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  1. Although he wasn't a regular for MC he did show real quality, something he obviously never lost,.must have just been a confidence issue.Absolutely delighted he has got over that and showing what a really tidy player he is.
  2. Not sure he's underrated, he has started nearly every game, he is a fantastic player and gets plenty of praise from the pundits. What a tremendous signing he has turned out to be.
  3. Back to back defeats against Southampton and Burnley whose fans have gopping teeth.
  4. WTF are we doing, clueless, abject, lethargic shite.
  5. Mendy deserves a run out today, will mop up in midfield Kante esque.
  6. The banning of payment by credit cards is a good move but really is scratching the surface. Gambling advertising needs to go and sponsorship deals need to be banished and needs to go down the same route as tobacco advertising did. Also scratch cards should go as anyone with a gambling addiction will get a buzz from scratching the card and revealing the potential win, and is different imo from buying a lottery ticket where you are 'out of the moment' as there is not an instant result which is important for compulsive gamblers.There apoears to be an alarming message that as the lottery is "For a good cause" that it makes the selling of scratch cards acceptable, well it ain't and will most certainly be the stepping stone particularly for young people to become addicted to gambling. Years ago betting shop (Turf accountants) windows were blacked out then it all became more liberal and more acceptable no longer associated as a dirty habit, but for tens of thousands of unfortunate souls that is exactly what it is. Gambling addiction is real and the buzz you get is comparible to drug addiction. People unfortunate enough to succumb to GA are subjected to a most hideous disease, it devours you, makes you into a devious competent liar, deceitful to those you love the most. .
  7. Villa fans cheering successive passes then oops straight to Mahrez passes to Aguero and boom. Hilarious
  8. Man City showing how it's done, speed with slick passing in the final third and players who know how to finish. Could be a cricket score.
  9. Southampton were the better team and deserved the win so well done to them. Leicester City where the fcuk have you gone, come back and quick.
  10. This is fcuking woeful. Great save by Kasper though
  11. Fcuking hell the wheels really have fallen off the bus.
  12. Is Papa Mendy injured, he has looked tidy imo, albeit in his limited appearances. I realise he is not the same calibre as Kante but not totally disimilar in his style of play, needs a run in the team imo
  13. Poor against Villa and again today, living a charmed life this half. Brendan sort it out ffs.
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