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  1. Two absolutely horrific performances at home yet we win at Arsenal and Man City. I honestly don't know what to think anymore.
  2. When do we concede then? I'll go for 7th minute
  3. She's letting it flow. Its refreshing to see
  4. Not sure if its been mentioned but this side drew with a team that beat real madrid last night
  5. Lucky was harsh and probably more tongue in cheek than anything but the last two results have reminded me why we only won 3 of our last 18 games last season. I'm genuinely concerned we could end up in a relegation scrap
  6. I don't really look forward to the games as much as I used to yet it seems to piss me off more when we lose. The lack of fans obviously contributes but we seem to be such a dull side to watch at the moment.
  7. 1 point. I just can't see us scoring
  8. What about the last 18 games of last season?
  9. 60m on this nob and Perez. Fcuk me
  10. If we continue to create no chances at home to the likes of West Ham and villa then sadly, yes.
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