. They bottled the full fiscal autonomy after all.
  8. I mean...why? If someone posts something complimentary from another club, why do you feel the need to trash theirs? Hate the way some of our fans are so patronising now that we are having our time in the sun. Happy fcking Christmas.
  9. Why has the big bang only happened once in thirteen billion years?
  10. Really? Hate to say it but Watford are now my new (distant) 2nd team. I really hope it works out for Nige and Shakey!
  11. Ah yes, the glory days of Hagler, Hearns and Duran Duran. They were well 'ard.
  12. He keeps writing new chapters. If his movie ever gets off the ground it will end up being four hours long at this rate.
  13. You're right. Rodgers publicly challenged his wingers to add goals to their game and he has missed an awful lot of chances. it is becoming something of an albatross. I think we should forget about it. I am certain goals will come and he is worth his spot in the team anyway and he will only get better. The situation reminds me a bit of Shinji. He didn't score goals but the team was (somehow) better with him in it and people accepted that he didn't score. Barnes has shown he can score at other clubs but I do think he is feeling the pressure now. We need to be careful not to add to it.
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