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  1. 3 is as good as 1 I would say. 2 isn't a good series at all it nearly put me off watching 3 but glad it didn't.
  2. Just finished the sinner season 3. Really enjoyed it, loads better than season 2.
  3. Yeah I think this is the end of them personally. Hopefully Tom gets the help he obviously needs. One of the first bands I went to see live in 2004 at Leicester uni was an incredible gig and they have been every other time I've seen them to.
  4. Big news with Tom leaving the band. Be interesting to see how they move forward as a band now.
  5. Watch some of the deleted scenes and bloopers they are absolutely brilliant. Kerry's mum is actually Kerry's voice to.
  6. Didn't think we use this place in the summer. Least we are making use of it!
  7. You have a point to be fair although there is a nice microbrewery their that's worth a flying visit
  8. That's what isn't that clear. If it's just Leicester how does that work? Just LE1? I guess it will all come out. Personally I don't see how it works it it will do is push people out of the city onto the surrounding towns and villages. Like in Hinckley for instance say the say all LE postcodes are still locked down. Everyone will just go to Stoke golding, Dadlighton, Nuneaton for a beer as they are CV postcodes.
  9. I take it you're not a fan? Who you going to replace him with then? We are massively punching above our weight in the league, we need to strengthen but we can't currently the teams around us have a lot bigger and better squads and the break has helped them get players back. If we finish 7th so be it. It would be disappointing yes but it shows for us to get to the next level we need a better squad and I would fully back Top and Co and Brendan and his team to get the right players in. I've said it before and will say it again winning the league was the best and one of the worst things ever for a lcfc fan.
  10. Where do you want me to start... Jesus christ
  11. Been better but still not good enough. Mad that you can miss a right back so much
  12. Would take Lewis as well if Chilwell was to leave.
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