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  1. Yes, and the club has treated her well in recent times which was really good to see. We definitely have the best owners in football. I didn’t realise he’d been at Tigers but know he’s been at Old Trafford and Twickenham more recently.
  2. They were married for a time. RIP Sheila, you’ll be missed.
  3. The Figueiredo fight was crazy, to be fair both guys dished out some punishment and it was a shame about the nut shot that pretty much brought about the draw. He’s a big flyweight though so standing up to his power is impressive. Can only have been 3 weeks or so since his last fight wasn’t it and he was ill in between. I don’t know where Ferguson goes from here, he’s taken a lot of damage in his career and I know it’s only 2 fights but doesn’t seem quite the same fighter at the minute. And that arm bar at the end of the first, saved by the bell or what! It’s a bit like Tyrone Woodle
  4. All the teams to get through have done so reasonably comfortably. I think who ever wins the Avs Stars series makes it from the West but I’m not so sure about the East. Boston and Tampa must be favourites but Philly and the Isles are playing well. I don’t usually root for former players but if Andy Greene could lift the cup that would be sweet
  5. Which store and was there any left? Worth at shot at that price.
  6. I’ve never had any issues with pro controller and Smash, there may have been an update since I played it though. Doom, Doom 2 and 3 out today on Switch, I’ll be picking up the first one at least I should think.
  7. Sly and Robbie must be about as prolific as you get. Played on countless reggae and dub records.
  8. Devils get the 1st pick again ? it’s a shame the rangers got in at 2 but I suppose it adds to the rivalry and Chicago jumping from 12 to 3 is mad. Is anyone doing the bracket challenge on the app? I’ve got, I keep changing my mind on Toronto, Vegas and St Louis though. Eastern TBL - CBJ BOS - TOR WSH - CAR NYI - PIT Western CGY - COL SJS - VGK NSH - DAL WPG - STL
  9. Good luck with that, we’ve used drones for a lot of woodland mapping and adult ravens and buzzards don’t take kindly to drones ?
  10. Yeah, just checked the date on your original post and it was a bit ago... The gretsch gets good reviews so have fun learning!
  11. I don’t have a Washburn hollowbody but I have a Washburn parlour acoustic and and old dimbag sig electric and I really like both. My only fault is the stock pickups in the dime were a bit naff. If it looks nice and plays nice you can’t be going too far wrong. Have they let you plug it in to an amp to check all of the electrics?
  12. Come Christmas it’ll probably be Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Party. There is also rocket league, fifa, mario kart. It depends what you’re after really, there are all sorts on the eShop.
  13. Tough decision but working for people that are prepared to look after you is worth a lot.
  14. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 147 seconds  
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