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  1. Game? What game? I stumbled across one of those flashy memory removing thingys they used in Men in Black. Highly recommended.
  2. Count Bournemouth players 1..2..3..4...┼║zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Watch our 2007-2008 season highlights
  4. "We are staying up, we are staying up"
  5. A list of positives + + + + + +
  6. Let's have a poll Today Watford 2014 Div 1 relegation 6-1 v Portsmouth 5-1 v Forest
  7. The players should be made to pay for my BeIN Sports subscription
  8. WTF did they at half time wank each other off?
  9. "on the piss after our games" sure you haven't been on the piss after our games?
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