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  1. Did I say I thought the first was a yellow, no I did not so not sure what your point is. Did I say Ndidi does not do the holding midfield role better, no I did not. Other than that thanks for your contribution!
  2. Not sure where they heard that!! Good to see the positive feedback though
  3. Both were dubious decisions, in my opinion the better referees put the context of those together and don't produce the 2nd yellow card for the 2nd marginal decision
  4. This is spot on for me, not sure why it's drawn a confused reaction
  5. Does every song have to have a reference to penises now, I'm no psychologist but.....
  6. Too far down the road for that, no way he wants back in and doubt he'd be accepted
  7. So you're saying U18s can't play a match on Saturday and then be on the bench (& possibly get some involvement off the bench on Tuesday). Equally, any reason why we couldn't not play certain individuals in the u18 fixture on the Saturday in order to involve them in this today?
  8. Maybe cause the last time he was on here was the Nicky Maynard thread 😂
  9. As per @Harry96 I've bought several from Dhgate (in addition to genuine ones from club shop before anyone starts bleating on about being a better supporter) and they've all been great. The only issue I've had is that I accidentally bought this seasons 3rd strip with Champions League badges on, but that seems to have worked out alright 😂. I've recommended them to a number of friends and they've all been really happy with what they've got too...
  10. You were 100% wrong, glad you've realised
  11. If you rely on forum opinion for players not being good enough we'd only have 5 players!
  12. Your chilwell bashing is getting a bit boring now, give it a rest, the only person you're amusing is yourself
  13. He's about the least arrogant person you could get. I don't know what it is but he's bang out of form, thought it was harsh on Praet tonight for him to be taken off rather than Tielemans
  14. I love the amount of games we get to see over the festive period when most people are off work and have the opportunity to enjoy it. Rather than drop a fixture over that period is there not an argument to bring the 3rd round FA cup ties a week forward and pushing back league fixtures a week to allow for the inevitable squad rotation to happen without the potential impact it has on teams league campaigns
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