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  1. problem is the pubs they drink in are probably home fans only
  2. yeah i agree but its not sustainable relying on a 33 year to lead your line for potentially 50+ games a season
  3. or that his main striker is 33. But yeah it would be another option with 2 up top.
  4. If i was a betting man i would have Parasite to win a couple of oscars. Its the only 10/10 film i have seen for a while. If youve not seen it (doesnt come out over here for a month or so) i would advise watching it but dont watch any trailers or read about it just go in blind and watch it.
  5. agreed last 20 mins a good but unless you know the history of Sharon Tate, it makes little sense. It should come with a disclaimer to do your homework before you watch it.
  6. off the website.... Ndidi, 23, suffered a knee injury in training ahead of Wednesday's Carabao Cup Semi-Final first leg tie against Aston Villa, and is expected to be out for around three or four weeks. Now the operation on the former Genk midfielder's meniscus has been completed, Rodgers says he is now back in at Belvoir Drive and has commenced the recovery process. "It went very well," Rodgers told the national media on Friday, ahead of Saturday's Premier League visit of Southampton to King Power Stadium (3pm kick-off). "It was a good operation. He’s now back in and straight into his recovery. Something around that (three or four weeks). Sometimes it can be sooner, sometimes it can’t be."
  7. ?? Rodgers said 3 to 4 weeks in the press conference?
  8. Disagree if you like mate but he was. He was playing well and holding his own in the team. We should send him out on loan, we shouldnt be looking to sell. We dont need the money and he is still young and have a lot of raw talent.
  9. He was one of our best players just before his horrific injury.
  10. Man City do similar (ok not a big) with their evening games for blue moon they have for a few years. There is never an atmosphere before the kick off - nothing to shout home about anyway and a lightshow hasnt changed that. After the stadium went into darkness with the foxes eye against Liverpool it was probably the loudest cheers we have had in the KP for a few years and the first few minutes it carried on.
  11. For what its worth this is what i would do.... - The Greatest Show montage has been used most of the season just without the lights - go back to that or change to a song that relates to the club (Kasabian, Easy Life etc.) - The montage of the goals / moments throughout the year - love the music they have added to that, works well with the lights, just black out all of the advertising leaving the foxes eyes or even some kind of foxes hunting its prey something a bit darker... - The 'Heartbeat' stills works leave as is. Modern football is changing and to be honest its not as bad as some fans make it out.
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