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  1. probably miss 3 games with the international break if the timings from CS are legit.
  2. More than a knock out for a while apparently
  3. The reason Spurs full backs look so good is that they have 4 decent full backs that the rotate well. Trippier is a good play but can he play 50+ a season, probably not he is a bit injury prone to. They need to buy another full back now which they will end up paying 20+ for if they want a decent one so really they will make around 30m ish. They have helped Man City out massivly by selling them Walker. 50m to City is pocket change and they have just plugged one of their biggest holes with one of the best right backs in the world.
  4. The question is Roy would you have paid out on the bet? As you did say it owuld of been done last week?!
  5. is it on the home shirts as well now?
  6. the thing is most of the posts a pretty sensible that are in there, it should have been impossible for us to win the league! I still actually cant beleive we won it!
  7. I'm in, not done one in years on paper it looks unstoppable so will proably finish bottom!
  8. Fair play, i used to make t-shirts / football shirts for a living and the stuff we used would of melted the shirt before it came off, they must be using an extremley cheap adhesive which doesnt exactly encourage me into how long the rest of the bits will last.
  9. you have no chance of getting them off.
  10. no wonder is was launched in the dark..... that really has ruined it.
  11. Big fan of that to be fair
  12. yep worked for me
  13. yeah i have train tickets sorted for this. I imagine it will be pay on the door?
  14. in football?? it means nothing anymore, the clubs are a business and are ran by high powered business men if they can justify the fee it will happen.