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  1. Awful initial set up, looked clueless at times at the back, and eventually after 10 minutes or so in the second half we mix it up and look like a different side. Conceding just before half time and at the start of the second half killed any chance of a win.
  2. Looks like there was most of the fcuking team at partygate.
  3. Nacho been poor so far. Hopefully he gets his mojo back for the second half
  4. Really hope Wes Morgan wasn't involved especially as he is looking to move into an executive role at the club.
  5. Hate to see 'Park the bus' tactics especially at home. Would like to have had a real go in the second half. We also have some real creative talent in our side and we are not solely a counter attack side as we always seem to be portrayed, we play out from the back, and we do it well. Too negative today and boring to watch and to cap it off A Taylor was sh#te.
  6. Fcuking hell Evans misses it and little Wes takes his eye off the ball cause he thinks Evans has it covered.
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