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  1. Ridiculous story, the Premier League have completely pussied out of giving them any meaningful punishment for trying to form a break away league, but then give them a points deduction for a bit of handbags on the pitch, yeah righto!
  2. Wtf?? Sort yourself out man, put it on and sit with your back to them with a crate of beer totally ignoring them!
  3. Assume the brother in law is not a City fan? I would be kicking off big time at that, I'm not gonna tell you you definitely need to bin her off but that's a big red flag right there fella!!
  4. How the **** is Connor Wickham only 28??
  5. That's one of the best things I've ever seen 🤣
  6. & yet I felt the need to make a big point of it on twitter. Don't worry mate, absolutely no rivalry there whatsoever...
  7. I'm gonna give you a like, just for the sheer audacity of trying to pull that joke off!
  8. Not saying we're not, just pointing out the calculations being used were incorrect
  9. You're putting yourself under added pressure by getting your maths wrong!! A draw and 3 wins sees them end up on 67 points, so we now just need 2 points to guarantee it, regardless of other teams results.
  10. But we're talking about the league negotiating it, not the clubs. Probably no better time for that to be done as well tbh with the big 6 already being on the back foot from their esl disaster
  11. People seem to be confusing subscribing to a channel with paying for ppv. You pay the subscription to get access to all the leagues matches not just an individual club so why would it lead to disparity in income between the "big" clubs and the rest of the league?
  12. Big shock to see @deanolegend1989 in the list of no responses
  13. Sounds a bit like urban legend to me, find it hard to believe we were paying more than the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Leeds
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