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  1. Grelish i would replace the Ox (yes he has done well but isnt 100% fit yet) or Delph.
  2. Any of the keepers all about the same TAA Maguire Tomori Chilwell Henderson Mount Maddison Sancho Abraham Sterling Thats the 'form' team i would pick.
  3. If I was MAddison and didnt get a game with that list of midfielders i would be looking at my family tree. He played for Aberdeen on loan surely he could play for Scotland!
  4. I cleaned his car once as a youngster. He lived in Hinckley very close to where me and my mates used to have a kick about. He would come for a kick about every now and then as well!
  5. yeah its one of those i guess could go either way. I will keep my eye out on the 27th!
  6. To be fair he will probably he in training within 2 weeks. Doing upper body etc. a lot of chat saying he will be back in full triaing by the end of the season. As someone who has just about finished rehab for a serious knee injury on the NHS, you can understand why these guys can recover so quickly these days.
  7. Think this one will go to All Season Ticket Holders?
  8. Very tempting that! Was class before and decent support to.
  9. Conlad Logan - burn if there is the slightest bit of sun and love sitting watching football.
  10. saw a picture on twitter looks like scarfs will be given out tomorow.
  11. I was shocked walking round tesco the other day to see Cornish Rattler Cider. Not usually a Tesco shopper but havent seen this nector anywhere other than Devon / Cornwall. 3 x 500ml for £5 to. Anyone know if they stock it all year round? If not i may go and stock up! Aldi's Rheinbacher is made by these guys... https://www.oettinger-bier.de/beer just been working with them on a project for next year.
  12. always blame the new kid. Works a treat.
  13. This will go down well with the misses
  14. The good thing gambling is illegal in Thailand (apart from the lotto and on coarse horse racing in Bangkok) so it would surprise me if we go down that route.
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