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  1. Hate the way we set up for this. We had 13% possession in the first quarter hour. If this was Claude's much vaunted plan it was a total flop and deserved to be. Second half showed that we could compete in this game. Why the hell didn't we just go for it?
  2. Like it. I think you're onto something. We can't play through these, lets go long and get medieval on their asses.
  3. Seems pretty obvious what Puel's plan to beat Man City was. 14% possession. Sit back, frustrate them and soak up the pressure. That's going well. I hope he's got another plan.
  4. OK. Serious question. To all those dismissing this side as a reserve team what should the XI be? Ricardo for Simpson. Maddison for Ghezzal although you could make the case that RG played better in that position last week and Maddison is on the naughty step. Do you want Wes back in? Evans is suspended. Do you want Kasper instead of penalty specialist Ward? It really isn't that far off our strongest available XI given that we are without Vardy, Chillwell and Evans.
  5. Yeah! No Chillwell and Vardy. Just cus they're injured. What kind of an excuse is that?
  6. Did we have this many injuries? Did we make the quarter finals in 2016? Did we have such a big squad? Did we have a major emotional trauma? There's plenty I don't agree with Puel about but using the squad is necessary and obvious. Every team does it including our opponents tonight.
  7. No. Just plain common sense.
  8. Come on boys and girls. Three games in a week on top of a hectic December schedule, injuries and players that seem fatigued to me. He has no choice. He has to use the squad.
  9. I'd be happy (happier) if this place turned a little less toxic afterwards.
  10. murphy

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    I haven't read this whole thread, it's too depressing but I voted in, I have never known our fan base to be so divided about a manager hence the satisfaction that seems to appear with every bad result and performance. It's almost tribal now. I think there is a common misconception among the 'outers' that the in crowd think that Puel is the best thing since sliced bread. Personally, I don't. He wasn't my choice in the beginning and if we were to go back in time he still wouldn't be. Nobody is happy with insipid performances and losses like this one and often I don't really care for the style of football myself. The difference, I suppose, is that some of us don't need a change of manager every time we hit some turbulence. I think there is a lot to be said for stability at the moment, particularly in light of recent events. I really think that going back to square one with a different manager will be taking us backwards. We are in no danger of relegation, so let's give him the chance to see this through.
  11. murphy

    Jardim to Leicester?

    No, I agree, I included your quote for context, but my response was to @lifted*fox's dig at us English plebians. I find it a little strange, that's all. I agree with you on all points above. I really couldn't care less how he comes across in interviews and you're right, that qualiteeee etc 'joke' is about as funny as stubbing your toe in the dark.
  12. murphy

    Jardim to Leicester?

    I don't know a great deal about him, so I bow to your better judgement, but isn't his honours about the same as Puel's? One Ligue 1 title. You might argue that Puel's was the greater achievement without the players Jardim had at his disposal?
  13. murphy

    Jardim to Leicester?

    We are the worst country in the world for this kind of weird self-loathing that's for sure.
  14. murphy

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Welcome to Foxes talk. Thanks for the update, much appreciated.