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  1. Hope he gets an extra match for refusing to leave the pitch!
  2. That's the one!! only went a couple of times! was an odd place!
  3. No idea to be honest, I guess the o2 is now used most weekends so doubtful. There used to go to Brighton Beach then on to Mosh and then somewhere else after I have no idea what it was called but was open till about 6am and was a horrible little place but was about the only place you could go after Mosh
  4. used to absolutely love Brighton Beach was a quality night.
  5. Went to see it at an advance screening - terrifying! its actually decent as well pretty well made.
  6. It is a shame and like others have said moving to the Ricoh was a shocking choice, its nearly impossible to get their without driving and driving is a nightmare. It will be either MK or Burton I would have thought.
  7. 1 point since they changed their team and tactics to bring Kane back in Son has gone from being one of the best in the league to a Spurs bench warmer within a matter of weeks and people think Pouch is one of the best in the world!
  8. Shagged, married annoyed is a great pod cast with Rosie and Chris Ramsey Gutted Ellis James and Jon Robbins have finished on Radio X but they are moving to Five Live so guessing their show will be similar and they will do a pod cast with it. Also if you're interested my brother and his friend have just started a pod cast called 'Bottom of the Stream' reviewing the lowest rated films on Netflix.
  9. Yeah tell me about it about the Saturday! I think we are going to go for Bochum seems like the best option.
  10. I'm in Dusseldorf on a stag in May and Bochum I have just realised are at home, would it be easy enough to get 22 tickets? Do they sell out quick? is it best to email the club directly?
  11. I know a few of you are fans of German football, do any of you have experience in getting tickets? Basically going on a stag in Dusseldorf in May. Dusseldorf are away so we are looking at going to Monchengladbach. We have checked the website and it looks close to a sell out on the Saturday which is annoying! IS there any chance of getting tickets when we are there? Like touts ? Secondary sellers etc.? Any information would be great, or any teams locally to Dusseldorf that play on the 4th May?! that would be good to go to.
  12. I don't think you would ever see a ref give a second yellow after taking a shirt off for a tribute. I'm sure if Maddison had done something bookable after his yellow Oliver would have told him right that's a yellow card offence do it again and I will have to send you off.
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