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  1. Not really, last season we had these posts about how he had never beaten Chelsea or Liverpool etc. He has smashed those this season. History doesn’t define the future.
  2. Less chance of losing one badly due to there being less games
  3. And qualify for the champions league, which is where the money for 4th comes from.
  4. I’m not sure I agree. There are 8 games to get through in this competition, 13 in the league.
  5. The prize for winning this is exactly the same as a top 4 finish.
  6. I hope it is her downfall, if she is guilty. Horrible woman.
  7. I don’t disagree but I’ve said that I’m personally impressed with Starmer and would consider voting Labour at present. Oh so long as it’s not direct racism and is only on mainly white folk it’s fine then. Also I thought you guys didn’t like whataboutery....... I’m not the one complaining how people are morally voting for one side, but then failing to look in the mirror though am I?
  8. They will vote for them when the alternative is not credible, Labour are still building that credibility after recently being found to be institutionally anti-Semitic. I don’t see you or any left leaning poster showing any shame in voting for that.
  9. Its not even an under 40s bonus.
  10. Nor are any of the names predicted in there, well at least they weren’t when posted. The thread isn’t for you that’s fine, so stay out of it.
  11. I didn’t see the comment but it’s a death thread, it’s not meant to be taken serious. It’s for dark humour really.
  12. @Facecloth has his fingers crossed
  13. Yeah, I do sell HikVision. They are a bit more expensive than Uniview for IP but their analog range is great value. I don’t like their after sales support mind and the constant firmware updates. If you are going to consider HIK, I’d recommend taking a look at Dahua first. Better quality, better support, similar price.
  14. I think if you upped your budget a little you could get exactly that, pay cheap, pay twice. I’d go for uniview, IP colorhunter. I think you could get 2 cameras and an 4ch NVR for about £480. The trouble with wireless cameras is they are defeatable, you only need a jammer and they can’t connect to the cloud. Also the provider will most likely charge a subscription to use the cloud, if they don’t now, they will in the future.
  15. Yeah there are loads, the best ones are wired to central NVR/DVR. What are your requirements/budget etc?
  16. Yeah but you’re judging that from an era of seeing Smith, Lineker and Worthington. Many on here did not see that era and so Heskey, is just behind Vardy for them.
  17. Leicester win trophies against the odds, Spurs not winning trophies is an underachievement. Their Stadium is bigger and better. Their revenue is much higher. Their average league position is much higher. They are a more attractive prospect because their ceiling is much higher. We have to continue to do this for another decade and invest massively in infrastructure to even be considered close.
  18. Don’t give me problems, give me solutions smarty pants. Seriously though, thanks for that, it was educational and really informative.
  19. It isn’t the first time he has been written off, let’s hope he does what he does best and proves the doubters wrong.
  20. The point I was making was that loyalty barely exists in football, not from fans, managers or players. The merits of the details are not important.
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