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  1. I live in Qatar but come to the UK a couple of times a year for work. When i need to come I try to schedule it when LCFC are playing away. Obviously i am not a ST holder and international membership is just a waste of money so forget about getting a ticket to a home game. I normally buy a ticket to an LCFC away game but in the home supporters section. Even at the bigger teams - Liverpool Manure and Arseandhole these tickets are available through third party websites. It would be great for me if the stadium was expanded so that i could get the occasional home game ticket. I am sure with our popularity overseas we could also attract a number of international visitors/tours with an increased capacity. A little spare capacity would be a great thing and i am sure it can be filled by innovative marketing offers.
  2. living in Qatar ... i am looking forward to him going on one of those dribbling runs in the video for England in 2022..
  3. a positive omen..... this morning on BeIN sports (in Qatar) they had a reply of Leicester v Norwich in our championship wining season..... 1-0 to the mighty foxes. Ulloa off the bench to score in the 89th minute ... and the KP goes crazy
  4. that's like a 9/11 or John Lennon being shot or Man walking on the moon moment .... you can remember exactly where you were when it happened
  5. if he'd have joined Arsenal he would have lost his will to live by now rather than just the two years
  6. They might be giants - Istanbul Soyuncu's from Constantinopleno it's Istanbul, not ConstantinopleHe'll be a long time here, from Constantinoplehe plays in defense and does the workIt was a good bit of business to buy the Turk
  7. I would be honored to drive a Ferrari and follow in the footstep of the bloke down the road with the big house BUT i am disappointed at the stance of the car dealers charging so much Hope this tweet gets me what i want
  8. Was it Philip who gave her that pearl necklace? Not bad for 90 odd!
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