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  1. I've always thought Newcastle are a sleeping giant. Huge fanbase, nice city, loyal fans. They've lacked investment for about 15 years. No idea why Man City's owners didn't come in for these instead.
  2. Never ceases to amaze me how much people will begin for free tat. Have some self respect ffs.
  3. Sterling used to be just as useless in front of goal as Gray. Hopefully Rodgers can sort him out.
  4. I'd really like to see if Ward can be better for us than Kasper. And we can see if Kasper's a real team player when his place in the squad is up for grabs. It seems he's only in the team nowadays because of how close he is to the owners even though the rest of the team and our ambitions appear to have outgrown him.
  5. How hard is it not to be spags in the first 15 minutes of every game ffs!?
  6. Maguire making some silly decisions.
  7. It's because he talks well. People hated Pearson and Puel because they didn't engage well with the fans. People liked Ranieri and like Rodgers because they talk well. It's best to ignore that shit and just focus on what they're doing for the team. Personally I prefer the cards close to your chest Pearson and Puel types and i'm untrusting of whitening your teeth and publicity courting Rodgers types. Being that way certainly gets fans on your side though and arguably buys you time in case things don't work out so well.
  8. Brendan is famous for talking bollocks to cater to fans who are more interested in soundbites and smoke blown up their arse than supporting the team through thick and thin. He needs to have the team progressing on from what Puel was doing, that's all that matters. Developing the squad, building for the future and looking for minimum top 10 finishes. Anything less over the next 18 months and his silver tongue will count for nothing.
  9. Would we really sell that many more tickets after expansion? Seems like where we are now selling 30k consistently is just about right.
  10. Benitez and Rodgers are maybes. Wagner would definitely come if asked. I'd be intrigued to see how he does with better players at his disposal than he had at Huddersfield that's for sure. I don't rate him as high as some do on here, but he may have potential and is certainly realistic for us to acquire.
  11. He has done a good job, guiding us through the Vichai thing and developing our young players. He has set a foundation at least.
  12. Keep playing like this, add a few quality signings in the summer and we will be the absolute business. All hail king Claude!
  13. Very frustrating, missed chances by the players cost us points today, nothing to do with Puel no matter what anybody says. On the plus side, we've got some good fixtures coming up. Draw a line under it, carry our performances into these games and we will be absolutely fine pushing on 7th again.
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