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  1. thats really clutching at straws, offside yes but in front of the keeper? not even close to blocking his view.
  2. really didn;t make my blood boil just wondered why you would comment if you felt that way but i guess to have 16k posts on a forum explains that
  3. ah ok then, thanks for the awesome input on the thread!
  4. got a good tip for you then..... don't watch it (or play it)
  5. Apologies if this has already been posted, thought it might be something to watch for half hour! Ndidi is representing Leicester city shortly vs Wolves (represented by Jota) on Fifa 20.
  6. have you ever played football? or been running? generally where your front leg and body goes your trailing leg goes with you if anything RP fouls Grealish, unfortunate accident
  7. here but not with english commentary https://footballia.net/matches/chelsea-fc-tottenham-hotspur
  8. i strained my ACL before, was out of football for 3 months no operation required just rest, never had any pains from it again i didn't realise i had done it until a number of hours after i had finished playing once my body cooled down
  9. nope but an easy thing to assume as when you play the ball backwards the player receiving the pass is usually behind you
  10. the ball being played backwards means nothing, the guy who received the pass was offside when it was played - doesnt matter if it went forwards or backwards to be offside
  11. you are looking at the wrong pass, the guy who took the corners boot was offside when Jota played the ball back to him, neto was offside not jota
  12. Normally a big fan of his but very poor so far
  13. record it on sky and start watching when you get in (presuming you have sky) i doubt anywhere shows the full match online afterwards
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