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  1. So we replaced him with Ayoze 'lead boots' Perez
  2. But surely if people changed their minds on a player that would be 'hypocritical', no?
  3. In reality, Dan is 5th choice CB. Justin would be ahead of him, at least in a back three. Poor game today, but in general, squad players that are happy with their role and don't complain are valuable, especially when they can cover a few positions.
  4. Have the recent events affected the team beyond losing the players? They look flat even a bit shell shocked. I thought it might have a galvanising affect.
  5. No need to do that to him. He will lose the captaincy after another six games anyway. He should be disciplined but no public humbling for the leader of the immortals. Shouldn't he have been at home with his horlicks and slippers at his age anyway?
  6. Couldn't they just say it was a garden party? That's allowed isn't it?
  7. There are plenty of precedents for footballers and dumbassery.
  8. I wonder if it might have the opposite afffect? Put a bit of fire and grievance into the starting XI?
  9. This really only harms the bench which is the weakest I think I've seen in recent years. As for the starting XI, Hamza wouldn't play, Maddison is not match fit and Praet is better than Perez anyway.
  10. From the BBC website: Excluding penalties, Liverpool haven't scored with any of their last 127 shots in Premier League home matches
  11. Please do this Villa If there's one team from the pack that worries me it's Liverpool. You can't rule out the chance that they get their shit together and win all of their remaining games. edit: oh. edit again: Yessss
  12. What? Tielemans is out??? And Perez What? Tielemans is out???
  13. Your post makes a lot of sense, as to 'why do Leicester fans get triggered by Mahrez'? You go on to answer your own question, the off field stuff, post title. As you say, it should have been win win. We get to invest £65m and achieve miracles thanks to Riyad. He gets brought into the PL from obscurity and gets to develop into a great player. He achieves the miracle and then gets to move on to the next level. There should be mutual respect and affection. It's a shame that that is lacking and his legacy is tainted for many but that is due to his cry baby behaviour and he doesn't
  14. Came across this and I wasn't sure where to put it. It's called Leicester's Heroes. I can spot Big Wes, Kante, Ulloa and Ranieri. Not sure about some of the others though. Too big to post so here's the link: https://medium.muz.li/funniest-animated-gifs-of-the-week-9-caa81972791
  15. Is Jota a winger? I'll give you Raphinha, I think 10+ goal contributions is an absolute minimum requirement (ie goals and assists). Perez did that last year. Barnes has 20 or so. this year. I think they're thin on the ground and don't seem to travel well from European leagues. We need another Barnes. Clone Barnes.
  16. Yeah, I think so. Everyone wants one, they tend to cost big money and how many wingers coming into the PL have pulled up any trees. Where is West Ham's Andersen now? Others that were high up on our wish list like Pepe, Ziyech and Sarr haven't done a great deal imo (apart from Pepe beasting Thomas in our last game). I'm sure there are others.
  17. I think it is the most difficult position to buy for. We have failed a few times with wingers and so have a lot of other clubs. However, we are very lucky that we had a top drawer winger fall into our laps (Barnes).
  18. The problem was not losing Mahrez, It wasn't possible to keep him and he made sure that he set his bridges ablaze. We invested his fee well strengthening the team. It was a net gain imo. The problem is repeated failed attempts to find a decent RW.
  19. I don't miss him. I don't want him back. He's on a different planet altogether to Perez on that RW but who cares, he went on strike, he sulked, he bad mouthed us, he put in half-arsed shifts and he acted like a baby. It was a relief when he finally left. You have to have some self respect and draw a line regarding his behaviour, no matter how talented he is. No one player is bigger than the club. Also, with that £65m we bought Maddison, Ricardo and Evans with change to spare, If you keep Mahrez then you can't have those. I think we got the better deal.
  20. Marseille Is that the same Marseille that refused to stump up £8m for Kante when they were his preferred option? About as perspicacious as rice pudding, that lot. I seem to remember their president sneering that they do not fish in the same waters as Leicester City re Kante.
  21. Le-shab-ela Dud doo du doo doo
  22. Elliptical spheroid. And pedants should be praised above all.
  23. Perhaps it deserves a good carpeting.
  24. Imagine you had a job, i dunno, selling carpets. You're shit at selling carpets so your boss calls you in and tells you that you're shit at selling carpets. He might even say that you probably don't have a future with his carpet selling business. Imagine you then improve. You're selling carpets left right and centre. You've become carpet salesman of the month! You get a nice shiny award and everything. Your boss calls you in, congratulates you, offers you a cigar and tells you how delighted he is by your improvement and your performance. Is your b
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