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  1. You should start right aligning all your posts, gives them character, it could be your thing like @RumbleFox with his x's!
  2. Bit harsh, he's also pretty good at winning the ball and then giving it away....
  3. He really did, granted mostly it was against us, but at the risk of repeating myself he bought their claims that Iheanacho had elbowed their player in the throat and only produced a yellow. Theres a difference between being conned into blowing up for fouls and not tolerating any form of physicality
  4. Exactly, case in point he bought that Iheanacho had elbowed their player in the throat and only produced a yellow. He was deceived by a lot of play acting but was actually quite happy for there to be a higher degree of physicality than we're used to being tolerated without retribution
  5. He was also letting a tonne of stuff go, I reckon it would have taken a decapitation for him to produce a red card in that match
  6. I think you are. The ref was allowing a high degree of physicality that most other officials would not have permitted, given what he was deeming acceptable Hamza was exactly what we needed because we were basically being kicked off the park in the 2nd half. If you think that tackle made him a liability, I'll direct your attention to the rugby tackle on Maddison that didn't get punished, the only other time I've seen something like that on a football field was when our future prime minister got rolled out for a 5 minute cameo in soccer aid!
  7. 😂 I didn't mind @Lamby he was alright! Anyway that's twice now, it's the third one that summons him.... Dare ya!
  8. Its not helped by them adding weighting in for record attendances. Charlton crash the top 20 based on a record attendance from 80+ years that is 4 x what their maximum capacity has been for 50+ years. Might be wrong but I'm not sure if they've even completely sold out their ends when they've made Wembley playoffs... Whatever happened to @Lamby anyway?
  9. I see Toney has scored again tonight, be mad not to have an eye on him.
  10. Agree with most of what you say @The_Rorab, apart from this bit, do we really think it's his decision to suddenly start sending players out on loan or has that directive come from elsewhere?
  11. Typically, Talks**** couldn't wait to get him on the radio for a really insightful interview where they basically just got him to repeat this same nonsense. His 5 seconds of fame I suppose...
  12. The Leicester part of this comes at the 26 minute mark for anyone that doesn't want to sit through all the analysis of spurs and their problems. They are looking at our woeful set piece numbers and discussing what we're doing wrong on that front, hopefully Maddison will give this a listen too!
  13. Seems like he has his best games when he's played in midfield, I suspect his future is more in the CDM role than CB.
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