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  1. POGBA, MARTIAL AND SHAW MISSING FOR UTD Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial and Luke Shaw have all been ruled out of tomorrow's game against Leicester at Old Trafford. Diogo Dalot will also miss the match, while Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Jesse Lingard are doubts. "Pogba won't be fit unless he's had a miraculous recovery overnight. He's not been ready to train at 100 per cent," Solskjaer said. I was confident before I heard their team news, now we a huge opportunity to really make a claim early on in the season.
  2. interesting that they have 'chosen' not to do a gig on the Sunday of Glastonbury The interrupters are a decent band to. Hudders sounds like a plan. All dayer in Magic Rock Brewery first off!
  3. Like Steve Bruce as well, he was one of the best centre halves around and never got an England cap.
  4. Did something happen to you when you lived in America? Its ok you can tell the group. No one will judge you here.
  5. so your saying people only watch the NFL due to its marketing?? I've never so much rubbish in my life. The NFL has been apart of British Culture for years the Superbowl in the early 80's were pulling in TV audiences of 4mill+! you could even go back as far as the World War 2 where organised matches were taking place. Just because its not apart of YOUR culture doesn't mean it isn't apart of other peoples.
  6. Never understood people that make sweeping statements like this. American football has never been so big in this country and personally I think its great the skill and ability on show week in week out is incredible but you know its just not British and has no right to be playing on our soil. Next you'll be saying that you've never eating a Chinese or had an Indian takeaway.
  7. Can you imagine if LCFC beat someone 4-0 but because your favourite player wasn't playing you hope we got smashed? The euro qualifiers are a bit daft and pointless and it doesn't help the nation with their support of England if you ask me, we are beating teams without breaking into a sweat really at least they are now taking England back out to other grounds.
  8. I did this a few years back, it used to be so much easier than it is these days. Cheltenham festival is usually the best way to make some money. BUT you need a clean slate of accounts literally no point if you have the main accounts (skybet, Paddy Power Coral etc. already) as the opening offers are the best way to build your pot. The longer you do it for the more time consuming it becomes. If you do decide to go for it Smarkets is your best exchange as they only take 2% compared to Betfair taking 5%
  9. The Jersey Boys movie is absolutely shocking! The musical is so much better!
  10. I really enjoyed Jersey Boys Sunny Afternoon is great if you like the Kinks. Avenue Q I saw in New York - it was amazing.
  11. I get what you mean, but it doesn't really matter mate, its a nice gesture and if it gives the organisers / friends and family a little boost at a truly terrible time then so be it.
  12. - Wolves tifo - Harvey's Goal - Vardy Celebration FT comparing Rogers to Puel
  13. Celtic to get knocked out by Cluj twice in the same season
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