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  1. So much focus on their injuries but what about our own? Putting Ndidi, Amartey, Ricardo and Soyuncu to one side have we heard any news on Castagne? Fofana? I notice Evans didn't play last night.....why was James Justin Left on the bench for the under 21's? Kasper has to be a serious doubt following his injury yesterday. Potentially we could be missing 8 players ourselves and by my calculations Liverpool only have 4 certain absentees with question marks over Henderson, Robertson, Fabinho and Thiago
  2. So that Mendy stays fit for Sunday's match away at Arsenal
  3. My team: Schmeichel Justin Fofana Morgan Thomas Choudhury Maddison Praet Under Iheanacho Albrighton
  4. Can people stop predicting Slimani in the squad or starting 11 he's not named in the Europa League squad because Rodgers assumed he'd be gone.
  5. Slimani isn't in the Europa League squad
  6. Got DAZN sorted on my TV with NordVPN
  7. Have sorted DAZN app on Android TV with VPN....perfect stream no hassle
  8. I have a sneaky feeling that the powers that be at our club will offer something (not sure what) to our STH and possibly members
  9. Rodgers makes it clear in his tactics that he insists on patient build up and not long balls.....long balls (even if most are useless) would still have done more than what we did yesterday. A target man up top to hit would still have done more than what we continued to do yesterday. Nobody can say that watching that match we weren't just trying the same things and failing over and over again...it's the managers job to instruct a different approach and Rodgers refuses to do that.
  10. Yes West Ham played well today and yes we had injuries and it could just be one of those bad days at the office but I'm seeing a familiar pattern forming that's been stuck with us for a very long time. Generally when we take the lead we win (not always I know) but the majority of the time because we enjoy it more when teams don't sit deep. When we go a goal down and a team defends deep we literally might as well finish the game for the number of times we win. Now some might argue we came back from a goal down against Burnley (Burnley are literally useless at the minute
  11. Not quite sure what if anything that will achieve
  12. Personally I think Burnley and Fulham are doomed......Burnley literally have barely 13 fit players and some of those are crap....doomed I tell you
  13. A beautiful wonderful place....full of character
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