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  1. Pretty sure Sly Sports have forgotten that West Ham play Watford as from my calculations we can't finish any lower than 10th
  2. Hell even Fulhams pride outweighed the motivation to finish 7th!!! What does that tell you?
  3. No but we certainly weren't playing like we had anything to play for.....ala Wolves and Everton today. Premier league survival and getting top 4 are motivations that far outweigh finishing 7th
  4. It's clear nobody wants to finish 7th...f###s up your pre season preparations and people will see how it had a negative impact on Burnleys start to the season.....and for what? No money in the Europa League....best off out of it
  5. Simply a team who needed to win to survive vs a team that already had their towels on the sunbeds of Marbella. Nuff said.
  6. I think we will need to win 5 out of 6 of our remaining games to finish 7th....that would give us 59 points.... anything less and I don't think we'd make it looking at Watford and Wolves fixtures.
  7. As soon as I knew we had agreed a loan for him I was left open mouthed because I knew he was a quality player....I pray this is not a cameo but I just fear he will have offers from bigger clubs than us and may take them.
  8. Ok not a mistake then more a regrettable situation at least not to have an option to buy
  9. Hate to be a pessimist but I think his stock is rising so quickly that he will bypass us. I am as gutted as the next person but not buying him in January will probably be the biggest mistake in hindsight we've ever made. The only thing that might stop him joining a top 6 club is if we sneak into the Europa League.
  10. If we had kept our heads against Watford and Wolves and got the draws we deserved we'd be sat in 7th
  11. It's like we think we have all day to make 1 chance
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