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  1. I think BR has recognised that with such a young team he needs to find a balance of some experience in their too. So he's keeping the team young but stacking the bench with the more experienced players because of what they can bring to the dressing room
  2. Reading that article its clear he has a great attitude. I also thought he was excellent when he came on for the u21's on Thursday, the way he reads the game sets him ahead of others for me. I do hope BR finds room to give him a few more run outs in the first team soon because I think this boy could be another with a big future and it would be great to see him make the break through at our club.
  3. Here's a question then, why has Kaputska been allowed to go away and play a relatively meaningless game for Poland u23's at the same time OHL have a relegation playoff game to play. Would he not have made team or even the bench?
  4. Both are better than Jakupovic from what I've seen
  5. Fingers crossed. Are you basing this on any information or just wild speculative hope?
  6. Who's going to be first to start the Union Jack vs Union Flag debate
  7. Has this been given away as promised, if not can i have please @Nickfosse
  8. Exactly this, I don't get people saying 7th as the absolute minimum, like there's no competition for it. It should be our aim but it's by no means a given
  9. Think you're just picking there Davie. I don't see the first bit as moaning at all, he's just stating a fact that they didn't adapt to us going down to 10 men like they should have ie dominating the first half
  10. Nothing new though is it, Vardy has been doing it for years and it's how Maddison won his free kick yesterday. Defenders have to be switched on to it
  11. Some of your facts are definitely statistics!
  12. Was a definite penalty, you only needed to look at Ndidis reaction to see that, can't really understand how the ref didn't give it. On a separate note I've just watched the match again and I'm baffled as to how Tarkowski is in the England squad, he's garbage.
  13. Took it surprisingly well actually, didn't really moan about anything, not even the blatant penalty not being given.
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