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  1. He was excellent, was referring to his goal effort, but on reflection the ball did 'sit up' as he struck it. As he has just said however he should have buried his excellent chance when he sets himself such high standards .
  2. If Youri and Madders were ' on it' we'd have won.
  3. Shaky start, much better second half should have won.
  4. We weathered the storm eventually, but we were half asleep for the first 10 miins and Wilf, WTF. Second half they'll be at us from the off. Just need to up the fcuking workrate with some composure. Don't see atm how Perez is anywhere as good as Barnes.
  5. Put the tin hats on we are under siege.
  6. I would not argue that it's a gamble, but as many would argue it to be a reckless fools journey, conversely it could be the best decision we have ever made.10-45 years incidentally is an extremely large parameter and with the rest of your quote is pure speculation.
  7. I really don't think so. Electing Boris was looking to the future 'post brexit'. The strategy is simple, leave the EU by 31st Oct. This then get's Farage out of the way, get's the disgruntled leavers back on board, so even if a GE is called it comes after we have left, and with the Labour Party sinking faster than the Titanic with Captain calamity Corbyn at the helm a good chance the Tories win with a majority. The fly in the ointment is obviously Hammond and his cronies, along with Bercow who will be up to the 'Witching Hour' trying to concoct some spurious legislation which they hope will prevent Boris from leaving the EU. And incidentally all the posters crowing about Parliamentary sovereignty, that was to take back control of British Sovereignty, bit of a clue there 'Take Back' ie post Brexit.
  8. Wilfried Bony is now training with Newport County after being released by Swansea. The 30 year old signed for Man City for £ 28 million just 5 years ago.
  9. Fcuking hell our defence is leakier than Edward Scissorhands watering can.
  10. Whatever Brendan told them at halftime hasn't worked.
  11. Would put Albrighton on for Perez at halftime .
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