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  1. Tomassi

    Ozan Kabak

    Tarks comes to us on a free 2022
  2. Fantastic season from the lads. We had many injuries throughout and somehow finished 5th and won the FA Cup. Remarkable. We gave it a good go, and we will go again. We should be proud of them.
  3. Brilliant effort from the lads this season. Anyone moaning get in the bin.
  4. Living the ultimate dream for us
  5. Just drive home after 🤩 bunch of foxes going, big atmosphere, I'll even buy you a coca cola 🤣👍🏼
  6. All restrictions have been lifted in Perth (Oz) for this one. Bunch of us going to the Crown Sports Bar with three HUGE screens. 12:15am kick off. Have not been focussed at all today 🤣
  7. Not too late to come to the Crown Oz...!!!
  8. Can't imagine the club would be happy with this leak if true
  9. The club has done an amazing job of keeping it quiet regarding Cags. That will hopefully throw the Man C plans off a little
  10. Haha I have this same problem in Perth until I open my mouth and they realise I'm from the friggin place 😁
  11. Get Ings in. He's still got 4 years left in him to be the main man
  12. Stay safe mate. Apparently it's the UK variant and I've heard there's already two other cases (although nothing official yet). I strongly suspect the lockdown will be a lot longer than 5 days.
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