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  1. Both him and knight are showing they can cope with that level and aren't far away from being at a level to be a part of our squad. Problem is, getting into the team is a much bigger step than (see Hamza) but I'd like both to be given a chance next year.
  2. They say the championship is the hardest league to get out of, maybe Rooney will be in the running next year, he's doing a good job of getting derby out of it 不
  3. It's funny really, but given how far we've come in recent years it all feels a bit irrelevant. We've left derby and forest so far behind and Coventry have been irrelevant a while. That said after the whole Rooney love in and the dodgy sponsorship deal that pays for him, it would be funny to see Derby go down.
  4. Big clubs didn't get what they want with project big picture now the managers of said clubs moan about anything and everything at every given opportunity. Just **** off out the league already like you want too and let the rest of us enjoy our game again
  5. Any one know why zaha is missing? Only made him my FPL captain this week 不不不不
  6. The Mendy booking was the correct decision, I think we can all agree that. But a few mins later there was a tackle from a Liverpool player which resulted in a similar studs down the back of the ankle that was only a free kick. I can't remember exactly who it was but I remember thinking it should have been a booking. There were a couple of others that not ally would be bookings that weren't given. I assumed it was just Liverpool/home bias tbh.
  7. Watching a stream and the comma team including Andy ****ing Townsend are killing me with their shite. But it's worth it as I had Andy king at half time 歹
  8. Yeah I was being a little childish with my Santa Vs jesus thing, but the thread was actually one of the most interesting reads in here In a while. Enough to change my mind? No, bit I love trying to learn more and expand my thinking
  9. Nah, I asked who would win in a fight, Santa Vs jesus. Didn't get a response to that question either 不
  10. If people have roamed the earth for 6 million years, yet the oldest known religion is 5-6000 years. Where was God the rest of the time? And where do the dinosaurs fit in? Coz I met a super religious yank at uni who honestly thought they were a test of faith. I mean that's just ****ing bonkers!
  11. Completely unrelated but I love Phil jupitus, such a super talented guy. I saw him market harbourough leisure centre. He was singing with the blockheads and was incredible. No Ian duty I'm sure, but fair play the guy rocked it.
  12. Kodachrome not a bad film for anyone who looks a film
  13. Hate them, then to top it off super 6 is league one or 2 teams of whom I know very little about
  14. Why all the red? All shit anyway
  15. But who would win in a fight? Santa or Jesus?
  16. Santa is more beleivable than Jesus tbh
  17. I can see jony 5 from short circuit
  18. Its all part of the learning curve. Hughes has done well at Burton so far, so must learn from today.
  19. I was chatting to my neighbough about it the other day, I liked the premise but I felt there were a few things in the film that overcomplicated it and never actually led anywhere, although I conceded some of this may be cultualral norms being different. I also thought the ending was weird, the son writing a letter to his dad, even though he had no way of getting it to him. I understand they were looking for a monologue of what the boy hoped to do but it just seemed the wrong vehicle to me. Just seemed a bit weird to me.
  20. They both have interesting stories I'm sure, but to think of Kasper: *Came through the man city ranks just as they started throwing big money around. *Went to notts county with Sven in league 2. * Ended up at Leeds and was clearly blamed for their defensive mishaps and sealed a move to Leicester with Sven again. *Promotion, great escape, title win *First on the scene of the helicopter crash. Whilst the rises could be conparable, I think the context behind the scenes with alot of what Kasper has experienced would make it much more interesting. But th
  21. Can't be many players in the premier league who have been at their clubs as long as Kaspar has been with us, especially if you exclude those who came through youth teams and therefore have been at clubs longer. What a journey he's had and is having. His dad may have won more but Kaspar certainly has a better story to tell.
  22. Was ok, but didn't get all the hype myself. 7/10, solid but not spectacular
  23. Barry Hayles, Barry Hayles, Barry Hayles and Barry hayles
  24. Or in man city and Liverpool's case at least, just use the 3 subs your already allowed and shut the fuch up.
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