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  1. Made me laugh when Alonso stopped for Liverpool first goal and they said that's the issue with Alsono he switches off! You ain't seen nothing yet lads!
  2. Imagine paying 70m for Kepa! Makes you wonder where he goes now. Back to Spain I guess.
  3. They did here last season Be interesting when Jose drops Son for Bale.
  4. Played 34 games for Wolves last season but yeah he was a squad player. I don't have a problem selling players if the deal is right but this sounds rubbish for Wolves 10 mill a year for 4 years. It's neither here nor there. 40 over 2 wouldn't be too bad but over 4 seems mad. Troare's on his day is unplayable but will he give you 40 games a season? His shoulder problem doesn't seem to be going away, and must admit I don't no a lot about Neto. If I was a Wolves fans wound be thinking what's Mendes doing behind the scenes it all seems to be a little quick to... But like I said for me it weakens a team on our level so happy days for us really.
  5. No offence but if Leicester did a deal like that i would be fuming. You basically get nothing for a year other than youngster that's never played a first team game. Getting 10 mill a year over 4 years? Madness. You are losing a proven started / goalscorer.
  6. Odd I thought Wolves would lose Troare over anyone this season. Weakens them which is good for us.
  7. there is a few rumours going round Bale isn't fit and wont be available until about mid to late October. Spurs could be out of the top 4 race by then
  8. 400k a week spurs to pay 250k They are also paying a 20mill loan fee. (which is basically the cost of his wages to Madrid.) Its madness for someone that on his day is world class but when was the last time he played 40+ games in a season? He needs to be playing 40 games min for it to be worth it for spurs surely. Also didn't spurs ask to borrow 150+ mill off the government at the start of the pandemic?? Conveniently been brushed to one side because they are 'saving Bale'
  9. We may have asked for this? If money is tight and we want to spend it else where we may have asked to defer payment for 12 months and maybe gave them a bit extra for this option.
  10. No issues with this. Good move for both parties.
  11. After Sundays performance I would be happy to leave the Midfield as is. Only would be tempted to change to try and add some height into the team.
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