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  1. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Junction 29/30 of the M5 most mornings where everyone who wants to leave the motorway at 30 is piling onto the slip road where people are trying to pull onto it at 29. Also a double mini roundabout on the way into Exeter, where if you're going right at the second island you run the risk of being smashed by someone coming the opposite way that hasn't slowed down for the junction. The confusion isn't helped by the amount of people who indicate right at the first island, and leave their indicator on despite taking the first exit at the next.
  2. I don't mind - Middlesbrough, Yeovil and Juve (Nedved!) Dislike - Apart from the obvious, Plymouth, Liverpool, Arsenal and Charlton.
  3. Who do you sorely want to do-over this year?

    It's probably about time we beat Bournemouth isn't it? A big win at Anfield would be nice.
  4. Vinyl

    No international shipping, if anyone was inclined to buy.
  5. How long have you been a Leicester City fan?

    The first game I properly remember was beating Derby in the playoffs. I went to a few games before that but I don't really remember them. The atmosphere surrounding that play off final, seeing all the flags and scarves on cars going down the M1 is what got me hooked.
  6. Cycling

    Went out to Dartmoor on Saturday for some xc across a couple of tors. Parked up at Okehamton, hopped on the bike and snapped my chain before I even left the tarmac. 😒 95 mile round trip as well. Never had a chain snap on me before, I was barely going up hill so no excessive forces on the drivetrain but one of the pins popped out. Very strange.
  7. Cycling

    It depends on how old the bike is and which model it is really (227, 335, 527 etc). The different price points are differently spec'd, though often use the same frame swapping aluminium for carbon as the price rises. The base model is between £1,200-£1,500 from memory, so at face value it's a good deal. When buying a second hand full sus bike always check the suspension bearings for play and for cracks around the head tube and bottom bracket welds. I'm sure your friend isn't trying to sell you short but they're built to be used well not abused so always make sure. There's plenty of guides on what you look for when buying second hand if you want peace of mind. It's a fairly well respected bike though so I'm sure you'll have a blast on it if you go for it.
  8. Champions League 16/17

    It's on Btsport. Im sure it's 'free' on the internet if you look in the right places.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    That's what's put me off getting one. I've had most Nintendo consoles at launch until the Switch. I'm not going to play arms or splatoon most likely or wii u re-hashes, and I'm not sure how I feel about Mario Odyssey yet, although it's a mario game so it'll probably be great. Im hoping for some big announcements at E3. Feel like a right negative Nintendo Nancy!
  10. Ice Hockey

    I haven't watched any Elite League this season, I watched a few GB games over the last year though and hopefully a few more this year. In the NHL, seeing as the Devils missed out again, any one but the Rangers! It's probably about time the Caps clinched it but I'd like to see Toronto or St Louis win it. Who did you see the Islanders play @KFS?
  11. Guitars

    Got an Epiphone Les Paul trad pro and a Washburn parlour acoustic as my go to instruments, also got a cheap Shine bass (plays and sounds well above the price point) as well as a Washburn Dimeslime Dimebag Darrell model. The Dimeslime doesn't get much use but when I was a kid I'd never seen anything cooler. I came across one in fairly good nick a few years back and couldn't resist for the price.
  12. Post rock/Instrumental

    I went to see Swans a couple of months ago, best gig I've been to in a very long time. Do they have too much rock to be post rock?
  13. Cycling

    @I am Rod Hull Cheers for the info. I'll try and link it together. For some reason I didn't realise hicks lodge was forestry commission, their trail colour grading can be a bit hit and miss but are usually a decent ride. Are they new tyres you're getting the grief from? Those flats are sounding pretty frequent! @goose2010 what mtb are you after?
  14. Cycling

    @I am Rod Hull Sounds good, keeps good pace. Crap news on the thorns though, they soon turn a nice jolly into an ordeal. My local spot is the east Devon heaths so gorse, blackthorn and hawthorn everywhere! I should use sealant or go tubeless. Maybe one day... What's Hicks Lodge like? I thought it was flat family friendly off road, like a green trail centre route. Are there any 'off piste' bits. I might go for a spin when I'm back over Christmas.