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  1. Good reply. I can see it from the other side, how he was brought up being kind of brainwashed, but the payout and official government apology is ridiculous. It's potentially set a dangerous precedent now.
  2. He said the most disgraceful thing about it all, was people on here, and I disagreed as I think the media furore over it all was worse than a handful of idiots on here who (luckily) don't have the whole of the nation listening to them. Unfortunately, the media had the whole nations ears to spout absolute bollocks and slander our club, our players and us fans, rather than a few on here in a relatively closed environment, if any of that makes sense? We're all entitled to our opinions so it's no biggie, even if my first sentence of me previous reply seemed a little narky. Something we can all agree on though, was that those going overboard on here about him with some of the insults was not justified and they can fvck off indeed
  3. No, I have to disagree. The biggest disgrace was the media over reaction, claiming all the players were snakes, saying the supporters (who were actually close to the club and could see what was happening) who agreed with the sacking were all back stabbers, were ruining football etc. The sports media showed themselves up to be clueless wankers, especially the way they all turned coat and said how good the decision was 4 weeks later after Shakey started winning. The media lost all respect then.
  4. Has anyone else seen (the lord and saviour MKII (not Corbyn)) Trudeau agreeing to pay $10.5 million damages and an official Government apology to Al Qaeda terrorist who killed and blinded another US soldier via grenade attack in Afghanistan. Genuinely baffled and shocked. The argument is that the attacker was 16. However, that's fighting age and he hadn't been plucked off the street and forced to do it, he'd been training with them for years prior to the event, and now, gets rewarded. With regards to the Obamacare repeal. I think we all knew it was destined to fail. As bad and harsh as Obamacare has been for many, Trump's team have failed to deliver a viable solution. Simply removing Obamacare and starting from scratch isn't an option, you need a definitive plan with thought out pro's outweighing the con's to get it through. I'll admit, it's very far from being my forte though and something I don't know huge amounts about.
  5. What a gentleman of football. It's a shame things didn't work out but it was the right thing to do at the time. He'll forever be remembered and held in such high regard for what he was a part of here. The video of Andrea Bocelli singing at the KP will NEVER get old and NEVER fail to bring me close to tears.
  6. One classic memory that springs to mind is my old history teacher in year 10 threatening to beat me up because I wasn't paying a great deal of attention and my history report wasn't as good as it should have been at the time. "You can tell your friends, you can tell your family, I'll take you outside that door and give you a beating, boy!" Whilst aggressively gripping my arm The thing is, i bet he had a mean jab. He was the spitting image of Gerry Adams and had a right reach on him.
  7. I had a similar story years ago when I was managing in a pub/restaurant. The little shits were running round everywhere so I politely got them to stop for a moment, got down to their level and politely asked them to stop, explaining that it's dangerous for them to be running around people carrying hot food and heavy plates etc. They obviously went crying back to mummy and daddy who then proceeded to shout at me for (again), daring to try to tell them how to raise their kids. I simply explained there's a playground outside where their kids can play, but i they carry on inside, I can't be held responsible if any heavy objects or boiling jugs of gravy fall on their kids. They quickly changed their tone and ushered their kids outside
  8. Only saw the Brazil v Italy game, but my god there were some class acts in there. Dida Rivaldo Juninho Beletti Bobby Carlos Julio Baptista Di Livio Del Piero Oddo Ravenelli Di Canio Delvecchio
  9. I can understand having a sleeve advert on the match day kits, so their name gets plastered all over TV screens etc, but to force it on to us, the fans, is just plain madness.
  10. Good luck to the lad. He was quality for Hannover but it just didn't work out here for him.
  11. Explains a lot Just messing mate. Fair play to you, but as mentioned in my reply above, to ignore the human movement on to the isle and the effects it will have long term is, in my view, blinkered. It's not the only problem and it's not even the biggest problem, but it is still something which should be discussed. That's all I'm saying, and you're initial reply seemed to laugh it off. Apologies if I read it wrong and you were just poking at Thracian, rather than laughing off the potential implications.
  12. Yea touche, it certainly is a worldwide problem, but the movement of people will at some point have an affect. The constant erosion of our own landscape is something which concerns me a fair bit. I'm a huge wildlife and nature kinda guy and half the time I swear I'm born in the wrong time as I feel i need to be outdoors and involved in it rather than cooped in an office in this smoke and tarmac time. If you take out the first sentence in Thracian's post, it's pretty much all correct. It is a worldwide problem, but on a micro scale (as Britain is on the global scale) the growing population, birth rate etc do need to be taken in to account. I won't go down the road that it's the only factor, it certainly isn't, but it should at least be part of the conversation and if it continues, we'll end up with nothing. To think that only a few thousand years ago, Britain was so green and wooded that a squirrel could go from John O Groats to lands End without touching the floor, to the sparse woodland areas now is depressing.
  13. Based on the sneak peeks so far, that looks right, and tbf doesn't look THAT bad, and certainly smarter than the home kit. I wouldn't be too disappointed with that.
  14. I get the initial and incredibly simplified reaction, but if you don't think overpopulation and encroachment on to green spaces (here and worldwide) has a significant impact on to wildlife and habitat (which is essential to the well being of the country and planet), you're fully blinkered.
  15. There's a hell of a lot we disagree on, but I'm 100% with you on this. I wanted to do an apprenticeship (or similar), but got coerced in to A levels and Uni which was a waste of my time long term.