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  1. Agreed, but unfortunately fish and chip shops don't use vinegar they use non brewed condiment, most people are happily letting the chippy liberally splash this shite all over your fav meal. Be warned its evil.
  2. Suggest looking at 'What Hifi' awards.
  3. Grades will now revert to teacher assessed submissions. At last common sense prevails,I suppose once Scotland u turned it was inevitable, just a shame the gov't stressed so many students with their fcukaboutary.
  4. Barcelona getting Mullered by Bayern
  5. I can see plenty of colleges appealing en masse. To downgrade 39% of results in England is simply wrong, the system may not have been perfect but estimated grades given by Tutors was without question the best way of assessment available. My son recieved his A level results today and he has not got a grade below a C but his expected grades were better. Hopefully Gavin Williamson Will follow Scotland now and accept teacher assessed grades.
  6. A third of A level results in England downgraded and 42% in Wales, so the Tutors who have worked with the students for 2 years know fcuk all and Scottish students are skipping all the way to university. How on earth is that fair.
  7. Man Utd were poor today but once again we fluffed our lines when it mattered although I realise with a patched up team. We have some real talent in our first choice eleven but we don't have enough real quality in the squad.I just hope the lack of CL football doesn't turn the heads of our top players.
  8. Hard to keep count of all the real decent chances we have fcuked up since the lockdown., and boy has it cost us.
  9. We really are our own worst enemies, schoolboy error from Hamza get him off
  10. Familiar story unfortunately possession ok, build up fine, final choice of pass and shot woeful.
  11. Hopefully nothing too minor for fernandes.
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