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  1. Drinkwater

    the value of players scales with TV money and the like. You get more then 37 million now for finishing bottom of the EPL, in other words 37 million is nothing special for an EPL club. Remember we paid 8 million for a championship striker who was almost 30, drinkwater is english, a EPL title winner, proven to play very well alongside kante (as such raises his value to that club) and has a few years still before he is 30. That alone puts the value at a modest level. But not a huge level. James is looking handy pre season but has still not played an EPL game for over a year, the seville signing has potential but unproven in the EPL yet, selling drinkwater is for sure risky, we dont need the money so I would be tempted to keep, of course the problem is if danny really pushes for the move.
  2. Mahrez to .......................?

    the whole team played worse but is fashionable on here to pick a scapegoat
  3. Mahrez to .......................?

    we all know his form wasnt as good. but how does that translate to "lazy and shit" ? is the lazy because he doesnt waste energy running around like a headless chicken? I feel a lot of his problems last season was he spent too much time defending, he should stay forward with vardy more. I also feel he plays better when he is central on the pitch not on the wing.
  4. Mahrez to .......................?

    why, mahrez is the better player. if gray did come good, he would likely be poached the following summer anyway.
  5. I think all last summer signings I wouldnt miss if they all left.
  6. Slimani

    as ulloa is involved in more play, look past the goals
  7. Slimani

    cause he was 4th choice behind a dog shite musa slimani was ok until winter arrived then the gloves came, lack of energy and injury. hes not even young at 29 he should have been on fire straight away. his wages are also likely higher than ulloa as well.
  8. Slimani

    everytime slimani plays for us now he looks lost, no chemistry with rest of the team, whilst ulloa does have chemistry. I would keep ulloa over slimani if it was my decision to make.
  9. didnt know he was 29 get rid this summer not anywhere near as effective as vardy or even ulloa
  10. Can we continue to carry Mahrez?

    he still made the 3rd goal he isnt a defender im annoyed how people keep banging on about mahrez as a defender but as shown against pool even when he has a bad game he still makes chances
  11. Relegation wage drop or release clauses?

    We will be fine, if we compare to when we went into admin. Now parachute payments are way more generous in fact I am not sure if parachute payments even existed then. We now actually have owners who have already proven they will fund heavy losses as they did prior to our promotion. We would likely sell players which in today's inflated market would significantly offset losses.
  12. mahrez is still a quality player, he is been held back by the rest of the team currently, and really needs to be given free license to roam and stay close to vardy or whoever else is playing up there instead of spending too much time defending.
  13. Don't panic!

    There has been comments like "kante carried them" "opponents only played to 90% to allow the fairy tale" They wont fight them off if relegated.
  14. What is wrong?

    Parachute payments are very generous now, in addition our owners would cover the losses. I think they have already made back all their losses from the championship in our 2 seasons in the EPL.
  15. What is wrong?

    What I think are the causes have already been said but here it is. I agree the players are no longer motivated, where there issue is with the manager or the higher up parts of the club I dont know, but the dressing room is lost regardless. Causes? Wage increases, we know the wage increases were not universal whilst previously the wage structure had everyone on a similar wage, this has now likely caused friction between the players. Players may have had a chance to move in the summer to better clubs but were not allowed to and are now not happy as a result. Loss of steve walsh, this guy was present in training so he was more than just a scout. He may have been important to the squad more than we realise. As last season progressed we were using less and less energy in games, claudio was molding us into a less energy expanding team, this seemed to only pay off becaus eof kante, now he needs the players to revert to how they 0played at the start of last season, but the fitnless levels are not there and they also dont seem willing to expend the energy required to play in that way. Momentum, this is a big thing in football, this season we lost a bunch of pre season games, we then lost to hull, and also seemed to have decided we can only play at 50% in games prior to CL games, and still be good enough to finish in a respectable position, all those games we developed a losing momentum which we cannot shake off. I know what the fix is but I simply cannot cause myself to call for claudio's head.