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  1. Haha I wish I had the time to sit down and watch a whole film at the moment. If I did, it's probably about time I got round to seeing it, or having a bit of a binge with a few of the films. Howl's I fantastic too. CALCIFER!
  2. Annoyingly, that's one I'm still yet to see (blasphemy, I know, considering it's the first). So for me, Princess Mononoke & Spirited Away are up there, but you still can't beat My Neighbour Totoro. It was the first one I saw when I was about 12 and the beauty of it captured me straight away. it was around the same time I saw Akira for the first time and that really had an impression on me too, but for very different reasons
  3. It's all about Robin Hood, that's hands down the best Disney film for me. I can't agree enough regarding the second part. Everything about Studio Ghibli films is beautiful.... the stories, the characters, the detail, colour schemes etc. Truly wonderful films.
  4. let's not detract from the point. Yorke is being pissy again because he can't get a top job despite having zero experience, and so, pulls the race card. It's poor, lazy behaviour at least, slanderous towards football club owners at most. By pulling out the magic race card without evidence, all he does is create an environment where it's ok for young black kids or footballers looking up to him to just give up and say what's the point, everyone's out to get us and they're all racists. No one is denying racism (unfortunately) still exists, but to blame something on it without proof, and using it as the default position when things don't go your way, is not a good example to set. Knew someone would get upset by the title too
  5. Because giving up is the best way of dealing with it, of course.
  6. Bore off Dwight. He does this every year to try and make himself relevant again. crying racism for not getting a managers job despite not having the experience. He's turning in to Sol Campbell and it's sad to see as he was a brilliant player.
  7. FFS banning The Sun from the King Power? How pathetic
  8. I've seen quite a lot of it but just found it far too weak with no real shake up in the format. Plus the character itself/the guy who plays him is just such a massive wuss and so soft.
  9. So immensely proud of every player, every supporter and every person at the club this morning. We put on a hell of a display, a hell of an atmosphere and the players did all they can too, leaving every ounce of energy out on that pitch. The look on the faces of Simeone and the Atleti players in particular summed it up for me. They knew they'd been through a hell of a second half and you could tell some of the players were thinking 'Thank **** that's over now!'. Seeing that level of respect from some of the worlds best players and one of the wrolds best managers (despite how much of a nob he can be sometimes), made me so proud to be a fan of this club. Thank you LCFC for nights like last night, and someday hopefully you'll give me more.
  10. They still haven't said exactly what started it. Either a cigarette, BBQ or glass. Either way, people need to be careful and responsible there to look after one of the county's gems. I bloody love that place!
  11. I always see them as two different things though. Eggy bread, perfect for a fry up, nice and savoury. French toast has sweet toppings like fruit, sugar etc doesn't it? Not that it really matters I guess. As Finners says, white pudding is part of a good Irish or Ulster fry up.
  12. All this fry-up chat and no mention of eggy bread. Amateurs.
  13. Marcos Ayerza announces his retirement from all rugby with immediate effect 11 years with the club. Top bloke from personal experience and a great club servant. All the best in your retirement Marcos! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/39564614
  14. There's going to be some serious walkovers here. Complete mis-matches. Full English Bangers & Mash Tikka Shepherds Pie (only just)