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  1. think anything on Amazon you have to have a prime membership.
  2. yeah. sign up on the 12th just in case amazon get any of the early new year fixtures
  3. Has Harvey done something to you? Not sure why you have a personal vendetta against one of the best up and coming players we have ever had? You even say he needs upgrading after he scores now?! I've said it so many times recently the squad is fine as it is. We don't need to buy anyone.
  4. yeah i have looked everywhere online with no joy... Will just have to go over again next year at some point!
  5. Where you getting Fiege from?? Since my trip to Bochum last season I've been craving a few of them but can't ever find it!
  6. Sad day indeed. If you haven't already you should watch the documentary on him. Crazy how he was treated in Italy.
  7. Sheff Wednesday looking to sign Musa... Not sure he fits the usual Pulis signing!
  8. He really doesn't. He's had more than enough chances. Scores two against west hams kids and now he is better than them 3.
  9. They are a special team and their squad is class most of their squad player start in most prem teams. They are the best team in Europe. Their press is something else and credit to them they made us look like a championship team which we are most definitely not. Write it off as a bad day at the office and work on getting some bodies back in the match day squad.
  10. Well done ref and VAR he took the ball. That's how VAR should be used!!
  11. Not sure what you mean by really bad. It's really bad now and has been for weeks. Rumours are Salah got it at a wedding?!? If thats true then he hasn't stuck to the UK guidelines and Liverpool should have no complaints. Actually I've just seen the pics of his at his brother's wedding. The bloke hasn't followed any guidelines and it's no shock he was got it! Can't wait for Kloop to come out and try and defend him
  12. Can see Liverpool pushing for this game to be called off at this rate!
  13. Joe Gomez has got injured for England and is likely to be out for a while.
  14. Henderson had a half decent season for Sheff Utd and you put him better Kasper? Pickford is good with his feet and that's it. Ask most Arsenal fans they feel they sold the wrong keeper in the summer!
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