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  1. So much creativity in that midfield 😂😂👍 be an exercise of counting the backwards and sideways passing
  2. Hey you never know....we might be in the Europa League next season anyway 😂😂
  3. 1. Because we were shit in the Europa League 2. If that's the case I'll just leave it as it is
  4. What was more tragic was last night's performance....it's a beautiful shirt....been a decent season....just wanted to change the badges for Prem ones instead of having a constant reminder of last night's torrid performance
  5. Anyone successfully managed to get them off? Please send pics and let me know how you did it / was it successful
  6. Rebekah being away doing DOI and Jamie having 5 kids....some to home school probably doesn't help
  7. In 2020 Leicester have been leading matches at home in the league 6 times and have won every match they were leading....not a single point dropped at home from a leading position. In 2020 Leicester have been trailing at home 9 times.....of those 9 times they managed 4 points. 1 against Chelsea and 3 against Burnley this season. All the other 7 matches ended in a defeat. Yes I probably didn't put my point across very well at the start and should have stated Home matches and for that I apologise but hopefully these stats I present......no points dropped all year from a wi
  8. It's your opinion and you're entitled to it but I'm pretty sure the last time I looked we were guff at breaking teams down sat deep
  9. Yes but it's like 2 matches (1 being away) that youre using to make your point.....hardly the basis of a good case 😆
  10. We're talking 2 matches here.....Burnley with a million players injured at home and Man City who never sit back and protect a lead. These stats are pointless in arguing my point
  11. Plus I've covered both those matches Burnley - shite and Man City - never protect a lead
  12. Whenever a team have a lead to defend at the King Power they think Xmas has come early. We couldn't break down a bloody Easter Egg with our slow methodical approach. By all means close thread and return heads in sand.
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