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  1. You're talking shit mate, he's literally just joined our development squad, it's not like he's joined the main squad and been asked to drop back into the development setup
  2. My immediate thought on hearing that he'd been "sent home ill" was that it was probably something he'd instigated because he's realised Southgate is never going to play him and he's wasting his time being there...
  3. I feel like your next line may well be "Leicester is Rugby team without Slimani. Slimani wins the hair"!
  4. Sounds familiar. I too have an arrogant gobshite glory hunting brother. He was spouting off a couple of weeks ago about us but seems to have gone quiet all of a sudden. He also insisted at the start of the summer that they would gett Maguire for 50 odd million if they wanted him and laughed me off as deluded when I said they would only get him on our terms at 80+ million. Knobbers!
  5. Sourness just can't bring himself to say anything positive about us can he!
  6. Stick with Drago, Tyler's commentary is basically just a cringe worthy string of pre-rehearsed puns and cliches, makes me want to watch it on mute...
  7. I said exactly that at the time, I think a lot of players would have tried to make something of that to try and get him booked, but Kane just took it and got straight up. I'm not a Kane fan at all, but have to give him credit for that.
  8. Pathetic comments in the match day thread....That comes as a big shock!!
  9. Why, so they can then start their Campaign for him to go to a "bigger" club more deserving of his talent. Happy for him to stay under the radar as long as possible thanks!
  10. Totally agree @urban fox that wasn't really the point I was making. I was probably being a bit pedantic in all honesty. Any midfield with Kante in is going to be strong, time will tell whether or not they're going to be top 3 this season though...
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