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  1. You wait until they purchase Leicester racecourse and re develop it to be one of the best around, as according to a lot of people thats their plan after the training ground and ground is complete
  2. Its not actually that hard to get to Newcastle. It could have been a lot worse. Plus I imagine a lot will spend NYE in Newcastle
  3. Friday 9 August: Liverpool v Norwich City (8pm – live on Sky) Saturday 10 August: West Ham United v Manchester City (12.30pm) Saturday 10 August: Bournemouth v Sheffield United (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Burnley v Southampton (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Crystal Palace v Everton (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Leicester City v Wolves (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Watford v Brighton (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Tottenham v Aston Villa (5.30pm – live on Sky) Sunday 11 August: Newcastle United v Arsenal (2.00pm – live on Sky) Sunday 11 August: Manchester United v Chelsea (4.30pm – live on Sky)
  4. Went to watch Brightburn yesterday. Utterly mental film but was pretty decent. Interesting idea and a pretty good ending to. The kid is creedy AF though.
  5. We will go back to lumping it up to Kane then and basically chasing shadows against the better teams then. Yep that's the kind of football we all want to see.
  6. the passage of play that we created for the offside goal was as good as I have seen from England in many years. The same with Sancho in the first half (and second actually) skipping past De Ligt There was some glimpse of great football and its an exciting time for the national team.
  7. Hang on you cant pick and choose the matches he has won We beat Spain away (first team in basically forever to beat them at home) We beat Croatia, Switzerland and smashed Czech Republic 5-0. We lost last night with a few players not used (apart from Kane and Hendo for a bit) that were in the champs league final. For the first time in about 20 years the nation actually watch their national team and we play some great football. He is doing a great job with an extremely talented group of players, we have to learn from our mistakes and hope they continue to try and play football. Don't be that fan that wants someone sacking because of individual errors.
  8. I would ask city for more if stones is the one they are wanting to replace!
  9. missed waggy and couldn't get the spelling for knocky right
  10. It's been absolutely incredible so far. I didn't realise how bad it actually was and how close they were to wiping out the majority of Europe
  11. Gavin and Stacey Lost 90s wrestling Chip shop menus
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