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  1. Probably going to be the first of many! Statement in full: "Chairman Jim Parmenter has released the following statement. The Board have been busy assessing the clubs financial position and immediate future due to the very difficult circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic. The club is still unsure of its income in the coming season but the Board are clear income will greatly reduced. The club has 14 players under contract for next season and at a meeting last week the clubs position was explained in detail to the players and staff. At that meeting the players and staff were asked to accept a 20% short-term reduction in salary to assist the club in its efforts to stay solvent and keep the club alive bearing in mind the club will move from four to three days training. The management have accepted the proposal, however, unfortunately the players have not agreed. Therefore it is with great regret that I must announce that all of the squad are now available for free transfer as an initial immediate step. I must further inform supporters that if a solution or further investment cannot be found by the end of August it is likely that the Directors will consider the club insolvent and as a consequence will be forced to cease trading. The directors are doing everything they can to keep the club afloat, but have reached an impasse and require the support of our playing squad. Season ticket purchases are fully protected and a full refund will be issued if the worse happens, so supporters can continue to purchase in confidence"
  2. Ad Astra - thought this would be right up my street but was absolute crap. No redeeming features whatsoever 1/10. Moon Pirates? WTF?
  3. next goal is either game on or game over
  4. Harrogate could be out of sight by the time Notts wake up!
  5. I did offer to give the missus a facial, but she didn't seem keen
  6. looks amazing, really impressed. But it will probably melt my PC so best get saving for a new one!
  7. I've been to my local Tesco several times this week and I have only seen one person not wearing a mask - maybe for medical reasons. Other than that it has been 100% compliance
  8. Now this would be awesome! "sorry dear, we can't go and see you mum and dad on Christmas Day. And they can't come to us. Bummer....."
  9. I watched this earlier. Sounds like an amazing mission. Helicopters on Mars. Rock samples to return to earth. Amazing stuff
  10. Heskey a good shout. 100m is a pretty long distance - pretty much one touchline to the other end of the pitch. Even the paciest footballers rarely sprint anything like that distance.
  11. we were married in a church. My wife was religous (not so much anymore) but I wasn't. When we went to meet the vicar I explained politely that I didn't believe in God or any of that stuff and he said "that's fine, I'm not going to refuse to marry you just because you don't believe in God" I replied "that's ok, I don't want to marry you anyway" There followed a long pause after which the vicar returned to writing his notes That was 15 years ago and my joke remains in the vicar's office, forever the un-laughed at joke....
  12. which other team would field the best 4 x 100 team? we'd be red hot for the first two legs, then drop the baton before the final man falls over and finishes 8th
  13. the junk food ads ban is ridiculous anyway. My kids, and most people's kids I know don't watch traditional TV anyway! You could have a McDonalds ad every five minutes and they wouldn't see it!
  14. ha ha, yeah that's a good way of stopping spending on gambling - give it to the missus to spend! I'm sure she can "look after" it for you!
  15. well I guess recognising the value of the money and how shit you'll feel if you hand it over to a bookie is the first step towards preventing it happening. Is there someone who could "look after" the money for you, to resist temptation? Or set up a savings account where you don't have instant access? My bank account allows you to have "pots" which you can "lock". I saved some in there and locked it just in case I was tempted to waste it on stupid purchases. I can still get the money in 24 hours if I need it, but it is usually a sufficien deterrent to avoid impulse decisions!
  16. It's not a new show, but I hadn't seen it until it recently appeared on Netflix but I've really enjoyed the first season of "Humans".
  17. I had another two small refunds this morning. I assume the one I got last week was "my" season ticket, and the two smaller payments today are the kids tickets? I did think the refund last week was the full refund, albeit a bit less than I thought (like some others on here) Now with the two smaller payments, I think I'm about all square
  18. this was my first reaction when I saw the title!
  19. Have you ever read "Evolution" by Stephen Baxter @RumbleFox ?(this is off topic from religion) - it tells the story of a long line of genes from the first mammals at the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs, right through to present day and into the far far future. It is a novel, primarily but it is certainly very thought provoking.
  20. I watched this in a pub in West Bridgford as I was meeting a mate over there. Had to sit on my hands a little bit but it was ****ing hilarious seeing it all play out as they imploded!
  21. yeah, poor from him. Time for him to go I think..
  22. I had Forever Delayed - Manics Greatest Hits stuck in my Land Rover for years! Stopped buying CD's a long time ago so this one kind of just stayed there. Usually listen to the radio in the car but would occasionally stick it on. My kids used to love it - my little boy when he was a toddler used to demand "Tsunami" over and over again!
  23. I have a pending refund in my bank app today from LCFC showing the refund will be in my bank tomorrow
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