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  1. You can laugh, but remind me how many stars England have above their badge?
  2. Time for Lowe to go. Pathetic selections pathetic tactics.
  3. Thank god they’re out. The referee needs an eye transplant, imagine the scenes if England that that tool as a ref! ****ing farcical....
  4. Disgrace... utter ****ing disgrace..... if Iran go through I’m ****ing done, VAR used like this ruins the game. ****ing joke.
  5. If England were to beat a full strength Belgium team, it would do absolute wonders for their confidence.... plus with Kane being a genuinely world class striker they’ve always got goals in them. I think the Belgium game is actually an extremely important fixture, if they win, they’ve beaten one of the best teams in the tournament, and ultimately strike genuine fear into the rest of the teams. If I were Southgate I’d want to use this as an opportunity to send a message out, they’re already through so if they were to lose it would probably highlight where they need to improve, and if it were app
  6. Bit of a dead rubber, but I think both teams should field strong teams to gauge how good they actually are. Tunisia and Panama aren’t to strongest of opposition, so a heavy defeat for either side and the arses will start to twitch. I think England will lose, the two games have been a false reflection on how the team is actually playing, Belgium will have far too much coming forward for them, if they field the strongest 11. Both teams at full strength I’m going a 3-1 won for Belgium.
  7. Not bad for a bunch of part time drug dealers!
  8. I really, really, really ****ing hate our rancid national anthem.... I’d rather piss in my own mouth than every sing that shit!
  9. Give the kid a chance, I’m sure Puel will be sitting there throwing staplers and paper weights at Rudkin asking him why the **** he wasn’t in the team.......
  10. The Icelandic’s are beautiful aren’t they, but the Peruvians.... I’d be able to call myself a sailor there with the amount of motor boating I’d be doing.....
  11. This will make you giggle, apparently prior to us signing Madders, he received a call from Mark Hughes, he was saying he wanted to sign him so could he come and have a look around the training facilities and meet with him and the coaching staff.... James in good taste called Hughes pretty much straight after he put pen to paper to tell sparky that he had sighed for us, apparently Hughes just hung up on him mid sentence haha..... Hes also been told by Puel that he’s going to be the number 10 for next season, so looks like he is going to be integral to plans, and may help predict the
  12. Very valid point, I wasn’t clear with mine! The pundits have been giving it the whole “poor Messi” your poor is valid, however there’s no hiding that Ronaldo is largely dragging Portugal through, and I wouldn’t expect Messi to when he has several world class players around him. In short messi’s attitude is what is setting them apart for me, Ronaldo doesn’t know when he’s beat with Portugal, Messi spends more time looking at the floor.
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