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  1. if he'd have joined Arsenal he would have lost his will to live by now rather than just the two years
  2. They might be giants - Istanbul Soyuncu's from Constantinopleno it's Istanbul, not ConstantinopleHe'll be a long time here, from Constantinoplehe plays in defense and does the workIt was a good bit of business to buy the Turk
  3. Was it Philip who gave her that pearl necklace? Not bad for 90 odd!
  4. Cross Roads...….. Take your pick of some of the best Guitarist
  5. Nacho was absent the day brains were handed out
  6. players are fine tactics are too negative …. playing too deep
  7. what'd ya say mate …. we are too fvuking timid
  8. means nothing mate if we cant do it for another 30 mins and that looks unlikely we are too timid
  9. I know its Man city but we are playing shit
  10. In contrast to your topic I have been quite lucky actually ....... I came to London to work in April 1999 and left in October 2004. My first couple of years was under MON ... Marvelous time for LCFC .....enough said My second couple of years was under Peter Taylor, Dave Bassett and Micky Adams ........ we went down (2002) - up(2003) - down(2004) so it was still quite interesting times I left the UK just before the real dross years set in 2004 - 2009 ..... Levein, Megson, Holloway but still suffered from afar (mostly Bahrain)
  11. From Wiki "Weller was Chelsea's top scorer in the 1970–71 season and helped them to a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup victory in 1971. Despite this he was sold to Leicester City on for the same £100,000 fee that Chelsea paid". That shows how powerful God (or Karma.... or what ever you believe in) is. He/she/it/they saw into the future and knew we were going to get shafted in the Kante deal in 2016 so he/she/it/they arranged for us to pre-shaft Chelsea in 1972. Brilliant. he/she/it/they works in mysterious ways!!
  12. Mahrez come back........ Drinkwater come back ....... Pearson come back....... FFS most of our team still have homework at night.... The future is so bright i have to wear shades
  13. First game I ever saw was in 1987. We lost 0-1 at home to Shrewsbury Town (I think) and Walshy was sent of for fairly whacking their Centre Forward with an elbow. Speaking of other hard men Matt Elliot was one of the special guests (along with Richard Dune) on BeIN sports coverage of Premier League games last week. BeIN sports is part of the Aljazeera Broadcast network owned by the Qatar Government and owns the rights outside the UK to the Premier League.
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