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  1. Not sure why it needs a poll, but really should have watching down the pub as an option shouldn't it??
  2. Wife ordered it this morning because she didn't realise how much it was (& it doesn't tell you when you purchase it). I've cancelled it now and we're going pub instead.
  3. I'm made of glass and always pick up an injury within the first 15 minutes of any comeback, so I can fill in for any one of James, Amartey or Benkovic...
  4. If he gets injured now I'm blaming you!
  5. Because, in my general experience, people are arseholes....
  6. So you're saying swap Robertson in and the World Cup is ours!
  7. Ultimately, it's all hearsay, you're quoting 3rd hand reported information, some of which seems very dubious. You've got no idea what BR may or may not have promised. Not having a pop, but really nothing can be read into this as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Sorry I like josh Knight but that sounds like absolute bollocks, no way a lad who's only had loan experience at league 1 level is being offered 40k a week by sheff utd
  9. Calm down mate, it's clearly a joke reference to the similar Algerian invasion we had for Mahrez on our social media!
  10. This old chestnut where not chucking on a big man to lump it into in the box = no plan b
  11. I've got no idea where to find it unfortunately, there should be a thread to save the all time classic posts in really (if there's not already?). I don't recall seeing the face of kinder one?
  12. This thread feels like it's wandering into the realms of "my mate is the referee" and the all time classic "people give it the large, back in the day we used to love a tear up" (sorry I can't remember the actual wording on the 2nd one but it was the funniest post ever)
  13. I'm almost certain it's Gary Coatsworth
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