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  1. I've not seen that for years and years, and don't worry, you're not the only one. I was almost in tears. It got me way more than it probably should have!
  2. Sorry @Alf Bentley I still doubt I'll get a full prediction in, but here's a swift few bits, which I may come back to if possible. Outcome - Tory majority 1-19 First seats to declare - Sunderland C, W, S Big names to fail to get elected - Raab, Berger, Soubry, Umunna Predicted turnout - 62.6%
  3. Trust me, I agree, but here's to wishful thinking and Christmas spirit haha.
  4. I'd just like to say to everyone here, no matter what happens, make sure you get out there and cast your vote, and no matter what the outcome tomorrow, I hope the bickering, snide comments etc can be stopped and we can all move forward together. Either way, it's not going to be great and the best thing we can do is at least cut out the hate and move on. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeace y'all, it's been a hell of a ride so far!
  5. Absolute Gold! I bet the Independent were jerking off all over that article at the time!
  6. This may be the case, so you'd be thinking they're sat on a bombshell somewhere, but personally I can't see that they are. Alas, it was some time ago I read the piece regarding the attempted impeachments, hence not giving my 100% behind it in my post you quoted. I'd like to find the citation, though I can't guarantee a quick comeback on that....I'm classing myself lucky (possibly unlucky), I've found time to actually reply to anything on this place at the moment Though I will try to look when I can sa I agree, evidence and inspection of such is important, particularly in these times. You would LIKE to think the Dems have thought all this through etc, but it's seriously getting the point there, as is here, where people are just playing the man rather than the question and the point. Just the fact that Trump is the President, along with the left's own (out of hand) fixation on dangerous, identity politics has driven them to the brink of insanity and I honestly think that they are struggling to see the wood, through the trees and will do literally anything to attempt to get him out of office. The same is happening here in front of our eyes, and whether by political evolution, or by design and funding by certain powerful entities, is an awful place for politics to be in right now and the people that suffer are us, with divisions being sowed more by the day, against our will. With an election looming, you'd imagine that IF the Dems had their bombshell, they'd play it and be done with it. Their recent history of attempts wouldn't give me much confidence if i was wanting Trump impeached. As you've probably gathered from my rambling last paragraph, we might have to agree to disagree on that, I think they've lost their path and are blinded by Trump, internal rage, identity politics, funding, and internal meddling of their own.
  7. In the previous 60 odd years, hasn't there only been one Republican president the Dems haven't tried to impeach, or something along those lines? It's something they do every time and shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Also, It could be a very worrying turn of events to backfire on the Dems as should a full scale enquiry come forward, wouldn't it give Trump/his team full authority to bring forward ANY Dem they like to the stand and show THEM up for their lying and shady work too? I'm sure it's already been covered, but the Ukrainian President already said there was no quid pro-quo, as well as Joe Biden himself admitting on tape that he tried, and managed to bribe Ukraine to fire an attorney (could be wrong there), on the threat of withdrawing a $1billion grant/loan?
  8. I'll have to come back to this with my predictions later on if/when I get more time, but what a great idea. Top work @Alf Bentley, bravo, sir, bravo!
  9. Might have to finally give it a go. i walk past it almost every day but have never stepped foot in.
  10. Well considering she was playing mens football, with the other guys and penis owners. Or do you mean now? Still playing with the mens team, still owning a penis, so with the men. Or should literally everyone else change to accomodate the one person? You can be inclusive and accepting, but expecting everyone to change for you is nonsense, whether its this discussion or anything else. I wouldn't kick off if i went on a night out and went to a gin bar even though i dont like gin. Perhaps I've got it wrong though. What's the correct answer?
  11. Contrary indeed. Places of work are seemingly going out of their way to cater to the tiniest percentile of the population in order to seem accepting of something which really has never been a factor up until recently. Without asking the other staff or other peoples opinion is ridiculous, especially for such a highly esteemed client (unfortunately I can't name them, sorry). The press coverage of trans currently is massively swaying to the positive, so personally, i think you're mistaken there. it would actually be interesting to see mainstream media report on the other side. Generally speaking, no one is scared of trans, no one is genuinely transphobic, but there are genuine concerns which mainly women raise. As said before, simply labelling any criticism or comment as transphobic is detremental to the conversation and disappointing really.
  12. May I just interject slightly here. I work in the engineering consultancy industry and one of my current jobs is for a very high profile client who are changing their current (in house) changing and toilet facilities to be 'gender neutral', therefore allowing both male, female and (predominantly to cater to) trans to change, shower and share toilet facilities. This was done without consultation of the people who will be using the facilities. Low and behold, half way through the design process, the women at the location have raised concerns saying they are not comfortable with it. Believe it or not, trying to force things upon people, really isn't the way. There are already separate spaces for male and female, and while there are a tiny handful of trans who fully transition and live that life, the fact is, most haven't gone that far and are still biologically opposite to how they claim to be, and it tends to make women feel uncomfortable. That doesn't make them bigots or transphobes, and to say so, belittles genuine concerns and shuts down the conversation. EDIT: I don't want to derail the actual politics, but felt this needed to be pointed out. Also, after not posting on here for probably 2 years, i had to choose THIS to start again
  13. Looks like i need to add some friends on GO, what's everyone's code? Alternatively, mine is 6149 7675 9786
  14. That Adams family one is SUPERB! No other contenders or suggestions for Youri now, we have a clear winner!
  15. Well at least his chants sorted if we sign him. Double arigato Pedro Robocho
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