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  1. Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    Believing unsourced press stories is daft.
  2. Kasper Schmeichel

    He has had a poor season, it isnt just one bad game. But man city was a horrific game even by this seasons standards. I will always hold kasper high in my memory but we cant carry him, he needs to improve or we need to find a new keeper for next season.
  3. We already sold the rights, to the owners. The fact they can name the stadium to king power is probably reflected in the money put into the club and I expect it has netted us on average more than 2.7 million a year in investment.
  4. LCFC Women

    What I would do. Add a link from the main site to the womens site. Ideally put content on the main site. Add footage from their games, interviews etc, to the LCFC tv section. Put information in the printed media issued on matchday for mens LCFC games.. Offer free tickets to womens team games to matchgoing fans, first come first served basis. Found this. They need to get a proper camera down there.
  5. Dragovic

    has he got a release clause then?
  6. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    he has definitely regressed this season, but even by this seasons standards he had a nightmare today, 4 of the 5 goals were soft, and he made some stupid decisions. I think their 4th goal (might have been 3rd) he didnt like the pass he got, so seemed to make a point by making a shit clearance, and then they scored from it, he didnt need to do what he did there.
  7. WTF was Puel smoking at half-time???

    Mahrez looked off the pace, he got thrown on I think out of desperation.
  8. WTF was Puel smoking at half-time???

    Iborra getting no game time at all now seems odd, might be problems behind the scenes. Bringing on simpson seemed a bizarre choice, as usually you want to keep the back line steady during a game as they adapt to the opposition. Especially as simpson hasnt played many games lately. We started the second half like we started the first, which we knew didnt go well when we conceded after 2 mins, then of course we conceded quickly again.
  9. hes more likely to sit on the wrong bench than to score oooooookay.
  10. I waited and the statement came, as expected the press were printing speculative crap.
  11. Well done the Thais

    That is a valid point, the manager will need to decide if thats happening or not. Given mahrez's statement it looks like to me he took time off for his mental state, rather than going on strike, as usual the press were speculating crap.
  12. Well done the Thais

    and whats so bad about him leaving on a free at 29? If our owners have decided they dont need the money why should we care about the money?
  13. Depends really. In Mahrez case he has a contract which both him and the club have to honour, mahrez could become paralysed tomorrow, and the club would still be liable for his contract. It works the other way round as well in that hehas to honour the contract if the club wishes him to do so. It is very simple, if you dont want to stay at a club for the full length of a contract, then dont sign the contract, no one forced mahrez to. What you happy to and what you are obliged to may be two different things.
  14. I have seen simon talk a few times on shows etc. and he mostly comes across as sensible, a ex football club owner who is prepared to talk about the problems in the game. This 2 minute snippit was brilliant and yes he is bang on right, mahrez is an employee who is under contract, as long as that contract exists everything else should not be relevant, he shouldnt even be considering the man city bid unless the club gives him permission to do so.
  15. Its gaps I hate, I want a game every week of the season. If things are considered too congested then this is what I think should be priority for scrapping games in this order. International friendlies - by far the most logical to scrap European games Second leg cup ties Cup replays League games/Cup ties - no compromise on these Gaps lose momentum. I think there should be never more than a 7 day gap between league games from start of season to end of season. From august 17th to May 7th is 35 weeks so 35 games. Meaning only 3 extra games would need to be scheduled in such a system. One or two taken care of by the festive period schedule.