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  1. Did it at the right time as his place was been questioned, but no doubt since then he has been much more of an impact on the team.
  2. Yeah this summer is a tougher one, if ricardo doesnt make it back in the team and cement his place then he is probably the one.
  3. I think we all agree its the wrong decision, but remember players have to think on the spot, and if the manager has encouraged you to shoot, then you are more likely to do so, I am sure once perez seen the replay he will also have realised he should have passed.
  4. Looking good, but the promotion/relegation seems very locked out, only one promotion spot?
  5. Bookies are still horrible with their odds. We halfway through a season and its a given west brom wont win the title yet their odds are lower than we had at the "start" of our title season. If I ever bet on football its always a small bet for fun, usually once every 6 months or so, as the value for money is horrific compared to other forms of gambling. The most popular bets info is interesting, I remember many claiming our title win was good for the bookies, I argued it wasnt based on the fact since then odds have tightened up on outsiders (to discourage it)
  6. Pandemic is best time to do it really, there is no fans in stadium anyway so the impact is lower.
  7. Perez did make the wrong decision but he is no longer a regular, and I expect his thinking was a goal might get him in the first 11 whilst an assist wouldnt. Bear in mind I think the manager has been encouraging players to shoot more, probably to try and wean the team from relying on vardy so much, it has eventually paid off with barnes who has improved his shooting.
  8. I cant think of anything in a set of rumours I know nothing about, this thread is first I heard of it.
  9. I need to stop watching games, didnt watch this or the newcastle game.
  10. I have moaned a lot about the rules, but even with me moaning I have made sure I abided by them. For me a lockdown should be a sharp swift lockdown, if its heavy handed, then things are under control quicker, and then the economy can be opened up for a while like we had in the summer. It sounds like we agree 100% on this, weak lockdown's dont work as they just last for infinity. Also seems when I quoted 50% for schools I understated it, its been reported we have schools in the city at 70% attendance, a mere 30% reduction isnt going to cut it.
  11. The first question is how did the friends get there? were they in the same vehicle? Also The point about the police been draconian proves that draconian policies are needed, these two women no way would have willingly complied with a simple quiet word, they clearly dont accept they in the wrong by the fact they went to the press, if anything this story shows we need more enforcement. People may be "losing their minds" as you call it because they respect what is happening, hospitals are at breaking point, non covid health care has pretty much stopped, the economy is been
  12. I blame the rules not the individuals. Mcdonalds needs to be told they not a key business, if they issue letters claiming they are they will be fined and instead any workers with children who dont have childcare should be put on paid furlough. If this gets ignored then I would shutdown the business as not been allowed forcing the issue. Also we managed just fine as a society back in spring when McDonalds was shut. What far too much of the public dont understand is if they keep resisting restrictions, then this economic pain will be prolonged, they doing
  13. Bear in mind the rules have allowed people to go to restaurants pubs, schools, unis. So I dont quite agree, but I will say there is people out there who are taking the micky with parties and such. As soon as the police try to clamp down we start seeing news reports and people call them draconian. So they cant win, clearly just having a "quick word" with people breaking the rules doesnt do the job.
  14. The school situation is ridiculous, liberties been taken, I read on another site a lady sent her child in with a note saying she is a keyworker, she works at mcdonalds. 50% attendance is way too high, I know people who work in offices working on site instead of home, also many business that were closed in spring are open now. In effect this is a bait and switch, government pretending they doing a proper lockdown but under the hood it isnt.
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