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  1. The Guvnor

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    He doesn't really want to be here, if you knew he was going to put in 100% for every one of his remaining games with us then In the present market that would only be an opening bid worthy of his talent, but his hunger for playing for us has sadly gone, so with regret it's time for him to go.
  2. The Guvnor

    Vardy to Atletico

    Why on earth would he want to go to Atletico, when all that's on offer is playing for a fantastic Manager, great stadium, one of the best teams in Europe at playing superb counter attacking football and of course the beautiful city and wall to wall sunshine.
  3. The Guvnor


    If the only alternative is Wagner I'd keep him ,however if Rafa or someone of that ilk was the alternative I would repkace him toute suite
  4. The Guvnor

    Kids on Holidays in Term Time.

    As other posters have alluded to, it's the holiday companies that cause the problem by fleecing you during school holidays, and until a solution to this problem is found then this will be a perennial problem. Personally I believe if your children have a sensible attendance record at school then common sense should prevail.
  5. The Guvnor

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Puel out !
  6. The Guvnor

    Spuds v LCFC scoreline prediction thread

    Great Tits 6-1 defeat, with Harry Kane on the rampage to get his 'Golden Boot'.
  7. The Guvnor

    Arsenal post match 3-1

    Excellent open game helped by Arsenal having a go , fabulous goal from Mahrez ,when he's 'on it ' he really is world class.
  8. The Guvnor

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    I'm astounded, effort , intent , passion , the polar opposite to the dross we have become used to recently.
  9. The Guvnor

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Fcuking hell who are these strangers in the Leicester city kit.
  10. The Guvnor

    Arsenal... Score prediction thread :

    What about the second half.
  11. The Guvnor

    Arsenal... Score prediction thread :

    Lacazette to score first with them barely breaking sweat and scoring 3 more.
  12. The Guvnor

    Fear of flying

    I hate flying as I always seem to get the fattest bloke at the airport try and squeeze into the seat next to me, on the last flight I had half his arse and his bingo wings draped over me, not pleasant, actually come to think of it my fear is fat people, not flying.
  13. The Guvnor


    It's obvious he was there just for his last pay day when he walked into the ring wearing Wallaces 'wrong trousers' he looked fat and could hardly walk. and I was fcuking stupid enough to cough up to sky Box Office.
  14. The Guvnor

    Waiting for Wagner?

    Let's just hope the Wagner rumour is just that and they wait to see what is happening with Rafa if this is true about his contract talks and we don't make an approach then our board are truly lacking.
  15. The Guvnor

    David Wagner

    No thanks, rather have Robert Wagner and Mike Myers as his 'Number 2' .