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  1. The problem of course is a large part of the scrutineers aren't intrrested in the detail because they dont want to leave.
  2. The Father of the house has said he will support the deaI, I suspect that will have a profound influence considering his depth of feeling throughout this whole process and the respect he has, it will be close that is if there is a vote today.
  3. Letwin looking decidedly awkward when challenged by the PM, was suggested the Father of the house who is backing this vote will have a word in his ear at the dispatch box.
  4. As soon as you mentioned Hitler I stopped reading.
  5. I think it was LK who said the EU have really warmed to Boris, apparently he is a charming man to have dialogue with. Maybe the reason they like him is because he has a fcuking personality not like most of the miserable cnuts in Parliament.
  6. Oliver Letwin getting revved up for amendment overload on Saturday,
  7. I too would be amazed, but who knows what is discussed in 'The tunnel', we will soon find out I guess.
  8. So the caveat from the EU regarding any future extension (may well be ) it's this deal or no future extensions, so no deal. Will certainly be interesting if that does happen how Parliament will vote.
  9. First point, he may well have said that however many of hours of debates were held and you are hanging on the words of one Politician, didn't hear that personally and certainly didn't influence my decision. Second point that's an unfounded assumption.
  10. I can't ever remember anyone suggesting we hold all the ace cards. But don't forget we are one of the largest contributors to ' The Club' and that would leave a massive hole in the EU project budget, so yes we do have considerable clout, and be under no illusions they are desperate for us to continue with that contribution. It was always suggested that the negotiations would only get serious towards the 'witching hour' so the Benn bill was seriously not helpful for our negotiating stance.
  11. We are in this position because of absolute dog sh#t negotiating and p#ss poor decision making, crowned off nicely by calling for a snap General election in 2017. The EU never felt that we were serious about leaving without a deal, confirmed by Barnier as he stated it had never been mentioned at the negotiating table, and that is why we are in this mess. Remainers will say, have said, that any deal now 'cannot be improved upon', 'now we know what is deliverable' etc etc. From this leavers perspective it is fcuking criminal that this level of ineptitude has been dragged out for three years and serious negotiations for any change to the WA have only taken place since the EU actually believed we were prepared to leave without a deal. Then hey fcuking presto the Benn bill was rushed through Parliament which has almost certainly not helped our negotiating team. And now a confirmatory vote is being asked for...….Sigh
  12. You have too much time on your hands. 😄
  13. The easiest solution is to contact Acas https://m.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3977
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