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  1. Didn’t have the best first 30 but honestly think he looked much better after that, was able to beat his man a lot easier after that and thought he came on to the ball really well from the long diagonal balls across to him. he was unlucky the time he slipped because we had players over, the fact that he’s being picked to play over Albrighton and Ricardo shows what Rodgers thinks of him
  2. Anybody think when Barnes is back that we could potentially go with Barnes-Vardy-Iheanacho and have Kel play the inside forward on the right hand side? 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 if he wanted more stability in the centre of midfield?
  3. Said it in the post match but that goal reminded me so much of vintage Aguero and his game all round recently has reminded me of Aguero
  4. That finish by Kelechi looked like vintage Aguero... and coming to think of it, I actually see a lot of Agueros game in Nacho: • able to come deep • looks comfortable in possession when he gets on the ball • feels like he can score from anywhere • stocky build, not rapid • eye for a pass
  5. Anyone’s audio out of sync a bit?
  6. But that’s my point, domestic leagues will just become diluted? I’m sure the top 6 will just not register their stars for the PL so they can priorities on the Super League, at least in the first half of the season anyway and then if they have little chance of making the knockouts they can just register these players in the second half of the season and see if they can win the PL
  7. The thing is, from what I understand, correct me if I’m wrong, there’s going to be 2 groups with 10 teams and they play each other home and away? That’s 18 games just in the group stages, so even if they were allowed in the domestic leagues, they’d still be limited to the 25 man squad size and how the hell would these team manage a potential 65-75 game season?
  8. If West Brom get a result here then it’ll be massive for us, last thing we want is Chelsea breathing down our necks and having to hold onto fourth spot
  9. It would be great if each team had some sort of ‘Fan Union’ who ultimately voted for and against decisions made by UEFA. The idea that a few wealthy men ,with ulterior motives, make these massive decision to change the sport that is loved worldwide just doesn’t sit right with me. When almost every fan doesn’t want this new format yet somehow it still gets pushed through, no democracy at all.
  10. Will teams who finish in the Europa League places get bumped into the champions league if they fit into this coefficient? All this will do will create a bigger gap between the big teams and the smaller teams. Players will just move to a ‘bigger’ club if they know they’re guaranteed Champions League football each year, regardless of Domestic League position. It will also mean, teams will just rest players in the League if they know they can’t win the League and have an important European games coming up. No point fighting for European football if UEFA just give you a spot
  11. That’s just so poor, it’s easy to say “nothings going for you” but I’d expect my centre half to put the ball away with that much time and space
  12. Don’t have a great feeling about this, thought United wouldn’t be at the best until mid way through the second half when their strength in depth can really show and the fact we gave away that cheap goal...
  13. Thought this was an interesting statistic, really good numbers
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