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  1. You realise that we are just as guilty of it as everyone else?
  2. I think he may have shat himself when volleying the ball away. That's why he was clutching his arse.
  3. You know I love you really mate
  4. Have you stolen @Izzy's jokebook?
  5. Going ok for me. Mostly dry but have experimented with a more moderate drinking regime - i.e. the wife and I had a glass of wine on Sunday - but only one glass. Pretty pleased that I really enjoyed the glass of wine, but resisted temptation to have another, and then went back to having nothing Monday and Tuesday. Going out for a meal tonight (missing the match) and may have a drink with dinner, but again, plan is just the one. I think I've demonstrated to myself that I don't need to drink 6 cans of lager every night and I'm benefiting from better sleep, felling brighter and fresher and not spending as much on drink.
  6. Yeah they're just coming to enjoy their day out in our fine city.
  7. Yeah that's true enough. Most of the things people complain about I've never experienced!
  8. feedback on the SI forums is that it is even worse. Some guy reports being 20 games in a no striker anywhere in the world has reached 10 goals!
  9. I'm not sure who is smiling the most here, Ashton or the Dolphin! Looks brilliant mate, the dolphin experience is great - we did it in Cuba some years ago. I guess the slow progress must be frustrating, but it is progress, and he has come a very long way in these past couple of years
  10. Was really tempted to cave in last night. Had the voice of @Countryfox in my head - the devil on my shoulder! The kids had been doing my head in all day and whilst they were having tea I had a few hours before the missus got home - this is classic time to sink a few beers, especially on a Saturday night. BUT I managed to resist and this morning I am glad I did! It is the missus birthday in the week and we're going to go out so I might treat myself to a couple of drinks that night Maybe.
  11. Yeah I had never purchased an alcohol free beer (apart from an embarrassing incident in Olivers nightclub in Stamford in 1990 when I was drinking Barbican lager because I thought it was a trendy new bottled beer!). But.... during my attempt to cut down on drinking this month, the alcohol free lager has been a help - maybe some kind of placebo effect. I only have the odd one or two but it sort of "feels" like I'm having a beer. It looks like a beer, it tastes like a beer (more or less). It's not perfect but I'd sooner drink that than a pint of cola or Fanta!
  12. "Super computer"! They're probably just running Football Manager on "holiday" mode!
  13. I started a game with the original 01/02 database. First game at the new Walkers Stadium a 1-0 defeat to Millwall, goal scored by Steve Claridge, Junior Lewis sent off....
  14. I really like the new Club vision and Development Centre stuff, but the one on ones thing is doing my head in. Time and again, Vardy runs through with only the keeper to beat, and yet either misses or hits it straight at the keeper. Same for opponents - Aguero, Salah, Rashford. Doesn't matter. One on one? No sweat, 19 times out of 20 they won't score. Might have to go back to an older version I think..
  15. sort of. There's a few hoops to jump through. Took me a bit of time to get set up but it's all there on the website that Smuts mentioned. Step by step instructions. If I can manage it, it can't be too difficult!
  16. So Bluenoses will have the unusual experience of being away fans in their own stadium. Some Blues fans making quips about "where are the decent away pubs at St Andrews" and "can we sing Birmingham's a shithole, I wanna go home"
  17. I stayed at a pub in Chesterfield a couple of years ago for work. Arrived on the Sunday afternoon and went for a drink. It all kicked off with this woman scrapping. She got thrown out and arrested and then her kids - one a baby and the other a toddler had to be looked after by the bar staff until social services arrived. Classy!
  18. I saw a guy get in his car in Aldi on Sunday morning just after they'd opened. He opened a big 2litre bottle of cider and glugged about 1/3 of the bottle down before driving off!
  19. Ah yes, the halcyon days of Saint and Greavsie, Grandstand, League Ladders in Shoot! and one live game a week on TV (if you were lucky), Elton Welsby, pitches which looked like a farmers field, The Dell, Roker Park and Ayesome Park Panini Stickers, "proper" floodlight pylons which were your navigation aid to finding your way to any football ground, Midweek Sports Special and Sportsnight, covering your exercise books with the team pull outs from Match!
  20. Yeah, clubs were a lot more amateurish with kit and equipment. I can recall a game between Spurs and Coventry City in (checks up online) December 1986 when Coventry turned up in an all pale blue shirt which the ref determined clashed with Tottenham's white kit. Spurs didn't have their away kit to hand so had to wear Coventry's yellow away kit at home!
  21. Yeah, seems like a good move. For most people, if you're having to borrow money on a credit card to gamble then that's almost certainly a bad thing...
  22. Sounds like you and @MattP would make good drinking partners! Like you, alcohol has been ever present in my life since I was old enough to drink. Even before that, my mum was always a heavy drinker - usually putting away a bottle of sherry a day. She eventually died of heart failure at 68 as the result of a generally unhealthy lifestyle and the booze was a significant element of that lifestyle. From my late teens I started going out and drinking, initially in small quantities but the frequency and amount of drink increased steadily until my mid twenties by which time my week consisted of going to the pub virtually every night.- Monday Darts, Tuesday Pool, Weds - usually football on TV and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday are the weekend and Sunday was play football in the morning and then drink all day in the afternoon -then rinse and repeat! Later, as the socialising dried up (family commitment etc), I replaced it with drinking at home. What I mean is, drinking has been ever present - and normal - in my life. That's why this break from drinking has been such an eye opener, and I really hope it helps me to re-calibrate my relationship with alcohol. I still want to be able to enjoy the odd drink, and even the odd "bender" maybe, but not for it to become the normal again. I checked my Fitbit stats this morning - my average resting heart rate has gone from 81 in December to 66 today! I'm pretty shocked that just cutting out the beer for a couple of weeks could make such a difference!
  23. yeah, VAR would have disallowed it and awarded a goal to Liverpool instead
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