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  1. I didn't think I would need to bunker down in here tonight even if we lost! How wrong was I.... Self entitlement is rife tonight!
  2. We also won the league in a standard 38 game season with basically no major injuries and playing 1 game a week.
  3. Probably just stopping watching then and concentrate on something else as it's going to be tough for the run in and I don't think anyone thinks other wise. I understand the nervousness in the fans but you just have to sit back and watch unfortunately. As I said get sat night out the way and a week off will do us wonders.
  4. The fight? The fight was there tonight. We kept going to the end. We started poorly but kept going. Thats all you can ask for. We have 1 game Sat and then a week off and not sure but I'm pretty sure thsts our first week off in about 3 months. Just got to keep going and stop slating then at every given opportunity
  5. To be fair you your posts are usually decent but not sure why you think we can just turn up and win games. Have a look at the bigger picture mate.
  6. Over reactions here again I see.... Wasbt great but with what we had available we did ok. Forfana coming back was key. As the back 4 that finished the game was solid.
  7. That squad is unreal and it will only get stronger. They could potentially dominate for years. The best time to play man city is in the first 5 games of the season as they tend to start slow. The only team I see challenging them at the minute for dominance is Bayern.
  8. would expect Perez to be around the squad then to as well as Fofana.
  9. yeah one of the biggest in Ireland.
  10. If a bit of his knee cap has chipped off then it will be just a case of removing it it so a small surgery. If that's all it is he is almost lucky as floating bone in the knee is so dangerous around the tendons / ligaments. Strange injury that though as there was no impact and didn't even look like it gave way. Might just about have him Praet and hopefully Maddison back by mid April then....
  11. Where from? Soyunchu got closer and fouled pepe to.
  12. Schmeichel Castagne Evans Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Ricardo Iheanacho Barnes Vardy
  13. sounds like we will have the same squad for the next 3 games at least then. But obviously Kel is back.
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