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  1. Neighbours clearly not keeping their moggies indoors here, two poo bags of cat sh#t in my garden every day as regular as clockwork, makes me pretty stressed and angry.
  2. Exactly my point, wearing a mask is not just about protecting yourself but helping to protect other shoppers. Having ran the gauntlet of the supermarket again today its impossible to maintain any reasonable social distancing and I have to admit I fcuking hate doing it. Interestingly the resident doctor on points west is now saying masks should where possible be used when shopping. We are lucky I suppose as I bought a few P3 masks before they became unavailable and as my wife is recovering from cancer thought it wise. I take your point about correct use and disposal of gloves maybe there should be some info readily available but it aint rocket science.
  3. How about prime a slot in the supermarkets only for those wearing masks and disposable latex gloves, you know responsible fcukers.
  4. The Guvnor


    I literally live next door to fields where I very rarely see anything other than wildlife, people are driving to access the fields now with their dog's. Still easy to walk and keep 100 mtrs away from anyone so Social distancing not an issue. Now the ridiculous thing is I walk my dog which may be stopped but I will still have to shop where people are still picking up items and putting them back on the shelves , and then try to keep 2mtrs away from anyone which really is fcuking impossible. Supernarkets are the breeding ground for this virus now not field walking dogs.
  5. The Guvnor


    Dreading any prospect of stopping dog walking, not too bad for people who have small lapdogs used to a lap of the block but absolutely no good for anyone who has a hunting breed used to two four mile field walks a day plus HPR training.we literally have a ferrari with four legs.
  6. Nice reminder, however bored they are please don't let your teenage sons cook you anything......lives are at stake!
  7. Whatever you're being paid the gov't should double it. Respect.
  8. There is however a fine line between what you describe as scaremongering and keeping it real with people to achieve the desired effect. It is pretty obvious a large number of people are not taking this extraordinary situation seriously.
  9. If you run closer than six foot past me I'll set the dog on you, it's a cross between a pitbull and a retriever, yes it will rip your leg off but it will always bring it back.
  10. I said a couple of weeks ago "Head for the hills" seems everyone else has the same idea. Seriously though it's all the 'second home' owners fleeing London and Cheshire all the Chelsea tractors blocking the roads around Snowdonia.
  11. Unless you can get home delivery shopping it is virtually impossible to self isolate. Compressing shopping hours also makes social distancing extremely difficult . Ideally you shouldn't be allowed to shop indoors unless you have a facemask and disposable latex gloves, also difficult to impliment as sourcing masks now is expensive One thing they could do is have hand sanitizer stations outside supermarkets and stop entry unless you use it correctly.. Difficult times indeed.
  12. Wife gave me a shopping list, I haven't left the house for three weeks as I'm decorating, I'm sure she wanted me to experience the shopping experience . Literally fcuk all on the shelves in Sainsburys or Lidl, popped into Homebase for some paint, the cvnt stock taking was coughing so moved swifly away from the paint, looking at paint brushes and some twat breathing down my neck, some morons clearly have no concept of social distancing and there couldn't have been more than ten shoppers in the store. Popped into the pet shop for kibble for my dog and fcuk all left. Back to the decorating it's less fcuking stressful.
  13. Surely they will be rescinded if challenged, anyway time for front line staff to be issued free parking permits, its a joke.
  14. Absolutely, she read beautifully from her autocue.
  15. I think Matty had a ruptured Achilles. And has been unlucky with recurring problems.
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