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  1. Stepped it up in the second half, and job done, any other night Jamie would have scored a hat trick, fingers crossed it's a minor injury. Bring on Chelsea.
  2. Great goal from Madders and quality saves from Kasper. Get control of the ball more second half and cut out the sloppy passing.
  3. It wouldn't be difficult for all joggers to wear a snood, as you're approaching anyone pull it up over your mouth and nose and when you have passed pull it back down. That's what my son does when he's out running. Simples.
  4. It was only when I noticed the staggering amount of exhaled breath on a cold morning from a jogger running towards me that I realised how potentially dangerous it could be.
  5. In all seriousness though communicate ffs. I did have a mature jogger shout well in advance jogger behind you passing on your left, gave me time for me and my dog to move out the way. Now that wasn't fcuking difficult was it.
  6. Time for the gov't to act now and make face coverings mandatory in all shops, absolutely no exemptions as the current situation is a mess and impossible to enforce. There are plenty of local volunteers who can shop for those who are unable to wear masks, there can't genuinely be that many. Oh and not forgetting the lockdown joggers who squeeze by you on narrow paths, breathing that heavily if they have it you would undoubtedly catch it. It's not safe, considerate or Public spirited.
  7. Chelsea are absolutely average, not a top 4 team for me.
  8. Two superb goals, and in fairness AC was a great finish. Brilliant result in the end.
  9. And still no goals from set pieces and 8 conceded. Please don't let it be 0-0 with ten mins left, on comes Andy Carthorse and makes it 9 .
  10. Bruce has Newcastle set up well to frustrate us. Not sure if it's a lack of movement off the ball stopping us from moving forward quicker in their half but that's what needs addressing or we'll get fcuk all from this.
  11. We have better players, a better team, arguably our best 11 available to BR, we are stronger away from home, have a strong bench, whatever can possibly go wrong.
  12. More likely to be increasing due to ar#eholes who are wearing their masks below their nose, around their chins around their necks or refuse to wear them at all. Incidentally a jogger ran by us this morning, it was a cold morning and I was shocked at the amount of exhaled breath which was clearly visible, I would suggest 2 metres is no where near enough distancing from anyone jogging past you on a path.
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