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  1. We’ve been spoilt over the years with achievement and style... we now are pitched realistically where we could expect to be but the style of football is so dour it’s hard to watch at times. CP is probably the most adrift of the fans I can remember since someone like Levein or Taylor and at times Megson... his defiance in pressers is not helping him...
  2. I genuinely nearly turned the car around last night when I heard the team. To the 22k odd city fans last night that was a huge kick in the teeth. We snuck a 1-1 from a game we should have been battered in if Man City had shown up. With Albrighton, Madders, Ricardo, and Mendy in that team we win the game. The 1-1 has papered cracks temporarily but Puel has to go and he needs to take Gazza with him....
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