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  1. Toxic is exactly what I would call it. I think I've said my piece now on the matter. We disagree, that's OK, but I think that's enough time spent on RM for me. I think I'd rather discuss players that want to wear the shirt.
  2. You're demonstrating that you are not really getting this. It's not about whether they live like Keith Richards or live like Cliff Richard. In Mahrez' case, it's about showing utter contempt for the club and his team mates. If you can live with that, then fine, but not for me.
  3. No, I never said that. To quote myself: In other words if you're looking at a player and his character is lacking and his attitude is questionable, then look no further. It doesn't matter how good he is after that.
  4. You seem to be bending over backwards to excuse Mahrez' behaviour. Without going back over that well trodden ground, let me ask you this question: If it was a lesser player that behaved like Mahrez had done, let's say Demarai Gray for arguments sake, would you still be saying the same thing or would you just say f*** him? I think if you're honest it would be the latter. You can't compare Mahrez to those players because no one ever questioned their commitment to the club. Mahrez gave the impression that he would crawl over broken glass to leave us. He disrespected the club and his team mates and that is inexcusable. It's not bitterness just because he left. Plenty of players have left us and I wish them well but there are ways of doing it. I definitely wouldn't want a player back that has demonstrated such contempt for our club, no matter how talented he is. I'm not sure what fire extinguishers or Speedie diving for a different club has to do with anything. If you think that's the same, you're missing the point.
  5. I think that the first attributes that you should look for in any player are his character, attitude and commitment. If he fails that test then ability is irrelevant. There is also an element of self respect if you're prepared to overlook his previous behaviour just because he's good.
  6. Voting yes would be like having a Michelle Keegan that hates you chained up in the cellar.
  7. He'd be about as welcome as piles for me. Glad to see the back of that little narcissist and the tedious accompanying soap opera.
  8. The whole team is underpinned by N'Didi. I miss Wilf
  9. I think the question is, do we need to rediscover our early season form when at one time we were on course to beat our 81 point record, or will current form suffice? We are 7th in the current form table with a 10 point buffer, only Sheff Utd from the chasing pack are above us. Six wins from the next 12 will do it in my opinion and probably less. A lot of people are worrying over last night's performance but I think that Rodgers played for a draw. How do you play defensively against a counter attacking side? By keeping the ball and playing in front of them. It makes for a turgid spectacle but we got the draw that we wanted and that all but knocks Wolves out of the reckoning for overtaking us with a 14 point gap with 12 to play. Last night was a 'must not lose'. Job done. Rodgers deserves credit for that but I don't think that people can see what we were trying to do. We will be more ambitious against the lesser sides.
  10. First of all, no way were we lucky against Newcastle. Yes they had injuries in the second half but we were already in cruise control. As for that run of lower half fixtures, our quality will out regardless of what the opposition do. You seem to think that we've been rumbled, our weaknesses exposed and anybody can stop us playing with the right tactical set up. I disagree. We have better players and you can't pack the defence and press at the same time without leaving big spaces. We'll be fine.
  11. Nicely sandwiched between West Ham (twice) and Newcastle games that you forgot to mention. Look, I'm not saying that we're at the levels of our early season form but we've still got enough. We will pick up plenty of points from that run but I guess it depends on how you look at it.
  12. You worry too much. After Man City we have a run of bottom half fixtures - Norwich, Villa, Watford and Brighton taking us into April. This is where we will cement our top 4 position or at least maintain our gap imo, with 7 games left to play.
  13. I'm convinced that our pedestrian play was tactical. We set up to take few risks committing men behind and played in front of Wolves because Rodgers was fearful of the counter attack. In the end it worked. We could easily have approached it with more ambition and lost. Good away point, especially given our respective positions in the table.
  14. This pedestrian, dare I say Puelesque approach, may be tactical to suit this game and may be a way of playing against Wolves' counter. Passing the ball in front of them denies them the space to break into. We just have to be patient to make the openings and remember that they need to win this more than we do.
  15. If we win tonight, we match last seasons points tally in February! (Disclaimer - I can't be bothered to check but I think it was 52).
  16. Chillwell will be pleased. I was having flashbacks of Jonah Lomu v Mike Catt.
  17. Good news for us but can't help wishing that this had been announced tomorrow. Will give Wolves a bigger boost than us if 5th gets a CL spot.
  18. I'd take it. I think that our set up will suit you. I've not seen a lot of Wolves but I've noticed all the comebacks lately. What does that tell you? Do you set up to play on the counter but are actually better playing on the front foot chasing a game?
  19. We would have been relegated champions in 2017 if Wilf hadn't come along.
  20. No way is that a tattoo. Definitely been done by his mate with a couple of biros.
  21. Calm down. That is what everyone else is saying. You're ranting preaching to the converted. I can't find anybody having a go at him for enjoying himself and letting off steam.
  22. Glad he's enjoying his hols. It takes sacrifice to be an elite athlete so when the opportunity comes along to behave like a normal kid in his early twenties, he should take it. The only thing that I find a bit sickening is the prices of those drinks. If that's true, it's all a bit 'look at me' and if he has got ten grand to basically throw away, he could do so much good with it. Perhaps he does, I dunno.
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