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  1. Eating out in London

    Polpo in Covent Garden for cool Italian Homeslice does the best pizza I've had - only comes in 20 inch, get the chorizo and creamed corn Honest burger for a cheaper shout Clipstone for something a bit fancier
  2. Assuming not, but are there any decent pubs near the ground?
  3. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Could you send that my way too please?
  4. Kevin Phillips on Ranieri

    Feb 8th: "I think it's the right move to stand by him, and I like to think they will stick with him," said Phillips. "I agree with our gaffer (Derby manager Steve McClaren) that a statue should be put up of Ranieri." Make your mind up Kev.. http://m.leicestermercury.co.uk/leicester-city-should-put-up-a-statue-of-claudio-ranieri-says-derby-coach-kevin-phillips/story-30121493-detail/story.html
  5. London Leicester fans

    Hey, did anything end up getting arranged here? I'm also in Central London and have just seen the train prices.. Would be up for joining you guys if you're still driving/there is space!
  6. Burnley (H) Match Thread

    Please could someone PM me a decent stream? I can't find anything today
  7. Tube prices

    Yeah fair shout about contactless card, although if anyone has a 16-25 railcard, you can link that to your oyster and get a third off any off-peak fares, and the daily limit drops down to £5 so if you spend more than £5 it's free. Slightly cheaper
  8. Tube prices

    Get yourself an Oyster card (£5 deposit which you can get back if you hand it in) and it should cost no more than a couple of quid each way
  9. "King Power stadium, which can hhost just over 32,000, making it the second-smallest in the Premier League." Eh? I count 7 smaller grounds in the league last year.
  10. How Was Your Day?

    If it is anything like graduate scheme assessment centres, there's likely to be another interview as well, not sure though! Every employer does it differently. The main thing these things are designed for is to see how well you work in teams and how well you communicate. So don't be shy, be confident and you'll be fine. As you say, you're as good/if not better than everyone else there on paper, so don't be nervous and just go for it. Good luck!
  11. Retained List / Transfers Out - when ?

    I spoke to Was at the awards night a few weeks back - he doesn't think he'll be offered a new contract. He looked absolutely gutted, mentioned how hard it was to move his family here and how he's going to have to move them on again now. I personally think he deserves another year, been generally solid when called upon. True gent as well
  12. Surely he'll sing the Champion's League anthem? That would be me in tears straight away
  13. Having read the story, the only time that we are named is when he says he has treated a few footballers who "have been or are currently members of the playing staff of Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester City." This suggests, if this isn't just a load of BS, that it could be a player who played for us at some point and he has decided to pick out the fact that they played for us due to current high profile of the club. Sounds to me like this guy was just trying to big up whatever sketchy stuff he does by name dropping us, just to make a sale. I don't think we have much too worry about. As others have said, our players seem to be tested after most games; we would have known if someone was doping before now!
  14. University Dissertation Survey

    Done, good luck!