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  1. We finally started to try and get forward last 15 of match, but then suddenly gave villa loads of space, and seemed to give up, probably lack of fitness at the end, what are these guys doing in training?
  2. It wasnt hm? still whoever said it is a tart.
  3. He thinks the game is all about the glory clubs, what a tart.
  4. Why on earth are we passing back instead of forward when we have players in the box, we breaking down our own attacks. Better to have an attack and lose the ball rather than keep it for an extra minute or two. We seem to be valuing possession over goal attempts.
  5. Glad this nonsense has been shutdown, but I have observed some lower league fans are seeing as the bottom 14 of the EPL as greedy now, and blocking help. What they dont realise is that if this went through, there was plans to scrap the international tv deals and have clubs sell individual rights instead, this obviously would have more than compensated the big 6, and the other 14 were probably facing overall circa 40-50% drops in revenue. Plus not to mention the new voting rights, vetoing of club takeovers etc. A very horrible power grab attempt by Americans.
  6. I have just read the document linked to in the tweet, the url is a uk gov site, so this seems an official document. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/925856/S0770_NPIs_table__pivot_.pdf It states a full national lockdown as a possibility, lists the pros and cons of it. Interestingly though it states a circuit breaker is planned. and also lists the pros and cons, and states the earlier its done the better it will work. Some other things listed are alternate working weeks, and Mass school closure to prev
  7. All of the economic pain, the misery of not been able to visit relatives. All for this. So the earlier image I posted showed pubs are 7.5x more likely to spread vs 6 or less in a home, it turns out schools are 3x over pubs. Uni's are slightly behind in second place, so homes been closed in local lockdown areas, are 22.5x less likely to spread vs schools. NI has already decided to close schools, now this is out public opinion will change. The situation has changed, initially it was education vs health argument and was easy to say educatio
  8. It is quite simple, more eyeballs watching, then more eyeballs seeing the shirt sponsorship, but regardless I am glad we didnt vote for the PPV tripe.
  9. It never made sense to me why that system was scrapped.
  10. Not a good move, but with that said I think a PPV system where one can watch all their club's games vs a subscription system where its a lottery if your games are picked, is not super bad, but I think the pricing per game is ridiculous, and given EPL clubs clubs are still getting the billions from their normal TV rights, this was not needed.
  11. Congrats on finding a single article, but that article has an awful lot of spin in it downplaying it, the BBC felt they had a duty to try and downplay it, the question is why. The rest are uni articles or dont mention schools. Compare it to the articles on local news media that dont have the spin attached. The way it was written and the references to the DfE suggests it needed the DfE approval and scrutiny before publishing. If you can find a "national" not "regional" bbc article on the situation without any references to a minister or any government department then fair play.
  12. Yeah that's my issue here, the censorship, I understand why they been kept open.
  13. Whatever people's opinions are, I think what we seeing with the national BBC is very wrong. Also in regards to youtube, facebook etc. I have always suspected the BBC is a governments media arm, as for the last 20 years or so I have observed they have tended to lean to supporting whichever government is in power. But since covid has been a thing, they have took this to an entire new level, the majority of their stories are sourced from ministers or government data, they time stories to maximise supporting the message from government, they are refusing to cover many stor
  14. Yep, he is performing better than the player who held that position for almost 3 full seasons. Yet hes barely played half a dozen games there. Praet is more than average as well. Under I would say is too early, and I am usually one to try and predict early, he came in very late in the transfer window (congerton not to blame for negotiations) and was chucked in a game where the team was playing badly. Little Wes, I am not sure I am clapping over us spending so much on a 19 year old, I already think the team is too young, and I feel defenders is not our prior
  15. It was clear he will be a scapegoat, Chilwell was so popular, whoever replaces him was always going to be in for a hiding. Every time he makes one mistake people are going to jump on him. Yet Chilwell made 10+ a game, and if you dared mention it, his team would jump on you.
  16. He went to hospital very quickly after bad symptoms, yes early. You would be bonkers to think the PM isn't going to be a VIP, he is one of the most important people in the country.
  17. perez has been poor, I guess we missing praet.
  18. It doesnt but we will have to deal with it, I dont think for one minute anything more than a small minority would have complied. We also have to think about letting people have these special moments. So I can sympathise here.
  19. Best for the club and the player, I dont blame the player, we just scuffed up the transfer and as a result his match fitness, this sadly he could never recover from.
  20. Yep he will be getting platinum level care, 24h personal observation, experimental drugs, personal medical team etc. He will pull through it. Kind of like how Boris got admitted early, when rest of UK were only allowed when almost dead.
  21. As I said they are chasing the popular opinion now. They was always going to back down on Christmas.
  22. Fair enough, my comment wasn't aimed at you personally, but thanks for clarifying.
  23. Pretty much nail on head there, this is because most people are concerned for their own well being only, so it will never be possible to please everyone. Look at wales, most of it is now under local lockdown's, but is no national lockdown there because of course that would be very unpopular. Future political decisions are going to be heavily based on popularity, so I think unless this really kicks off and causes a national emergency, I think we wont see another national lockdown. They will be very hesitant to close hospitality because of how many are affected by it, and schools I
  24. One thing you need to bear in mind, these are "confirmed" cases. In the medical world, people are only considered to be ill of something if they have been tested and confirmed by a HCP, this however is flawed. We have to remember many people can have all sorts of illnesses butits not official unless a HCP confirms it, this can go from anything like cancer, to of course covid. I expect probably 100s of thousands had covid in march but because there was no community testing none of them were confirmed. So I expect a lot more than 1 person in a 1000 actually has covid.
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