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  1. What a terrible season that was i went to the first two games 0-5 to Bolton at home and 4-0 to the Arse away. Makes you thank your lucky stars for what we have today!!!
  2. offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff side
  3. I'm waiting for one of our players to say West Ham "did nothing" and "were fortunate" in the post match interview.....
  4. "You can checkout but you can never leave"
  5. I am just about to watch that again... just to make sure it really happened ya know! # crazy
  6. I think we'll win this and start believing the title is ours for the taking ........ opps sorry wrong season
  7. 1. Leicester City Football Club 2. Who cares 3. Who cares . . . . 20. Liverpool
  8. Game? What game? I stumbled across one of those flashy memory removing thingys they used in Men in Black. Highly recommended.
  9. Count Bournemouth players 1..2..3..4...┼║zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Watch our 2007-2008 season highlights
  11. "We are staying up, we are staying up"
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