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  1. I agree on paper it looks good, but let's not get carried away just yet! In that back four, there's an unproven centre back pairing with two centre backs who both like to bomb forwards and also a predominantly right back playing left back.
  2. This ref is fantastic, not buying the little nudges and tussles which are given in the prem. Letting the game completely flow, which makes great viewing.
  3. I mean I agree, but every single team got ****ed over last season, what makes them so special?
  4. Have PGMOL given a reason yet on why Pickford wasn't sent off?
  5. Imagine paying £14.99 to watch a ridiculous call like that
  6. Went to Cornwall for a week over summer, did wonders for my mental health just to get away and have a breather from the daily stresses (which this year have been ramped up by 1000 for pretty much everyone!) Bloody beautiful part of the country and made me appreciate that we really do have some nice places to visit in the UK. Hoping next year to fly up to Inverness, rent a car and go round the Isle of Skye.
  7. Ah yes, I always go Wetherspoons for a clean, family meal. Fed up of measures which are damaging yet ineffective at the same time. We seemingly choose the worst option throughout with no foresight.
  8. Am I right in thinking, as Wilf is on the A list, if we come to a game and he is injured, we can replace him with someone from our B list?
  9. A very kind gesture. Arsenal have really shown their lack of empathy recently.
  10. Just realised big Dan has his own YouTube channel documenting his recovery!
  11. He's been my favourite player so far this season. The way he turned and lost two players for our first goal was crazy. It showed such awareness.
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