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  1. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    Can he find Vardy’s bollocks? They’ve been gone for a while....
  2. Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    If we lose I will be very, very, very, very pissed off.
  3. I lost all interest when “Jay Bothroyed” was mentioned as a key man.....
  4. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Your comment just adds further weight to my point.
  5. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Hardly miserable.... but watching your side play 90 minutes with their cocks up the oppositions arses isn’t what you want....and clapping De Bruyne off? Yes he’s a great player but **** me how ****ing wet.....
  6. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    The problem is all these high fives and hugs pre match.... makes me sick.... save that for after the game, we didn’t do hat last year and we steam rolled them, I want to see less nice and more nasty......
  7. Iheanacho

    Talking to two Man City lads on the walk back. They really rate him, say he’s quality in front of goal when he gets a chance.... I thinks it’s more out ability to accommodate him. Which seems to be a theme when we sign strikers.....
  8. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Pretty frustrated in all honesty. I felt we lacked some aggression today and it was more of an audience with “Man City”. Appreciate they’re possibly the best side in the league at present, but roll the red carpet out for them and they will punish you. I thought we did okay, I don’t think they outclassed us and I think that they had to work hard for their goals. At the same time I’m slightly disappointed because I feel bad we been a bit more aggressive and had a bit more belief we could have snatched something. They will probably win the league so we just have to forget about it and take advantage of a mismatched West Ham.
  9. Vardy - this is cool right?

    I think vards is about to come into a bit of form, he looked sharp at the start of the season but when we switched to a more negative approach he lost momentum.... now I think he will hit the ground running after the international break.
  10. Smelly supporters

    Start and early secret Santa to fool him, and then everyone buy him Lynx Africa.... alternatively peg your nose. Or request and announcement “could Mr. X please have a wash, you’ve singed the gentleman behind you, nasal hair”
  11. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    They would walk through any team in the league. Just got to compete and give them a hell of a test!
  12. Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    Fuchs has not been ‘woeful’, he likes to get forward and like and adventuring full back will occasionally leave space in behind... Chillwell is not a good full back... he hasn’t got the defensive awareness to be one starting him and Maguire in the same side would be a catastrophe. Fuchs on a couple of occasions saved us at the weekend, particularly one move where he swept across to incercept a pass to Shaqiri, after Maguire was out of position... shock horror....
  13. Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    Please someone explain how Maguire is a class act? He really isn’t, Huth over him any day of the week....
  14. Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    How? A logical explanation considering he was already marking someone... Maguire moves out of position getting sucked in like a school boy, and Fuchs was in Narnia allowing Frodo baggins green grass to run into.... and fire beyond Kasper... Maguire and Fuchs were to blame for the first goal, not Morgan.... Morgan has been pretty solid in all honesty, and it currently bailing Maguire our most games. To suggest he could cover that goal is absolute nonsense... no chance at all.
  15. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    Everyone is terrified of them, so we will have to show them no respect whatsoever. I think Pep is wary when he plays us, we always seem to give them a hard day at the office.