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  1. If we do it against Man Utd can we finally have a pitch invasion?
  2. I'm so glad someone else has noticed this!
  3. On a serious note I doubt anyone else would be strange enough to have noticed this last night (I think I did because I print football shirts) but loads of the printing was really off yesterday on the players shirts, usually it's really well done. What happened to the kitman?
  4. Good point, if any team in English football has done a similar thing to Man City regarding sponsorship it was us in the Championship with King Power (on a much smaller scale of course)
  5. I don't blame him for what he did last night I'd have reacted exactly the same
  6. Truth is we just aint good enough for Champions League anyway, it wouldn't have been like last time where we got a good seeding from winning the league it would have been an embarrassment. We are a Europa League team I think right now and that's probably where we will end up
  7. Champions League gone, the players only have themselves to blame. Can't even blame it on Chilwells lack of passion last night it come down to the player who wanted it the most, ah well
  8. I'm suprised by some of the comments on here particularly considering who they are from but that's cool we are all entitled to our opinions. For me Matty has always been incredibly well respected by the squad, coaches etc. I remember when we had that big dip in form in 2012/13 which many players put solely down to his injury. You are all right it's a long time ago we are making these comparisons but for me my judgement is based on if the club feel hes worthy of his place in the squad that's good enough for me
  9. I think people forget how good he is, he was far better than Drinkwater
  10. Yeah didn't you leak to us a few years ago if I've remembered right?
  11. What about the collar colour and stripes on the shoulders Kyle? Blue and gold?
  12. I'm guessing this template with gold for the Adidas stripes on the shoulder, logo and 2 gold stripes on the sleeves
  13. Considering all the Worlds biggest clubs like Real Madrid, Juventus, Man Utd etc all get the same templates as us do you think this would be likely?
  14. It was awful at first had to get it redone Filberts nose looked badly broken, still don't think it's great but feel better after seeing some of the others here 😂
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