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  1. I would say 'the cat's out of the bag' but I reckon most people, momentum and die hards aside, hold those fears about Corbyn.
  2. I feel sorry for Jonathan Ashworth, what a cnut of a mate, just heard a clip on politics Live. Dalek's just can't be trusted.
  3. When I first saw the picture I thought there's no fcuking way I would allow my child to be lying on a floor. If the picture was fabricated and taken for political reasons that is truly repulsive.
  4. FFS Matt have you not been watching McDonnell's interviews it's all been costed, apart from the WASPI billions but that's a justice thing.
  5. This election was called because of Brexit and has predominantly been campaigned on Brexit so it's no surprise that the Tories are ahead with the remain vote split. Boris is a maverick can't argue with that but the alternative for many is just far too radical with a spend spend spend policy like Viv Nicholson on speed.
  6. Fantastic performance, four goals but should probably have scored 8 with a Barnes hat trick. Ricardo Pereira is a phenomenal player. Grealish showed what a dirty sly little sh#t he is
  7. No I'm watching it on sky. Apologies for yesterday's news
  8. Eight in a row now for Vardy, can he beat his record.
  9. Villa having their 10 minutes, absorb this then knock in a couple more.
  10. How is that not a red card FFS leg breaker.
  11. Bit of luck there for the free kick, what a sh#te time to conceed. Need to put it in now second half.
  12. What a brilliant recovery and goal. Vardyyyyyyyyy
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