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  1. Sat in the garden watching it with my dad and a few mates. Between us two Leicester fans a man utd fan Liverpool, villa and Sunderland fan. All have won the cup apart from Leicester. What emotion it was and they celebrated together at the end! What a day and I honestly don't care about the next two games if we end up in the Europa so be it! Lets add that to our cabinet!!
  2. He isn't leaving BT its the last year BT have the FA cup. ITV and BBC have the right from next season.
  3. Never thought I would be this nervous about the game. Having people that I've not spoken to in ages that support other clubs wishing us luck and saying they are hoping we win is really bringing it home. Win today and I honestly couldn't care less about the next two games. Just leave it all on the pitch lads thats all I ask! Have no regrets and be brave! Come on lads do it for us, do it for ever Leicester fan that isn't with us today that witnessed our last loss all those years ago.
  4. What a great sleeve tattoo that would make if we win it!
  5. Wonder if we will wear new away shirt Tuesday or the home shirt next Sunday. Arsenal are wearing their new away over the weekend apparently.
  6. trying to raise £19,490 as it relates to the 1949 cup final. Story of a Leicester fan that biked from Leicester to Wembley and during the game some one nicked his bike! So he walked back! So Stringer has decided to run it this week - i think he is in training for some sort of ultra run later in the year ( i might be wrong?!) So far he has raised about 11k so fair play to him
  7. Chris Wood and Burnley will have a field day against that Liverpool defence. Stop looking behind us and look forward we can finish 2nd this season!
  8. still on the fence. Not sure one why they have added the checked part. Just do the zig zag pattern all over.
  9. yeah exactly, just leave them as is and if you want a a team that is in Europe pick the team that plays on the Tuesday. Don't get me wrong I'm sure some fans would love the Saturday night fixture but the majority will be annoying by it!
  10. BT Sport confirm that no team competing in Europe on a Wednesday night will have their fixture changing to the Saturday lunch time slot.... Instead BT will now have a 'Prime Time' sport spot and kick offs will be 7:45 on a Saturday night. So yeah basically they have given the players and extra few hours off but made more difficult for fans going to the games.
  11. Arsenal still have something to play for to. They win tonight and there is still a possibility of them finishing above Spurs which is all they can hope for this season.
  12. He really isnt. As i have said a few times. If Vardy is fit, he starts.
  13. wouldnt be surprised to see Wilf at CB with Fofana and Cags either side. Kasper Castange Fofana N'didi Soyunchu Thomas Mendy Youri Maddison (Would be tempted by Praet) Vardy Kel Would be tempted by Praet for Maddison not because i have anything against Maddison just think he would be better rested if he was going to sat on Saturday.
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