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  1. I respect the way you play. You play to your strengths and that's fair enough. However sitting with 11 behind the ball when we had 10 men if I was a Wolves fan I wouldn't have been impressed. You simply were scared to lose even with us having 10. Drawing 12 games already isn't really good enough and maybe if you were a little braver you would be sitting where we are.
  2. By the looks of his instragram he is working pretty hard to be fit. I'm not sure if it's worth the risk.
  3. Not sure how long Mings is out for Villa look shocking at the back without him.
  4. 3. Sophie, Mike and now Caroline.
  5. Yeah you're right as always mate... Sorry I meant Newcastle. Please forgive me
  6. Since December we have gone to west ham and won. Gone to Newcastle and won. Beat west ham at home. Drew with Chelsea and Wolves. Still keep a 10 point gap over 5th. What's to say we won't go on a run? If you can't get excited about this next batch of games I don't think football is for you.
  7. We probably need 20 points from out final 12 games. I honestly think tonight was one of the toughest we have left. Much prefer this kind of season to one just sitting safe in mid table and getting the flip flops out in March.
  8. And they are? There form is worse than ours only the last 6 or so
  9. I was going to just dive in the safe house but thought I would go into battle tobight for a change
  10. Hopefully they chuck all their eggs in the champs league basket. Might as well just put the kids out in the league and only play their best players in Europe. Doesn't matter where they finish this season now
  11. To be fair he isn't the first and won't be the last that needs some help. You see him against Liverpool? Made Andy Robertson look like Moreno the bloke is a bit of a freak and probsbly the hardest winger to play against in the league.
  12. Good lord. Have a day off for christ sake.
  13. Perez has be ok this season and arguably playing out of position. Praet is a tidy player. No one in the league strengthened in January. Justin will get his chance. The biggest thing That Rodgers has done has taken a group of young players to an unreal position in the league. We will get stronger and stronger, remember our squad haven't peaked yet. 3 or 4 new players and we will be challenging next year to. It's an unreal team for our club and I honestly don't know why people cannot just enjoy the rough with the smooth.
  14. Well it obviously is. Look at the form of the top 8 (take out Liverpool) from the last 6 games. Ours is the best, the league is so competitive this year and we have done so well getting the points of the board. It's our second best season ever in our history. We are only 3 points off where we were the year we won the league.
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