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Cheryl Chapman

Please help!!!!!

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My daughter and her husband (an army lad based at Kendrew Barracks) has just given birth to a baby boy at 27 weeks, some 13 weeks early. He is being looked after wonderfully at Leicester Royal Infirmary. They have been staying in a room there, to be close as it is very touch and go. My husband and I live in London and are taking their other son with us so that they can be with the new baby.

The room is now unavailable. They can travel back to the barracks occasionally but a 2 hour round trip every day is out of the question. 

I am appealing on their behalf for anyone that has an extra room that they could stay in, for a few nights each week. On army pay they cannot afford the cost of local hotels. 

Please email me if you can help, so that they can stay close to their little man while he is so fragile. 

Email address : cheryl.chapman@rocketmail.com

I know you foxes are great people and I know someone reading this will be pleased to help a young couple. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


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I don't think I can be much help unfortunately but hopefully someone will be able to. Are you looking at digs in Leicester city centre (close to the hospital)?


Good luck and all the best for the little fella 



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