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  1. Still think it might happen. 100k a week for 4 months and 3 million loan fee covers his wages. Plus we are in a shout for 3 trophies, so he might be keen?
  2. Essentially 5m in wages over 4 months. We would get a proven player, and wouldn't it be funny if he scored the winning goal against Spurs last game of the season to win us the league 🀩
  3. Yep but I'm not basing this on future value, but on key position. If we make the Champions League, 40m will be good value for a ready-made proven player who can give us 4-5 years service in his prime years, and may keep us at a level where we continue to make the top 4.
  4. Danny Ings for me. It would be very hard for Southampton to turn down 40-45m with a player on his final year, and we will spend that on key positions (Teilemens, Fofana etc), especially as Ings is proven.
  5. The sad thing about many Christians today is that they don't even speak about Jesus, the God-man they claim to follow, and instead just want to win a whole host of moral high ground arguments to prove God (which quite frankly pisses people off). Honestly, why would that attract people to follow Jesus? Jesus is the most interesting remarkable divisive person in all of human history. He claimed to be God, told his followers to turn the other cheek if they get slapped, got the whip out on the religious leaders of the day and absolutely smashed them theologically, caused a scene everyw
  6. 🀣 No I haven't. Can you give me the name of the church so I can Google search, you have me intrigued πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ
  7. Oh apologies mate I didn't know your background. You said baptism and later confirmation so I'm guessing baptised as a baby and confirmed later means Catholic or Anglican? Please correct me if I am wrong. It's an interesting thing 'feeling the presence of God' and different for every believer I guess. Pentecostal churches seem to have a very heavy emphasis on this, whereas Presbyterians are very conservative and the other end of the scale, with many denominations in between. I believe that God is omnipresent so His presence is everywhere, and Jesus said where two or three gather in my name the
  8. Sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to encourage you to read the Gospel of Mark, see Jesus for yourself. The person and the work of Jesus shows that God has revealed himself in history at the right time (for when Jesus would fulfill all the prophesies about himself in the Old Testament). Check out the sort of things he said - especially against the religious leaders of the day, and why he performed certain miracles. It's only 16 chapters and takes about 90 minutes at slow pace to read ☺️
  9. Absolutely. It's also fascinating what happened in the Reformation across Europe in the 16th century. The Renaissance Humanists just before the Reformation time were crying out 'AD FONTES - to the sources' and heaps of scholars looked to original texts of ancient works, like Seneca, Virgil, Cicero, and of course Augustine, along with checking out the Scriptures in the original Greek and Hebrew. The reason I say this? The Church had massively gone away from the Scriptures including their Latin Vulgate translation which changed the meaning of certain texts from the original. The reco
  10. This thread has been a fascinating read, almost to the point of Benguin vs the foxestalk world! I don't normally post much nowadays but did back when foxestalk began. I was in a pretty bad way back then, but 9 years ago I became a Christian after reading God's Word and was convinced that Jesus is God. No Church background, no firm belief prior to this and no one trying to coax me into it, although I was always fascinated by religions, especially Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Huduism, amongst others. But it was Jesus and what He did in his time on earth that convinced me
  11. Still have a look for time to time. They were the good old days. Moved to Oz in 2011. Bumped into SoccerooFox in Melbourne and played football with OzLeicester in Perth. He would have been handy for the over 23s, brilliant football brain on him. Hope you are all well
  12. Haha, strange things happen in Foxile πŸ˜‰ thanks I'll change that. Also forgot to note, London to Perth has direct flights. So logistics are easy. Plus it takes away the problem of policing neutral venues in UK. We do have a few scousers here though, and they were already starting to become unbearable
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