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  1. A couple of examples at 47.10 and 49.50 (the latter the better). Great post!
  2. King Power provided a facility to the Club of £91m in Oct-19 in relation to the training ground (not reflected in the May-19 financial statements but noted as a subsequent event).
  3. Nice dashboard, although I think the mapping of the financial statement accounts is slightly misleading. Of the £240m total debt amount mentioned, only £56m of it would really be considered third party debt, which is the loan with Macquarie (more detail here: https://tinyurl.com/y7o78ht4), and £36m relates to amounts owed to companies within the King Power group. The remaining balance can be split as follows: - £97m - Transfer fees payable (which although could be considered a debt-like item, should be looked at with the £53m transfer fees receivable (i.e
  4. Although I’m not personally a huge fan of the song, I do think there is a salient point to be made. If we are serious as a club about investing in youth, as the new training ground would imply, this sort of chant for one of our younger players would go a long way to enticing the best of future generations to our club. I think we can all agree Maddison would love a song of his own; how he would kill for something like this!
  5. Looking for 2 tickets to this please if anybody can help.
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