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  1. Uncle Phil

    Nintendo Switch

    Come Christmas it’ll probably be Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Party. There is also rocket league, fifa, mario kart. It depends what you’re after really, there are all sorts on the eShop.
  2. Uncle Phil

    Work dilemma

    Tough decision but working for people that are prepared to look after you is worth a lot.
  3. Uncle Phil

    The Gang's All Here Quiz.

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  4. Uncle Phil

    The Crinkly Solar System Quiz

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  5. Uncle Phil

    Ice Hockey

    I’m a Devils fan and I think we play the sharks at 18:00 on Saturday. We have a lot of early starts this season which is great, I think they’re trying to tap into the European market a bit more. We played pretty well against the Oilers in our opener, we’ve definitely got the makings of a decent team but we struggle against physical sides like Boston and Washington. Although Kinkaid stepped up big time last season we could do with an on form Schneider back as well.
  6. Uncle Phil

    Human Anatomy Quiz

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  7. Uncle Phil

    North American Sports Quiz

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  9. Uncle Phil


    I don’t mountain bike in the midlands a lot but there is Sherwood Pines. It’s not as technical as Cannock though. Thetford Forest might be worth considering but it’s not exactly local. I dont really know of anything much in Leicestershire. There are bound to be some trails in Derbyshire/Peak District, have a look on singletrack forum, dirt forum. https://www.moredirt.com/region/United-Kingdom_East-Midlands/ Also, try an app called ViewRanger and select mountain biking on the sports list in the viewer. I use it a lot in Devon and it has a lot of MBUK routes etc for Dartmoor, Exmoor and Quantocks so I assume it would have the same for the Peak District.
  10. Uncle Phil

    UK Cities quiz

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  11. Uncle Phil

    90's Leicester Quiz

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  12. Uncle Phil

    What grinds my gears...

    Yes, and we had a bloody bin for them as well!
  13. Uncle Phil

    What grinds my gears...

    East Devon only started recycling cardboard and paper in the last year or two. Used to grind my gears no end, that’s the most basic recyclable isn’t it?! Thankfully they do give us bins for it.
  14. Uncle Phil

    Things you've stopped/avoided doing because of Film/TV

    That programme has a lot to answer for. I saw one where a lad does a wheelie off a kerb and his front wheel falls off. He then goes over the handlebars and the bottom of his forks stick in the back of his head! I used to have to take the front wheel off of my mountain bike to get it in my car and I'd think of it at the start of each ride.
  15. Uncle Phil

    Alan Partridge Finish the Quote Quiz

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