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  1. So German though. I think they make them all at the same factory.
  2. I'm not sure I like to see Ze Chermans so smug after a football game.
  3. Bit of an odd one. Can only imagine the angle was misleading.
  4. If the Bayern player was playing that backwards, and the Barca touch took it forward, would Muller not have been onside?
  5. I hear unripened grapes are also best avoided.
  6. Plot twist - layrex is Tom Meighan
  7. Pint of Redemption Trinity at a very calm and empty Waterloo Tap, taken away to a similarly empty southbank river front at sunset.
  8. The Keep the Faith song makes me cringe just because of how bad the song is and how awful that era was.
  9. Surely not. That would mean nearly everyone in the city would get it in a month.
  10. But again, this is reminiscent of Brexit where we had a pretty sweet deal and the perfect scapegoat but gave it up for more sovereignty. The arguments don't work like they used to. It'll be a mess, but ultimately if one country in a union is moving in a different direction politically to others in the union then it will eventually have to leave. Same with the UK and the EU. The sad irony is that both the UK and Scotland have played a big part in shaping the unions they are now trying to leave.
  11. As has been said a million times Brexit didn't mean anything specific in 2016, it didn't necessarily mean leaving the S.M. It's perfectly feasible that the Conservatives could've delivered a softer Brexit, performed better on Coronavirus and Scottish independence would still seem a long way off. I don't particularly support the SNP, but it's understandable that the performance of the government over the last 4 years has been a big factor in their wanting independence.
  12. I think more specifically it's made the (very good) arguments against Scottish independence increasingly difficult as they are often very similar or the same as arguments against Brexit.
  13. In the past 24 hours the following places have posted all-time record daily infection numbers: India Brazil Colombia Hong Kong Australia Ukraine Poland Japan Morocco Economic carnage in the US is currently worse than the great depression. Buckle up.
  14. Car is ideal but you could stay in Norwich and there are plenty of buses and trains to lovely parts of Norfolk, you can hop on and off easily and do some nice walks in the countryside. Alternatively you could get the train to Lynn and use the coasthopper as Una says to get out to the coastal villages and there are loads of great walks and places to explore within reach.
  15. I make this our 14th season, so yeah exactly half. Edit: just seen that was in the original post.
  16. Kasper - 8. I think he's quite underrated by a number of our fans. Ricardo - 9. Evans & Soyncu - 8. Chillwell - 6. Justin - 6. Fuchs - 6. Albrighton - 5. Tielemans - 6. Disappointing season really. N'didi - 8. Tempted to give him a 9. Maddison - 7. Flatters to deceive a bit. Barnes - 7. Great return for his first full season. Choudhury - 6. Thought he'd challenge a first team spot when he broke through, but has been poor at times. Praet - 6. Perez - 7. I like him, I think his price clouds some fans' judgement. Vardy - 9. Nacho - 7. Would be interesting to see how he'd do with a full season starting at this level.
  17. Ever the optimist, I'll predict Swansea away and a dismal 2-1 defeat.
  18. Buy him just because his name is Victor Gypsy.
  19. Portugal pop. 10 million, Spain 47 mil, UK 66 mil.
  20. This all seems rather predictable. I don't really believe Spain was reporting that accurately anyway.
  21. I think this is partially a result of this quite widely-held view now that generalisations and prejudice is ok as long as it 'punches up', so people convince themselves their group is oppressed and their targets are dominant in order to legitimise their racism.
  22. Exmoor Gold was one of the first and still one of the better ones in my opinion.
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