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  1. I hate this Vardy comparison argument. His rise was meteoric and exceptional. It was almost witchcraft. I never saw it coming, did you? You can't use it as a benchmark to claim that underperforming players will follow that trajectory if we just sit tight and wait. Mostly, poor players stay poor and end up being shown the door and the list of those kind of players is much longer than the one freakish example of JV. Plenty wanted Musa gone. Kicking themselves now aren't they? Well... no. I'm not making any kind of point about Chilwell here, I think we should support him, but let's bury this lazy Vardy comparison that gets trotted out so regularly.
  2. Good post, I agree, he needs our support, but I nearly didn't rep it because of that. Like fingernails down a blackboard to sad pedants like me.
  3. Pearson is Watford's third manager this season, so they didn't get much of a new manager bounce last time. I'm not saying they're Real Madrid but neither are they the canon fodder that you suggested. They have a top ten squad and always did have but they are now playing like it. I think it's a tricky one and all three outcomes, win,lose or draw are just as likely as each other imo.
  4. Since Pearson arrived they've taken 20pts in 12 games. They were adrift beforehand on 7 points. Villa are about half of that over the same period and Watford's form is comfortably mid table if not higher. Better than ours. They are a physical team and will be scrapping for their lives. I think it will be tough. I reckon 1-1,
  5. I think you've got a case of premature excitation Suzie. Villa have a game in hand and a theoretical possibility of getting 55 points. Their time will come soon.
  6. You could argue that he is lucky, not unlucky. Taken from League One to a (possible) Champion's League team. I think he was bought as succession planning for Ricardo and will have expected some time as a squad player and time to develop. I think he will be a big player for us in the future.
  7. Reina tried to kid Vardy by saying that he was gonna hit it down the middle... so he did ...and scored I'm sure that Vardy enjoyed it all the more for that and let Reina know all about it.
  8. I think Rodgers did a number on Smith tonight. After Villa gloating about stopping us with a midfield block and niggly fouls we were noticeably longer and more direct. Albrighton gave us more width than Perez to avoid the congested middle. On top of that we played quite well
  9. We've had a number two at left back all season.
  10. Chilwell's injured. It leaves us with a bit of a conundrum though. Justin looks much more dangerous than Chilwell but how do you ask £50m for Chilwell in the summer if you drop him for the last nine games?
  11. I don't want to jump on the bandwagon, but.. is Chilwell our third best left back?
  12. We now have more points than last year's total with nine games spare!
  13. From the BBc website: Marc Albrighton now has as many Premier League assists as Muzzy Izzet for Leicester City, with 26. Only Riyad Mahrez (27), Jamie Vardy (28) and Steve Guppy (34) have more for the club. Meanwhile, with three goals and one assist, Harvey Barnes has been involved in four goals his last four home Premier League games.
  14. Glossing over that miss,if we are trying to play long past this Villa midfield block, I think we need Vards for his pace and to have two up front. 4-4-2
  15. I like the album covers! This one's for you Geoff
  16. Good for you! Love Great Danes. My malamute won most handsome dog at ...err... Lynton village fete... Anyway...oh yeah, back on topic... as you were...
  17. I was all set to start this same thread last week... Desperate to add Villa to it.
  18. How can that be? Surely it's just a foul in the build up? There was a game the other week when a goal was ruled out and a penalty given to the other side because of a foul beofre the goal. Nothing makes sense any more.
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