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  1. Villa away handball. Still haven't seen Nacho's Norwich goal yet. Speaking of Villa. Time to watch them get battered by Man City now.
  2. They would have been on 39 points and United 41. It's all about maintaining the gap on whoever's fifth.
  3. WHy? An Everton win would have increased our cushion from 8pts to 9 over United?
  4. Wolves win is not a big deal. If the scores stay the same, we've got away with it this weekend. You could argue that we're almost in a stronger position with another game ticked off and less points to play for.
  5. I disagree. Wilf is such an effective shield that he allows the forwards to play with more freedom.
  6. NP's record for Watford - P14 W5 D5 L4 Pts20 Watford's record pre Pearson - P14 Pts7 He has almost tripled the amount of points gained previously with the same amount of matches.
  7. Can't Understand Norwich Team Selection (5)
  8. Perhaps Maddison needs a kick up the backside. Drop him for Villa and try Perez in his role.
  9. Transfer speculation? Bring back Ken Way!
  10. A few weeks ago, I thought that the wheels would really need to come off to be caught by anyone bar Chelsea. 12 points in 12 games, no goals in three games suggests that this is happening. If we continue this form we will be caught by all of the chasing pack - Chelsea, Spurs, Sheff Utd, Man U and possibly even Wolves and Arsenal. I think that a period of 12 games is more than just a bad run, a lot of players are out of form and it's hard to see a way out of this rut. I think we will end up in the 6th to 8th positions now.
  11. I would have thought that someone would have made something out of Canary In A Coal Mine
  12. If we avoid defeat tomorrow, Norwich will be the first team that we can put on the 'Teams that can't catch us' thread, 2020.
  13. I think that the third match might actually be dangerous for Fury. He seems to me someone who needs a challenge, an occasion to rise to. It was after Klitschko, when he should have been top of the world that he had his breakdown. He is unpredictable. Will he put the same intensity into training for a man he has beaten up twice? Wilder still has that murderous right hand.
  14. I think that Mayweather came out of retirement and remained undefeated so I expect that he has done it. He also moved from Welterweight to Light Middleweight and back again so I assume that he relinquished his welterweight belt and won it back?
  15. Tyson was magnificent last night. I must admit I'm envious of your trip, sounds amazing! Regards AJ, I think he deserves some credit for his belts. It's not like he inherited them or even fought for the vacant title. He won them after the guy that won the vacant titles. He beat Martin for the IBF and Parker for the WBO for instance. If the unification fight happens, I would have to pick the monster that is Fury on last night's evidence, but let's celebrate the fact that we've got two current world champions!
  16. I think he's moved on too. Made a new life for himself in the country I hear...
  17. Excellent results for us today. The gap to 5th stays at 10 points at least, regardless of what happens later and Villa a step closer to the drop!
  18. This won't be popular but I think we need a general and an all round nasty fecker. For that reason, I'll say Roy Keane.
  19. That pompous whiny guy on the corona virus cruise ship. I think he's enjoying the attention a little bit too much. Self-important and annoying. Perhaps this belongs in the unpopular opinions thread but that guy is really getting on my tits now.
  20. I had always assumed that the PHG was something to do with fox hunting hence the connection but apparently it is German and something to do with mail trains so really a bit random? Anyway, I think I'd prefer that association to fox hunting.
  21. Toxic is exactly what I would call it. I think I've said my piece now on the matter. We disagree, that's OK, but I think that's enough time spent on RM for me. I think I'd rather discuss players that want to wear the shirt.
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