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  1. Papy Mendy - coming back ?

    He’s hardly kicked a ball for nice, and judging by some of their fans comments they’re glad too. I think he’s been a bit of a flop.
  2. Respect our players

    On the whole I agree bar the statement about Musa......because he is quite easily one of the worst players I’ve seen in my 21 years going to watch the city. Granted, I accept your points re-Simpson and possibly the other players I refer to as “done here”, which is exactly why Puel needs a chance to change these players, and shape the side he wants.... and the latter parts of your post again, I agree with... my personal frustration comes from the lack of logic applied by those arguing for Puel to go, when you simply have to look at what he has at his disposal. Some instead miss the fact he’s had the balls to integrate youth players that certainly wouldn’t have had an opportunity under either Claudio or Shakespeare, I’m actually happy with the way we’ve (and I’ll be carefull how I say it) “progressed” thus far. We’ve managed to alter our style although not refined you can see there is potential for so much more... personally I am excited for what’s to come but at the same time frustrated with some of the assessments of this season, yes opinions are like people they’re all different, but sometimes you’d think some more seasoned supporters would apply a bit more logic before lynching the manager?
  3. Out of all of the teams besides forest I wouldn’t want to win the champions league it’s Liverpool..... I can’t stand Liverpool.
  4. Respect our players

    There’s no real abuse. Players like Morgan and Simpson are now no longer good enough and need replacing. This sentimental approach is exactly why clubs get into trouble, they’ve done their bit and now it’s time to find better.... football is a ruthless game in many ways, and I’d much rather we replaced those that need replacing, rather than keeping them becaus they were part of ‘that’ team.
  5. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Through all of the bullshit points and needless arguing has anyone stopped to look at the players? Because when I sit and watch the games there’s literally a hand full worth keeping. Maguire Chillwell (although I’m not sold he’s young and has time to improve) N’didi Silva (despite and unsettled start he’s still a classy operator) Mahrez Albrighton Diabate Iborra Vardy Okazaki (as more of a squad player) The rest to me, are shit and can all be binned. A massive overhaul is really needed, and I’d much rather see the owners give Puel a chance, because sacking him before he’s had a chance to clear the shit out will only take us backwards, as the new manager will come in, have no time to make any major adjustments to the squad, and we will be back to square one.
  6. Name a better option than puel

    No one will leave their current post for us, as they will be well aware that even the shortest of bad runs puts them at serious risk of getting the sack. Plus there’s no way Puel will get the sack because he’s laid out a long term plan for the owners, they’re business people and will more than likely allow him to put that plan into practice, if things aren’t going as he foresaw POST summer transfer window, they will re-assess. So I’d delete all of the threads polls and such, as there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that the owners are entertaining sacking him.
  7. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Best response on the whole threat, but it will be looked over by most on this forum as it’s a logical argument. I am completely in agreement with you, especially with a World Cup coming up it will make the pre season near impossible for a new manager to operate in..... fans are moaning about his style, yet will some of them sit and admit the majority of the squad bar Mahrez, Vardy, N’didi and Maguire aren’t good enough? There’s a big overhaul and change of direction needed at this club otherwise we will end up another Sunderland. The owners gave him the job whether you lot like it or not, they’ve got to give him a chance, and if we’re no better come December time we re-assess. You can’t go around shooting from the hip and not suffer the consequences, eventually it’ll backfire.
  8. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Who would you take though IF he was to be sacked? I certainly don’t think any manager currently in post would touch us with a barge pole, as they wouldn’t know what to expect. The only real choice for me would be Marco Silva, as he’s probably worth a punt, but I can bet that at least half of you on here would say “no he’s shit”. So what exactly do people want?
  9. I think Vardy is a bit of an ugly duckling to that group of players.... he doesn’t stand a chance of starting at the World Cup unfortunately. But really he is exactly what England need if they want to take it seriously.
  10. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Despite me not thinking sacking managers like no tomorrow is the right thing, my issue is if we do get rid of Puel, what will happen with the “old guard” in my opinion I’d hang them all out to dry, I don’t want to see Morgan, Kasper or Simpson at the club next season.
  11. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    That stunk of a team that can’t be ****ed anymore, they were all already on the beach.
  12. Adidas

    I am thankful for the owners for everything they have done.... but we’re blue and white, and I want a return to that, with a yellow second kit, and a white third.....
  13. Ranieri has ****ed up at every club he’s ever been at... he’s a one hit wonder and pre the title win seen as a bit of a joke. So how you can assume Puel is weak is beyond me.
  14. Negativity

    Good post, my thoughts entirely!
  15. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Alright, so let’s take Morgan for example... everyone’s moaning about it but ultimately he keeps getting picked, well what if Morgan and Maguire are the two outstanding defenders in training? Why would Puel pick any different? You cant blame the manager for individual errors, likewise you can’t polish a turd.... when the players cross that white line it becomes their responsibility to perform, the coaching staff will supply in game analysis and guidance, but they shouldn’t be shouting “who’s marking him” that is down to the players, we have no leaders, no spine and no drive in that side anywhere.... most of them are so comfortable that effort seems to have disappeared all together. Puel only has a number of options and frankly they’re pretty average, he needs an opportunity to put it right, because we will keep sacking managers and then shit like Kasper, Simpson and Morgan will forever be getting picked. It’s about time we got rid of the rotten apples and took a different direction. Surely continually sacking managers isn’t going to solve anything?