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  1. redcafe, they crave our scouting team. When we sign a player they make comments like "we will buy him for 2-3x in a few years".
  2. Yeah it has moved, since you an admin, can you see if it can be moved back?
  3. Looking at everyone who is pleased, but this now means he will get his head turned within a season or two. Wonder which EPL club asked southgate to put him in so he can be got at.
  4. I see it like this. If the player bombs, then the gamble is lost whether they old or young, as a player who under performs is not going to sell for big money. As an example where are the 50 million bids for gray. If the player is young then yeah a profit can be made, but if the player is older and does well, it doesnt mean we have lost 40 million, instead we paid for probably 4-5 years of a good player (the age likely prevent him moving on). Age needs to be balanced, problem of last season was too many young players. You could counter well we only get 3 years till he
  5. Wonderful post. The 2nd goal really was so good, Justin who pressed TWO players causing errors, (always press press press passing teams), then both tielemans and castagne superb play, and vardys great goal at the end of it. Was awesome.
  6. To be fair its still the same, we massively lowballed, they told us from the start 40m. We wasted weeks to end up paying what they asked The seller sets the price, its up to the buyer to meet, it same as what we were saying with Maguire, it works both ways.
  7. Why would a 27 year old be any less effective than a 22 year old? Man City's oldest player went off and they collapsed after. Dont underestimate experienced wise heads, and how old is Vardy again?
  8. WBA are back in for Slimani they are desperate.
  9. This dude forgets we won a title with low possession, the only stat that matters is the score.
  10. Managing a team isnt just about value and technical ability of a player, this is why Claudio waited until we lost a game to make the changes he wanted to the team. You dont mess with a winning formula unless you forced to. If these performances keep up from both JJ and Castagne, Ricardo will have to wait I expect. Also remember it was a nasty injury that can change a player.
  11. This is why I said its a congerton signing.
  12. Way too early to say this, we have played 3 games.
  13. It has happened, apparently done within hours of the game. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/29327/12084590/ruben-dias-key-to-pep-guardiolas-future-at-manchester-city-jamie-carragher-on-importance-of-centre-back-signing
  14. Vardy has already said he is ok. No idea about the other two though.
  15. Indeed some people consider this been a headless chicken, but I have always said pressing gets you awards.
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