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  1. Adidas

    Can't be any worse than the Puma/Genesis deal we've had, complete shambles when we won the league
  2. Thanks guys heres there website if anyone wants anything similar done couldn't recommend them enough their artwork and design is fantastic https://www.premiershirtframing.co.uk/gallery
  3. Just had my shirt reframed and delivered today love it
  4. No More Release Clauses!

    Not sure how anyone can honestly say we should have done something different than what we did Summer/Pre Summer 2015. If we hadn't have done exactly what we done its unlikely who we signed and what happened would have happened
  5. Cane out tonight....

    He'd still find a way to score a hatrick against us even if he was injured
  6. They're not mine I just saw them online, a guy from Leicester does it heres their page https://www.facebook.com/Tailored-Frames-134052653329683/
  7. Smelly supporters

    It turned out it was me, I was a little bit upset at first but once I realised I've been given my own private corporate box to myself for the rest of the season I can't thank the OP enough
  8. Musa - Opinions so far

    Win some lose some
  9. Yeah they should have honoured it really as you wouldn't have had a choice to order it online, whats it like quality wise is it more like the originals on the left?
  10. Na I'm sure its not online I've looked everywhere on their website which is why I ended up phoning up and ordering it instead as I live in Cornwall I can't pop in
  11. Yeah they've been selling a remake for years, its quite a bad copy though
  12. Anyone got any pics of these? I've just phoned up and ordered 1 hopefully will be more like the Genesis shirts than the light blue fakes that were being sold
  13. Title Winning seasons mementos

    I literally have a house full of stuff but these 2 are the main 1s