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  1. McLean just tried to do Harvey above the knee, wtf is that about going unpunished?
  2. Maguire isn't shit. Ole and United are. I'm pretty sure Maguire would look like a different player under a better manager who has their midfield playing better.
  3. Keeper rushed out to make the challenge outside of his box and clashed legs with Jota who was in on goal. Last man. That's stonewall, I'm not sure how people are seeing it any other way
  4. Brendan has ****ed up some big games this season. Gave Man United too much respect. Gave Man City and Liverpool not enough. Should have had Wes involved in a back three, Hamza alongside Ndidi with Perez and Albrighton offering wing back cover out wide. Park that damn bus and frustrate them. Don't roll over. Hopefully Rodgers had suspected our young and creative players were going to be overawed and has at least ensured they will all be taking notes on how much more they can improve. Man City and Liverpool just taught us about levels. Use the resu
  5. General play was good but we were a bit too wasteful today. We should have had 7 or 8 and that's no exaggeration. Hopefully Rodgers hammers that point home that we need to be more clinical. We may not catch Liverpool but we absolutely should be winning a cup this season.
  6. Ref has made some dodgy calls in favour of Man City this game.
  7. After the first goal he got Wes in a headlock and gave him a few words of advice about seeing the game out. That's how you know the kid is good, when he's got the confidence to put his arm around the PL winning club legend captain and tell him what's what
  8. Maddison in my dream team instead of Vardy. **** VAR.
  9. He's definitely improved his distribution in the last 18 months. He always had a good kick on him but sometimes made too many wrong decisions with it by trying to get us on the move quick he would either put it out of play or straight back into the opposition's hands. He's improved his short passing but overall his concentration has improved which helps his choice of pass. His stand out weakness at the moment is control of the 6 yard box on set pieces which I put down to his height. It's not bad but it's not his strength. That's a compliment when
  10. Has he been injured? Can't help but think he's the forgotten man at the minute. Not a single minute on the pitch this season. On the bench only once against Luton. Can Rodgers and Kolo turn him into a suitable replacement for Morgan or a back up to Pereira?
  11. Loved the atmosphere in the stadium for the last half hour. It's not been like that since the title winning season/champions league games.
  12. Nothing compared to Merson this afternoon saying Rodgers would want to go to Arsenal even if they fall 9 points behind us.
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