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  1. Darkon84


    The Nook in Cosby, top quality fish in there. Beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!
  2. I'm still around mate, just very rarely post now as I just don't see the point. I don't remember a time when everyone was quite so polarised and entrenched in their views or unwilling to see other points of view which is seemingly making rational debate incredibly difficult so I just tend to hold my tongue and just have a read instead of posting It's quite sad really as i remember having some decent back and forths on here in the past that were quite enjoyable, even if at the end everyone agreed to disagree haha.. Cheers for the shout out though!
  3. Darkon84

    Corona Virus

    A friend and his father were feeling ropey last week too, booked in at Hinckley and were there within the hour! Rapid turnaround, and both received results on Sunday morning (both negative), super stuff! He also confirmed the nose procedure isn't really much fun. I think his description was it felt like sneezing half his brain out afterwards. Fingers crossed you get the negative result too!
  4. No photos to share unfortunately, but I'm seeing plenty of good wildlife from where i work at home. A great spotted woodpecker has recently decided to start using the bird feeder, Sparrowhawks, Buzzards, and even the local Red Kites have become more prevalent. I believe there's a nest between Broughton and Dunton, plus there are plenty of Hare's around the fields when out on a walk. Lovely stuff! Shame to see the Peregrine's on Leicester Cathedral have given up on their eggs though, there'll be no new chicks there this year
  5. Giving her child that initial name is the only funny thing she's ever done, and it was unintentional
  6. Darkon84

    Corona Virus

    Or they're ordering the correct ones, but when received, the quality of them simply isn't up to scratch, as has happened pretty much everywhere.
  7. Sad to say mate, he's dead.
  8. And to think they, only last month, despite letting it be known they wanted to live in LA, said they were refusing to move while Trump was in charge. Great choice in LA too, It's almost as if they decided they wanted to live in a back slapping bubble
  9. American politics is undoubtedly dirtier than the way we do it here, and technically they aren't doing anything wrong I guess, but something just doesn't sit well with me about it. Perhaps if I looked more in to the way Repubs find and promote their candidates I might find similar, but off the top of my head, I'm unsure they do. Might have to go and do some more digging I guess.
  10. Apology accepted and sorry for my outburst too. I meant more in the way that not just her, but the Justice Democrats work on a whole, which is why I mentioned 'The Squad'. No dramas
  11. Thinly veiled Islamophobia? Now there's a pretty baseless accusation in itself. I said the Justice Democrats have some pretty odd and shady dealings in the way they were set up, their tactics to gain seats and their overall goal. Perhaps you could quote me on some of my apparent Islamophobia because it's a pretty shitty thing to say. I'm not here for arguments, especially with how things are everywhere at the moment, I don't need it, no one does, so don't go creating it with shit like that. Edit: I'm not going to delete anything out in this edit, but will admit I may have overreacted a little. I just take exception to being labelled something like that when it isn't true. Petty insults like that are neither clever, nor needed, in my eyes.
  12. There's some serious, murky stuff behind her and the rest of 'The Squad', the justice Democrats, their funding and so on. They're basically the US version of Momentum, the 'Justice Democrats' but they've actually been effective in getting in to positions of authority. Yes there will be bits that can be questioned here, but generally it's a good video (along with part 2) with some good investigation.
  13. I work for an Engineering Consultancy, and all of the jobs we are involved in are still running, albeit, mainly large scale and schools. The housing sector has pretty much ceased though. As you said, where it's safe, they are to continue, unless the Site Manager or Client deem otherwise. We are still expected to be doing site visits and snagging etc, though obviously in safe, minimal numbers, rather than the whole team rocking up at once. Using AR/camera fitted hard hats and similar technologies, some surveys are able to be conducted from home, with just one person on site with the tech, while others view and comment from home.
  14. It is worth noting though, with the whole Mr Pillow thing is that if the cameras or reporters had actually bothered to pay attention or report it correctly, he announced they were changing the use of their factories to produce 10,000 surgical masks a day as a starting point. It wasn't just a jolly up for his business chums, as had been presented.
  15. Heinz beans and sausages from the can, on cheese on toast with loads of pepper and some tabasco sauce. Do them in the pan, not the microwave though, with some thickening granules or flour to soak all the juice up and get them nice and thick. None of that bean water making my toast soggy, thank you very much!
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