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  1. I'm guessing that 40 weeks includes the time for play offs and international breaks? Also cup games.
  2. To be fair I'm glad the schedule is packed and younger players getting chances in cup competitions is no bad thing either. Let's be honest, clubs in the championship deal with 3 games a week all season, premiership players a paid well.enough to deal.with it too.
  3. Haven't seen alot of him if I'm honest. My biggest worry would be how he adapts to not having at least one big lump up front to aim for. That along with the fee when you add in the English premium makes.me sceptical but open minded on this one
  4. RobHawk


    Not surprised really, hes not getting much first team football here if he stays and at his age in sure he wants to pay. Always seemed to give his all though and obviously a top bloke so wish him all the best. Shame it never really worked out for him here as I don't think we ever really saw him at his best.
  5. Would be unreal for us if it was, I doubt we could afford him though unless it's a loan with juve paying 50% of his wages which seems unrealistic tbh
  6. Just watched this, really enjoyed, well worth a watch
  7. Just read that Nathan dyer is a free agent. We all know how it ended last time we signed him 🤣🤣🤣
  8. I can't even remember his name tbh. Was a few years younger than me, I'd left the uni scene at this point but still played for the city club. Just remember him talking about his brother as he was just breaking into the Bristol city first team at the time. Obviously gone on to do quite well for himself
  9. Interesting fact, I played lacrosse with Joe Bryan's brother when he was at uni.
  10. Nice one! Never heard of it but makes sense after a quick google
  11. What has summon got to do with rain? Im a dullard and still don't get it
  12. Zahas biggest issue has always been a lack of end product. He does the flashy things well but doesn't impact games enough with actual goals/assists. Obviously, there's still question marks whether he could be unleashed somewhat in a better team than palace. However, I'm warming to this idea purely because he has the ability to lift and carry a poorly performing team which is something we also need.
  13. Let me in, I hung around and fought the idiots a little longer but there's no telling em. I'm done and need shelter from the stupidity. I brought a bottle of goose with me for me good measure
  14. Looking at our front 3, vardy aside I think we have players who really need to prove themselves next season. We all know we need a new winger but look at what we have, Barnes - a good breakthrough season but finishing has been suspect on numerous occasions. No longer a rookie, needs to up his game another level next year imo to really start meeting his potential. Perez - not a bad player but really not set the world alight and proved his price tag. Seems to be one of those where nobody knows his best position. Gray - turning into a supersub but can't turn it on when he starts. What's gonna change next year, is it time to move on? Kevin - not the most talented and his skills don't really match Brendan's style of play. However, he is a proper pro and always gives 100%. Is he happy to be back up and is that enough anymore? The RW signing is crucial, not just because we need more quality in this area but we need someone to come in and push these players into new heights
  15. At last! Someone talking sense
  16. Our Motm for me today. Given he was playing in league one this time last year I think it's fair to say this lad has a bright future.
  17. I never said I was happy with any of those things, but I can also see the bigger picture. You want to react to the here and now and forget all the good earlier on in the season. Our team and squad needs strengthening and I truly hope we can build on this season. Take the disappointment and come back stronger. There's no guarantee of that, but I also recognise how hard it is to break into this monopoly and that we title winning season aside, us being any where near champions League places is completely new territory for this clue, in my life time at least. In my opinion, perspective isn't about accepting the shit, but it's acknowledging the truth of the circumstances and wanted to improve and be even better in future.
  18. Best you got? Do one loser
  19. Nah **** you dude that's bollocks. Realism doesn't make anyone a loser. Delusions of grandeur is something that's been aimed at our fanbase before and **** me if it isn't true again. I'm gutted we didn't win today, and I want better from my team but I also recognise it takes time and there's ups and downs in every journey. Today is a down just like deeney day, but we came back stronger the next season and that is now what's important for this team and Brendan. Fifth is fine if it's a building block, a stepping stone to being up there regularly. If it's a one season wonder then it's disastrous. So I'd argue you are the loser for completely missing the bigger picture.
  20. We aren't far away, a few players could make a massive difference. What we desperately need is a good right winger who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and make things happen. There's plenty of good players who have been relegated and plenty on the continent who are available at a reasonable right. **** all your over reaction, let's build on what we have and be better again next year.
  21. We aren't one of the big 6. It's arguable whether we match the likes of Everton, Newcastle, villa or west ham in terms of size. But this season we were the fifth best team in the league finishing above spurs, arsenal and others. It's still a great achievement however we achieved it.
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