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  1. This comment is all sorts of wrong, parties arent allowed during covid, the club is a public platform and correctly expects its players to follow the guidelines. I support the position of the club, also what message would it send to the squad if these players got picked for the next game.
  2. I expect a few hate posts in here, loved him as our player and I will always see him as a legend, most technically gifted player I have seen play for us.
  3. In all honesty if I had slurred speed and/or blurred vision I would be going straight for 999 assuming I am still capable at that point of even making a call, sometimes the NHS advice seems shockingly bad. Point 3 is basically stroke symptoms.
  4. Just bear in mind its very lopsided from area to area, currently about 30-40 patients in Leicester hospitals. Also some national stats are questionable, even enough to the point I have done a FOI request to get some clarification. As an example the national stats claim a average positive test rate of under 1%, yet cornwall the second lowest area in the country is above that, and the national stats claim it only peaked at just over 2% in January, again with stats released by councils making a complete mockery of it. Currently Leicester positivity rate is 4%,
  5. I am not worried because I dont believe king power would let us collapse, but the accounts are not an indication of a healthy financial status, from what I can garner the owners are not particularly concerned about us breaking even, probably just happy enough to stay within permitted FFP losses, and lend to fund infrastructure/cashflow.
  6. I feel the biggest effect he is actually not been used as a sole striker anymore, I feel he was been used wrong. But for sure his confidence has also gone up with the run of games as well. Hopefully moving forward Nacho is used with at least one other player up front with him in any games he plays.
  7. do these accounts confirm king power pay a more reasonable amount for sponsorship now?
  8. Mike Dean has a history of questionable penalty decisons. That was almost like a rehearsal before the main event where they hadnt smoothed it out, no way did kane just miss the ball, it had very little pace, he basically played for a penalty. Are the rules the problem or the ref personel? Because how did VAR back that up?
  9. No question at all there will be links to at least 1 or 2 of our key players, Rodgers is at risk of links as well. Whether or not the club sanction it remains to be seen, I am glad Rodgers has came out with this, puts pressure on the club to try and maintain our squad, but looking at it sensibly, I expect a key player to go.
  10. Redcafe a good read, they lost away for first time in ages and that was enough for Ole out posts. O_o
  11. What I like is Rodgers acknowledged in a recent interview that Nacho needs another forward alongside him, he is is much better when support is around him so is good the manager now agrees. So I hope from now on whenever Nacho plays either Perez or Vardy is playing as well.
  12. After we got the lead again, this time we had a better focus to go for a 3rd, and got the win, what a great day for us.
  13. We let them back into it, dont know why playing keep ball round the back so early with a narrow lead.
  14. At first it seems bad, but it still would be a £30 million loss if we matched last season revenues, and according to the article a £70 million outlay is in the accounts for the infrastructure. Then there is the legal settlement (possibly celtic?) and having to pay back some tv money in that as well.
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