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  1. JJ needs to be dropped for the next game after the break. He’s got a good career ahead of him but in our first 3 games, he was the obvious weak link. And then today, in a game where everyone was poor, he was particularly bad. We can’t afford to carry him.
  2. Greece isn’t exactly a short trip...
  3. I’m sure reporters aren’t allowed to get within 2m of footballers? But one must have done in order to conduct an interview with Rodri from inside the pocket of mendy. Ironically getting closer to him than Man City’s single pivot midfield ever managed.
  4. Is Rodri that little Spanish looking fella I saw crawling out of mendy’s pocket at FT?? A mendy who was injured for the best part of 2 years and cost a fraction of what Man City paid for Rodri? Is that the guy? Lol
  5. Yes - he's flat sharing with Syoncu. Cags called top bunk so Cengiz is Underneath him...
  6. We’ve won the premier league. Everything is Mickey Mouse in comparison..
  7. The fact that BR hasn’t brought Barnes on shows he clearly isn’t that bothered about the Mickey Mouse cup!
  8. This is why we need more signings. Our back up players aren’t good enough.
  9. Brighton’s RB (Tariq Lamptey) can play! He’s got a lot to offer and is only 19! Cracking little player.
  10. I like Micah Richards. Germ Jenas is without doubt the worst pundit on tv. He’s an absolute twat with a totally bias opinion on most things. If he’s talking about Spurs it’s as if they’re the best team in world football. But the mere mention of us leads to him totally disrespecting us. He’s also just shit at what he does. JJ and Sutton can honestly do one. Never seeing them on tv or heating them on radio again would be just fine.
  11. Newcastle are not better than us. Get a grip for Christ sake! We haven’t even kicked a ball yet. Jesus our fans are depressing
  12. The devil invented V necks
  13. Ryan Bennett has to be the worst signing we have ever made. I would have rather seen us keep Benkovic and played him in these last three games - he may have had a mare but at least he’s young and ours. This guy looks like he’s never played football before. He can’t run, he can’t pass, he can’t defend, and he tucks his shirt in which makes him look even more pathetic. He’s just shit.
  14. I don’t think I realised just how much I wanted top 4 until FT today. Please boys, just go out there on Sunday afternoon and get the 3 points. Dig deep, run hard, fight for every ball, and the rest will fall in to place. Win on Sunday and we’re so nearly there. Chelsea will lose at Liverpool. They may even struggle to beat Wolves.
  15. Just got home from the game. what to say about that shit show?! I’ve just watched Brendans post match interview, and if I’m totally honest, I disagree with him. And it’s very rare that I disagree with him but we didn’t deserve anything over the two legs. I think Villa had an obvious game plan and they executed it superbly. Yes we were very unlucky not to be 2-0 up before they scored their first and we definitely should have had a penalty. But as soon as they started to press us and harass we made mistakes. We looked rattled for long periods of that game tonight and this s
  16. I’ve managed to get a ticket but my brother has missed out. If anyone has one to sell for any reason please let me know ASAP!
  17. Brendan is a tactical genius, generally. But the last two games he has got it so wrong. Maddison isn’t a winger. Praet isn’t a holding midfielder. To be honest, I don’t know what he is, but he isn’t great. Barnes is so devoid of confidence yet he’s so heavily relied upon. I won’t say I have all the answers but I do know what we’re getting it wrong a lot lately. We need a big win at westham to repair this. Not a 0-1 away day stubborn win, but a huge win.
  18. Desperate for 1 adult ticket for this please. Please let me know if you have one available - thanks all x
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