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  1. Chilwell gets the ball forward better, but is bad once in the opposition third, he just loses it so many times. Fuchs in the opposition third is light years ahead of chilwell, one of the best players in the league up there. Vardy has scored many goals at end of a fuchs assist.
  2. Hes a left back who is not scared to go forward, that has a lot of value. He cannot cross well which is very frustrating, but at least he isnt scared to cross. Fuchs is one of the best crossers in the game ironically but doesnt have chilwells energy levels. This next year will be interesting, as we selling so many first teamers, I wonder if we can keep it down to just one of them, as I be surprised if we keep Maddison.
  3. Away to pool doesnt decide if we get top 6. Beat every team twice in the bottom 10 then thats 60 points. Then its another 5-10 on top of that for CL place. Liverpool are in a level of their own, they comfortably swept aside arsenal at home. But we are now up to chelsea, spurs, and arsenal level.
  4. Liverpool overall probably deserved win, however I never ever and will never like losing games to dodgy penalties. Apparently liverpool have been consistently getting decisions for about 18 months now, someone out there wants them winning titles again. However the FA need to be careful as no one likes totally dominant teams, people hated them in the 80s for a reason, they were just too dominant. Also seeing some arrogant liverpool fans pop out the woodwork going on about how we lucky not to get battered legit pen etc, we see the real reason they like things like FFP as its there rightful place to be dominant. Also VAR a pattern is emerging that they are only able to overturn linesman decisions (offside) but not referee decisions, if they not prepared to do that then VAR is dead. In the past you could put bad decisions down to "heat of the moment thing", but the fact bad decisions stay bad after watching replays shows there is some kind of human emotion attached to decisions as well. I think VAR needs to be manned by non FA staff, like foreign referees or a different independent body.
  5. International football sadly is a tapping up haven, especially England, whenever one of our players becomes a regular the risk of losing the player sky rockets. Is Maddison living in the area? this contract bump does have the warning signs of a means to bump his transfer fee.
  6. I wouldnt take it no. Some people are still stuck on the idea there is no social movement in football, and a club like ourselves has no right to be wanting top 4, its sad that this belief still exists when we only won the title 3 seasons ago. We finished above teams like spurs, chelsea and man utd when they were "stronger" than this season. All 3 of those teams were stronger in our title season in my opinion.
  7. so who voted leave for rodgers? isnt 100% confidence.
  8. Dont like the bad talk about puel, my opinion is he laid the foundations for what we have now and he didnt have much time after we got tielemans in. The state of the team from when puel took over and when he left was clearly an improvement. Of course there is no doubt rodgers has took us up a level. A shrewd appointment.
  9. I think the 4 most likely causes. 1 - Evans injury 2 - Vardy Injury 3 - Rodgers leaves (or gets unsettled). 4 - Jan transfer window, possible sale of players or at least unsettling of players. I think if we top 4 when Jan comes the big clubs will unsettle our players deliberately.
  10. to me gridlock is part of the thrill of going to matches, stay till the final whistle, and post game celebrations. then leave.
  11. Our policy is to sell for profit from any time of year 3 onwards in contract, so yes buying replacements ahead of time would fit in with that. As the replacements by the time they needed wil have already been training at the club and know our way of playing.
  12. We have sold other players aside from those 4, just only those 4 were listed as they went to top 4/6 UK clubs.
  13. Do you think 2 years per club is fair then? I think thats a very short time. The first year is often a integration and learning phase, we can see already his second season he looks a lot better than the first season. So two years i basically just one top season with the club. If good young players only expect to commit two years to a club then it becomes a questionable policy for squad stability. One of the big reasons the traditional big clubs have more success is once they find good players, they can keep them and have that stability.
  14. We have sold about the same. Also you forget player inflation 100m in 2019 is like 50m in 2016. Plus the amount sold for has no relevance, sold is sold.
  15. I am using his comments for the basis of my comment funny enough. The comments he made post sale and the fact he was first choice right up to the sale. Maybe the sale he sanctioned. But if he didnt that is my point, you dont keep managers happy by selling players in late of transfer windows from under them.
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