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  1. Guys I'm sorry to say it but we don't deserve top 4 if we can't get a result against 10 man Southampton and get stuffed by relegation threatened Newcastle.....Liverpool this season just like Man Utd last were always capable of going on a run and like last season we had our opportunities to get ourselves over the line and we've blown it...again....hoping for results away at United and Chelsea was the nightmare scenario made even worse now by Evans injury and our massive dip in form. We can live in hope but realistically unless United play their reserves and Spurs want to lose to avoid the Europ
  2. If Man City beat Chelsea to win the title and If West Ham fail to beat Everton if United get all 3 points against Villa they are guaranteed a top 4 place. Hopefully they'll pull out the ultimate shithousery on Liverpool and play the Under 23's vs us and their first team vs Liverpool....saying that we'd still probably lose
  3. Mate my Nan could've scored against that defence tonight and she passed away 5 years ago
  4. Almost rather we were hovering below top 4 all season...be easier to stomach
  5. Chances are come our next league match we will be out of the top 4....Most likely 5th....chasing the top 4 might suit us better and at least we can say we weren't top 4 all season then
  6. See call me crazy but based on the fact we will inevitably lose to Man City should we make the final.....I'm going for a win tomorrow
  7. Would you pick a win tomorrow or a win next Sunday....obviously we want both but which do you feel is more important? Bare in mind a win in either doesn't guarantee anything.
  8. Anyone else feel tomorrow is a must not lose fixture.....lose and I feel our top 4 chances have gone
  9. Think we need 4 wins and 2 draws to get top 4 that would give us 70....hoping that will be enough but guess there's no guarantee...6 wins guarantees it...gives us 74....most points Liverpool can get is 73.
  10. It's hand towel size....genuine LCFC merchandise with tag but I could never see it for sale at the time or on eBay ever anywhere else
  11. Got this in 2016 from a friend who bought it from Bangkok Airport. I'm just trying to establish if anyone else owns one? Were these sold in the KP clubshop or not?
  12. 💯 gonna be doing everything I can to swap the patches to FA Cup ones if we win the bugger!!!
  13. Can I be greedy and hope that Liverpool don't win tonight just to top off a mint weekend of results?
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