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  1. If we had kept our heads against Watford and Wolves and got the draws we deserved we'd be sat in 7th
  2. It's like we think we have all day to make 1 chance
  3. We concede some of the most pathetically embarrassing goals....ala Under 11's.
  4. Seems a bit silly starting with 10 but I guess it will make headlines if nothing else!! 😮
  5. Kasper is our answer to Lloris.....is he undroppable? I think not...has cost us sooooo many times
  6. Yet another match we go 1 nil down in and have no answer....final score will be 1 nil or more to Watford.
  7. Playing Pereira and Chilwell as wingbacks when they are wingbacks. Playing 3 central defenders when we have 4 decent central defenders and another decent one out on loan. Getting more support up closer to Vardy. All of it is common sense. Hopefully we won't see Ndidi defending the flanks and getting caught on the ball. Hopefully we won't see Maddison losing it in our final third. Pereira and Chilwell have more of a licence. Barnes and Maddison can be slightly more central. Very very very excited about this.
  8. Leicester played a confusing diamond formation at Southampton almost 2 years to the day which cost Ranieri his job....history repeated!!!
  9. Can we afford to sack him at the minute? I heard all Vichais assets are frozen until probate
  10. This thread is total heads gone...I'm out
  11. Still wouldn't be someone we should look to offload even saying what you're saying until we have someone better...like Chilwell for Fuchs...Pereira for Simpson etc
  12. As for how many of our players making a top 10 team.......right now...none.
  13. Ghezzal is awful...he can leave now for sure. His passing is atrocious.... Albrighton IMHO is one of the best honest hard working players we have... underrated in my opinion and Gray, Barnes and even Retched Ghezzal could learn a lot from him.
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