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  1. I don't know this but I believe that Leicester holds the record low attendance of 38 for a game played at Stoke City's ground. I forget the opponents (not Stoke) Must have been a cup game. Anyway, who played football for Scotland and cricket for England?
  2. Yeah, but... OK, I give up!
  3. That's not the point being questioned is it? Even the person I was replying to admitted that he didn't see his transformation coming. No one did, so I stand by that. If you can find me someone who foresaw Vardy's transformation from the 14/15 version to the supercharged 15/16 version I will change my opinion but I'm pretty sure that you won't. Irrelevant really as he we were talking about 'some fans' (not me by the way) wanting to accept an offer for him at the end of the 14/15 season. If you must wade in, at least read through first.
  4. Yes, it's not affording it but finding it that is the problem. I think we're going to have to come up with some creative solutions. Have you got a cat?
  5. Perez was the £30 - £50m wide man that Rodgers was talking about prior to his signing. He also played wide right for Newcastle and scored most of his goals there. If I had a pound for every time I've had to say that I could afford an 18 pack of loo roll.
  6. I would liken it more to climbing a mountain carrying a huge pack. As soon as you're in reach of the summit you get blown back down to the bottom. How keen are you to start again? I think that scrapping the league will have a hugely demoralising affect for us whilst being invigorating for the clubs who looked like going down. It's not like we can just do it again. We are not a Champions League club and it is difficult to see the likes of Arsenal, United and Spurs getting it so wrong again. It has got to hit motivation.
  7. Sad to see so much cynicism here which I strongly suspect is based on people's party political persuasions.
  8. From what I've been reading, they go to last year's qualifiers, so Spurs in 8th and 12 points behind us would nick our spot.
  9. I don't know. Nick Drake, Miles Davis, Van Morrison... Sounds pretty good to me and a step up from the usual footballers easy listening cul-de-sac. He's an interesting bloke, I could listen up to him all evening.
  10. Our survey said.... Sorry,
  11. You're good at this!
  12. Stand by for an influx of terrible close season type threads. We don't even have the transfer window to distract us. This is my contribution: In a moment of boredom I decided to try to find how many different countries have been represented at LCFC. Home nations don't count and the only criteria is that they have to have appeared in the first team. There must be some that I have missed. Holland? Rep. Ireland? The challenge is to fill in the gaps. Algeria - Mahrez Argentina - Cambiasso Australia - Kalac Austria - Fuchs Belgium - Tielemans Bulgaria - Tunchev Croatia - Benkovic Denmark - Schmeichel Finland - Rantenen France - Nalis Germany - Huth Ghana - Schlupp Greece - Zagorakis Hungary - Laczko Iceland - Gunnlaugssen Italy - Mancini Jamaica - Morgan Japan - Okazaki New Zealand - Wood Nigeria - Musa Poland - Wasilewski Portugal - Ricardo Spain - Perez Sweden - Kaamark Switzerland - Inler Turkey - Soyuncu USA - Keller
  13. I wonder what the ramifications are if the league is cancelled and broadcasters don't pay the full amount for TV rights? The money that is allocated to clubs will be significantly reduced and if you have a £100m plus wage bill, this could cause severe problems for PL clubs?
  14. Ha! No. I mean the Chief medical officer and his mates. There wouldn't be enough hours in the day to quote all the experts on here.
  15. They haven't manages to slow or stop it in Italy or the rest of the continent with more extreme measures. We are told, by the experts, that containment is not realistic,
  16. Then you should be bitching about the medical advisors and scientists that are leading the government's response. Do you honestly believe that you know better?
  17. Nothing but they don't necessarily contradict. We have a very different set of circumstances, we are an island and we have about 500 cases compared to 15,000 in Italy. Just listen to the experts, they tell us it is all about timing with these measures and they tell us why. Our response is tailor made for our own country and vice versa.
  18. What you are failing to factor in is the amount of cases in the UK relative to those other countries. UK has a fraction of them. More draconian measures are sure to follow but the government is following advice from the country's top medical staff in order to flatten the curve and give the NHS is best possible chance of coping. Who to trust? The best medical officers or some smart arse from Grebland? Hmmm....
  19. No, not the same strain of flu. I think that flu is an umbrella term much like cold, but you can't catch the same strain twice, hence the vaccine. There are several corona viruses I believe, some of which are harmless, this is a new strain which we have no immunity to. I think that a recovered patient can't catch it again unless it mutates significantly. Just my understanding of it, I could well be wrong.
  20. Well that might be a fatal flaw in the plan, but really? Are you sure? Normally you can't get infected by the same virus twice as you develop antibodies against it.
  21. When I was a kid, if any other kids got measles then all the other kids would be invited round in the hope that they would catch it too as it is a much nastier disease in later life and you can't catch it twice. By the same principle, we should deliberately infect all footballers and playing staff with some exceptions (not you Woy), suspend the season for 3 weeks and off we go again. Problem solved.
  22. We have only a third of the cases of countries like Germany, France and Spain and a fraction of those in Italy. They are further along the journey than we are and if you believe what the experts are telling us, timing is crucial for taking extreme measures.
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