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  1. Sadly he's the England keeper let's hope Nick Pope improves.
  2. There is one or two links of Ralf Rangnick to take over in the summer, apparently he was mentor for likes of Klopp, Tuchel and Hasenhuttl. He's been managing since the earlier at 80's and only still in his early 60's.
  3. They've been playing some good football this season, yep they've had a slippery run since Christmas but at the end of the day hes been working with a small squad with injuries to his top player.
  4. Rumours going round Dean Smith could face the chop at Villa in the summer... in order to bring in someone to take them to the next level. Be a bit harsh I think, can understand the ambition and raising the stakes but talk with Gerrard being linked cant say it's a actually a step forward.
  5. Lol would have thought that. Tbh apparently a few viewers were getting the same problem. I think it was for people who were watching it through the ps4. Funny I tweeted Gary lineker at half time to ask his bosses to looking into the problem.... second half no problems... thanks Gary
  6. Anyone getting issues with BT tonite keeps switch over by itself BT Sport 2 to some racing match.
  7. Anyone else getting BT Sport problems, keeps switch between the football and tennis.
  8. It's weird to say but I'm kind of nervous playing the baggies record at home ain't great against them. West Brom to there credit despite being down are certainly having a go and managed to score 8 goals in two games, which isnt usually a sign of a club going down.
  9. Brendan did the right thing to teach a lesson, sadly however these lads couldn't give a damn. Sad to say it's not just about footballers in general it's modern society lads of certain age don't like being told what to do. No doubt these three lads are messaging to each other and treating all as a big laugh. Maybe the league could do more perhaps to send a message to clubs in the future, any player caught breaking covid rules will be banned for the rest of the season.
  10. Villa could be keeping it quiet cause we don't know when this breach was broken could have been before the man city game.
  11. Jack Grealish not played either last two weeks for villa, known pal of maddison I wonder if hes involved to
  12. I think the three players should be forced to face online live fans forum to not just apologise but explain there reasons. If they refuse then they wont play for the rest of the season.
  13. Think the BBC proved what royal arse lickers they are. You can pay tributes make it a quick new flash for 30 minutes then return normal programme then maybe slip a quick an hour long tribute programme at 7 to phillip on BBC two. I mean that surely is enough. I think myself in the last two days we are realising that lot more people arent exactly overwhelmed shall we say by the royals. That's even before the megan and harry stuff.
  14. Quite agree, what happened to that British spirit of carry on. Maybe I sound cold but I just feel this going too far.
  15. To be honest rather a win next sunday, we lose tomorrow we at least have seven games to turn it round plus we can win tomorrow and still not finish top four. I'd much rather take a chance of going to a cup final than waiting around for a top four finish. Be painful to end the season in the semis of the fa cup and finish outside the top four. Winning the fa cup and finishing outside the top four, would be slightly disappointing but at least we have a cup to add to our records.
  16. The only thing you can see about Jack Grealish being out means he should be all fit and fresh for the euros but the question remains with his latest injuries will Alan Partridge still pick for the England team. Judging by his form this season unless hes not 100% fit then surely no matter what he's too good to keep out.
  17. Danny welbeck is out of contract at the end season yet Brighton wont discuss till the summer. Would u take him on a free?
  18. To be honest they made it look more travilised, you just hope when the queen goes they handle the announcement better than this.
  19. I have to confess not a royalist and not really a big fan of his. But thoughts for the queen not nice to lose a husband whose been by your side for so long. I'll thank him for his heroics during the second world war.
  20. Yes correct, despite being in the top flight for eight years they never faced the foxes at the top level.
  21. Okay there's five sorry... but them three's correct. Forgot about Reading.
  22. Little quiz of the night, since the Premier League was formed which four clubs have been promoted to the premier league, the foxes have never faced in premier league history?
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