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  1. Poor goal keeping but sweet ball in need to whip them in like that more often. Oh and get in you beauty!
  2. Justins strike was decent , and an in form Vardy would have taken his chance with his eyes shut. Apart from that average and Palace doing a job on us.
  3. Bizarre yellow for Chillwell, it was the Palace player who clattered into Ayew.
  4. Let's at least put in a decent performance today and one that lasts more than 15 mins. 2-0 to the Foxes.
  5. Helps ease the pain from our sh#thouse results.
  6. Unfortunately we are not "on it" and the chasing pack are, which is fcuking annoying.
  7. Just got in seen the score, why am I not surprised.
  8. Nothing wrong with the initial line up and if it wasn't for nervy touches in the first half we would surely have taken a lead into the second half. But after FL made his changes it all went to rat sh#t, Rodgers reacts to Chelsea's dominance and makes us worse imo. It all smacks of a lack of confidence in the players and the Manager. We desperately need our mojo back and fcuking quick if we stand any chance of a top four finish.
  9. We had our chances in the first half, it was fcuking obvious Chelsea would be better in the second and just as obvious we wouldn't.
  10. We have been so average so far hard to feel confident. Just hoping we move the ball quicker and stop the ultra slow approach.
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