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  1. Yeah, could just be unlucky but players return dates keep being put back. Castagne breaks down again and Soyuncu too. Questions should be asked. It could be lack of pre season, it could be dumb luck but it could be something that we're doing wrong.
  2. Plus a re occurrence I hear for Castagne with a simple hamstring injury and Wilf last year. You have to question the rehab and management of these injuries
  3. Is it? The fact that Choudhury's playing makes me think that Wilf lines up with Morgan and Cags in a back three. Ricardo and Justin wing backs?
  4. Too early to make a judgement for me but I hope you're right. If he is we will have a hell of a forward line.
  5. True. He's on course for 15 goals this season and all we hear is that he can't finish. Even if he misses a few it shows that he is still creating and getting into good positions more than anyone else except for JV. I just wish we had someone even half as good to play on the right.
  6. Every formation we have ever played has been criticised on here. Whether it be Claudio and Shakey's 4-4-2, or Puel's 4-2-3-1 and now 3 at the back. People have always argued that everything would be OK if only we changed the set up. Every formation has it's strengths and weaknesses. It's not the formation that is the problem imo, it's this Jekyll and Hyde team, we run and hot and cold. We can look great on one game and hopeless the next. I really don't understand it.
  7. Why would we sell for £5m? Worth hanging on to him for another six months then leaving for free rather than take £5m and leave ourselves in the shit.
  8. I remember, as a young lad, a simple corner routine that used be deadly. John O'Neill with a near post flick on, Alan Smith running in - goal! I'm probably mis-remembering but it seemed to work all the time. Perhaps some other old gits can help me out? Anyway, we need to work on free kicks and corners because it could just be the way to beat these relegation zone teams that keep turning us over. Scoring the first goal in these games is crucial to draw them out and we are pretty hopeless at breaking teams down that sit back. Everyone knows how to play against Leicester.
  9. Well that was rubbish. It was unacceptable, but honestly, Trump-esque levels of cry-baby meltdowns here. Pull yourselves together.
  10. Of course, but the level of meltdown and abuse from presumably grown men is a bit embarrassing and reading through it is like wading through wet cement.
  11. True but we weren't playing Fulham either. it's not over yet.
  12. Look, we've seen this before. Outrage at half time and we go on to win (Man City, Arsenal). Calm down and have some faith you big babies!
  13. In a thread oozing garbage, that is the worst post yet. Well done.
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