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  1. sky/bt to save the day for our cl spot?
  2. On the suspension, it was clearly a caution first measure. But think that people are joining crowds on a daily basis of dozens or more of people, still going to work, doing their jobs, whilst a behind closed door match, should be no more dangerous than players attending training. 25 man EPL squads, 23 men on the pitch for a game. If players have symptoms, they should be tested instead of just a blanket 14 days isolate. When you consider it isnt that many people together, I think this is something that could be done to finish the season, especially if managers were prepared to use reserve players. Also one could make an argument that sport becomes an essential job, because will be feeling down right now, and sport is a distraction of positive feeling. Player staff will obviously have anxiety, as well which is why I said do the testing, as negative test results will help reduce that. I think eventually something will be figured and they will be able to do these games behind closed doors, especially if many clubs are still training.
  3. Careless post, I can understand trying to avoid panic, but this isnt the way to go about it. The most common underlying illness by the way is high blood pressure, which is a very common condition that under normal circumstances is considered very manageable and not an extreme condition. People have perhaps been assuming it means things like cancer or other terminal illnesses. For reference I have the virus (probably). My symptoms dont match the 111 page, but that page is useless. For you to be told to isolate for 7 days you have to have a temperature around mid torso and/or aggressive cough. My actual symptoms are, 2 days ago I got sudden on set of high temperature on my head, nausea and faintness. It barely lasted an hour though. Yesterday the nausea and faintness came back, much more potent and lasted half a day, I rang 111 as I felt I was close to blacking out, he asked if I had a temperature I said not now but did yesterday, was told to isolate, I said what about feeling faint, was told to ignore it, ironically another page on the nhs website tells you to ring 999 if got reduced consciousness, as is a medical emergency. The issue with the NHS is they clearly withholding information, there is no defined list of symptoms and which category of severeness they come under. In my opinion I probably have the virus, as nothing else makes particular sense, if its the flu then I have never had the flu before. Non nhs websites confirm nausea as a symptom. It also feels like I need more effort to breathe, but I also acknowledge anxiety could be giving me that impression. I didnt ring 999 as I had concern for the people who would be in contact with me, and I also decided I would rather black out, not wake up, instead of spending a few days with invasive treatment before dieing. Very odd, as for the first time I was thinking about how I want to go out. If I answered the 111 website questions honestly I wouldnt have even been told to self isolate, they made it way too vague.
  4. Correct, and we would have deserved based on our results up to that point in the season, most other seasons we would definitely have got relegated.
  5. Of course they would but I see it as the lesser evil. In this case we have played out 75% of the season, that is still a majority of the season, spurs are already out of the CL so they cannot make an argument they were still in it and fighting to win it. Also picking and choosing parts of the league to honour and to forfeit is only fair when you make sure no one loses out. Which would be basically, promote those in automatic spots, don't relegate anyone, keep the title, honour existing European positions. If last seasons European qualifiers are "still" in the competition, then let them qualify also, but otherwise they don't qualify if they not in a qualifying position now.
  6. They have had 75% of a season to get out of it.
  7. Here is a rumour I just read, which would screw us over. If league is cancelled. Title honoured Promotions honoured. Relegations forfeited. Last season's European qualifiers keep their spots. Those currently in CL spots who were not there last season join an extended qualifying phase, so we would be demoted from group stage to qualifiers to fit spurs in. I can foresee king power challenging this. Problem is we the only EPL team been screwed over, relegation spots stay up, the other 3 in top 4 stay in group stage. Also in regards to mortality rate, the WHO has put this to bed, their official figure is 3.4% CFR, and CFR is really a lowball figure. Flu by comparison is 0.1%.
  8. Plus it lifts the mood for people. Very bizarre, it just creates ill feeling knowing they can stream the games but have decided to cut most people off from watching them. The 3pm blackout is stupid anyway, but this takes it up a level. Will NBC and co still have cameras at the games?
  9. Better than censoring information and pretending one only needs to wash their hands.
  10. Combination of Justin replacing Chilwell, Ndidi coming back and Vardy on form again. Ndidi is so important to us.
  11. It just means the government are taking a very passive approach, looking at the advice like no screening at airports, GP's telling the elderly to fine go out side etc. Very bizarre but its the path they have chosen.
  12. That was an extremely good goal, very composed, the opposite of before.
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