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  1. Drinkwater

    In these day's of crazy transfer money £40 million is fair and we should not let him go for a penny less.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    ,Liverpoo'ls defending is poor, as was ours last night, In defence you need a leader someone who barks out the orders keeps it tight, it's clear we and Pool are in the same boat there, no leader.
  3. Arsenal post match 4-3

    We all know what Mahrez is capable of, his pass through the centre of the park to Vardy last night was world class. I believe Mahrez should be taken off the wing ,use Gray for that position, and play a more attacking midfielder role something similar to Courtinho.
  4. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Something I called last night as Giroud blatently had a handful of Maguires shirt and used the pulling of his shirt to get the leverage for his header. Now some would argue that Maguire was 'bullied off the ball' but we have all seen penalties given for shoving, wrestling, holding, all I would like to see is consistency ffs as this action definitely advantaged Giroud unfairly.
  5. Arsenal post match 4-3

    We never win away to Arsenal Vardy is back and didnt deserve to be on the losing side Nice to see Matty James back thought he played well Riyad needs to up his game if he ever wants that dream move to a top European side. Shinji still fell over too much but was excellent tonight. Maguire has settled in well We only lost 3 times when we won the PL, 2 against Arsenal Calm down we can still win the League ☺
  6. Arsenal post match 4-3

    B In fairness Mike Dean was poorly sighted.
  7. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Major over reaction with Shakey's decision making , what about Ozil's hand ball and Giroud pulling Maguire down by his shirt for his headed goal.
  8. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Giroud has pulled Maguire down with a handful of his shirt ROBBED.
  9. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    FFS 10 seconds from half time , Albrightons crosses world class for goals, Gray on for Mahrez we can still do this.
  10. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    So it begins, Vardy always scores against this lot but we always lose here 2-1 to Leicester
  11. The Arsenal V City scoreline prediction

    At a place where they have won the last 10 meetings between us, showcasing their new £46 million pound striker, and us playing a containing 4 5 1 what can possibly go wrong ? 2-1 win to us
  12. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Tough opener , Kelechi to come on in the last 20 and score the winner.
  13. George Hirst

    If he is half as good as his dad then it would be a terrific signing, David was Vardy's hero.
  14. Looking forward to this, will be more of a stamina test than a football match it look's fookin hot.
  15. Questions Thread

    If you register at your GP for 'patient access' , think it's a national roll out you can access all your medical records, make appointments, order prescriptions etc etc.