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  1. Pants second half, Lampard changed it at half time, Brendan did not respond, Poor. Forget a Top 4 Finish it ain’t happening.
  2. Nice snapshot of the main stand enclosure circa mid eighties v The Villa. Great times. 🦊
  3. Thought it might be our night at 1 - 0 ( great finish by Vardy again ) Very disappointing, the worst performance of the season. Lucky it was only 1 - 3.
  4. I was at Pleats last game 1 - 3 v Blackburn, that was grim.
  5. He passes when he should shoot, and shoots when he should pass.
  6. Looking forward to tomorrow. In laws all Blades fans, seen them many times, only time I support the away team is when we are there. Up the City. Hope Vardy scores for the comedy value. πŸ˜€
  7. I refer to us as City always have done when talking to fellow fans. Come on you City Slickers ! ??
  8. If Spuds beat Man City Sky will just change their league games round ( because they can ? ) and we will play on the Monday evening and Spuds on the Saturday lunchtime.
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