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  1. At Uni, after a heavy night of drinking one summer, I sleep-walked naked into my housemate's room and dismantled his wardrobe.
  2. The central thesis of the Brexit campaign was that it isn't.
  3. It is always interesting however to see people who claim the EU has too much power complaining it isn't able to stop wars.
  4. May can **** off, she is responsible also for the mess with her red lines and 'no deal is better than a bad deal' bollocks. This started before the EU even existed.
  5. I've tried to be quite civil in my debates during this pandemic, and I also appreciate the need to remain sceptical of any knee-jerk measures being brought in. But this is one of the stupidest posts I have seen about the whole situation on any social media. It's like asking why we wear a hat and scarf when it's cold? The two things work together. There's evidence that suggests social distancing and mask wearing may reduce the viral load meaning the individual catches a milder form. I mean you could question the measures if you want, but asking why people do two things in combinati
  6. Did we even have a good chance today? Vs West Ham, apart from the Barnes 'goal'? We go from the sublime to the ridiculous more under Rodgers more than any other manager I can think of. That's not me saying 'Rodgers Out' of course, I just think it's weird how bad we can be at times. We almost look disinterested sometimes.
  7. Started off the season with 12 goals in 3 games and have hardly had a shot in 2 home games since then. I don't know what it is honestly. You can't only blame injuries.
  8. It's weird. Sometimes we look atrocious. Some of the games from Jan 2020 to now are among the worst since we came back to the PL in 2014.
  9. What a waste of a Sunday evening
  10. What's this bloody Guinness bottle top doing on my screen?
  11. I'm not saying I blame people, I am sceptical of some aspects of the EU myself. I do find it worrying how poor the level of debate is in the UK and I don't think that's exclusive to Brexiters at all. I would though have more sympathy for Brexit voters if so many of them hadn't referred to remain voters as at best liberal elitists and at worse traitors. But, whatever. As you said we're all ****ed and I won't be indulging in any schadenfreude myself.
  12. You can say it. A lot of people are pretty uneducated and I would wager that the majority of the public knew little about the EU and trade before the referendum. I am by no means an expert on it myself. I don't know why we pussyfoot around this so much in England. We find it very hard to look in the mirror.
  13. The "oven-ready deal" was obviously the WA. It was also obvious at the time that the Conservatives were happy to let people believe this was the future relationship and the 'end' of Brexit, when in fact they were quite prepared to go with no trade deal all along. I mean they are dishonest shits but it doesn't help that the majority of people have no ****ing idea what is actually going on.
  14. I think that's a possibility. But there are some true Brexit believers in high places if we are to believe what we are told. They might decide a 'clean break' makes it easier for them to fulfil their global Britain fantasies.
  15. Incredible that they feel entitled to play these games in the middle of a pandemic that they have totally ****ed up the handling of. I don't care who else is on the ballot paper in the next election, this government absolutely deserves to crash and burn.
  16. Please God can we have an investigation into how many people have had a positive Covid test and then died in a car crash / hit by a bus, just so I don't need to read someone speculating about it on social media again.
  17. He was crap. He was another Fryatt / Howard / Dyer that fans rated for some reason. Although tbf I quite liked Dyer.
  18. Watching college football from Texas and it's packed. People wearing masks but spending all game high fiving and hugging each other. Insane.
  19. If a cringey Leicester City fan account on twitter hasn't referred to CCFC as CoVIDtry City yet I will be disappointed.
  20. Now I understand why you respond to so many posts with a laughing emoji.
  21. above Watford, obviously
  22. If this country is wank it's because illiterate ***** like L Gallagher are held up as straight talking men of the people.
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