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  1. Barnes and Perez off Albrighton and Gray on please
  2. Meh performance so far.... .... positives: Mendy, Ndidi and Castagne negatives -Barnes finishing, slow build up again and again and Justin looks a little shakey
  3. Graeme Souness, Graeme Le Saux or Graham Fenton?
  4. No chance Castagne starts surely? Will have played Tuesday....arrived in Leicester Wednesday and perhaps trained for 3 days with the lads
  5. My prediction: Schmeichel Justin Ndidi Soyuncu Thomas Tielemans Praet Mendy Albrighton Barnes Vardy
  6. Still no further to finding out who actually sent me this.....gonna just pretend Top felt sorry for me being called Tickle and leave it at that
  7. 😩 You're welcome to my name....it's shit
  8. Anyone else bought the new shirt from LCFC direct and received a free pint glass with their name on for their birthday?
  9. Personally I'd give Ghezzal another chance.....he's no worse than Gray
  10. tickler28


    Chilwell is shit
  11. Exeter lalala....(apologies it's where I live)
  12. Ryan Fraser is available on a free?!
  13. Found a better image of what the new white away kit is going to look like. This picture is of a knock off player version (not actually sure LCFC will genuinely release one of these) the fans version will have gold stripes all the way to the hem and have a straight hem. Very Real Madridesque!! But also very nice in my opinion
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