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  1. so did the other 3rd party debts get transferred to king power?
  2. Wouldnt they want to keep the amount of qualified teams consistent?
  3. The moment I read it got delayed till the 13th I suspected the ban been lifted.
  4. We have taken out at least 3 loans since I am aware off. One to pay for training ground. Another for mahrez money (man city sending future payments to the creditor) Then there was a 3rd done against tv revenue. Financially we going backwards. This is all external debt as well as far as I am aware, not owed to KP.
  5. Have you not heard about the Leicester City lockdown? The number of tests vs results is useful for looking at infection rates, and to get this data on a per city basis is very important to determine if there is a link between increased testing and higher positive cases in Leicester. I have had responses from the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Daily Mail, they are all trying to get the per city pillar B testing count. The BBC initially were interested (local east mid branch), but once I told them the specifics, they lost interest as if they refusing to go against government agenda.
  6. They do know, the numbers have been released for Leicester, but from what I can see not for all cities. Also the bbc have reported Leicester is at 120 per 100k people, higher than the other report, so the numbers are all over the place depending on the news media.
  7. So another person who is wondering where the number of testing data is.
  8. How do you translate comments that are not patting him on the back as wanting him to fail? seems such an odd line of thought. I did praise him a few days ago for his composure in feeding Vardy in the palace game, in the arsenal game, his lack of confidence to take his man on I picked up on, hence the comment about the two passes.
  9. The question was or not and. If either of them qualify via winning European competition, then England gets an extra CL place. So yes it would make it easier for us.
  10. How many points if man utd win europa, "and" man city ban is upheld "and" man utd finish in top 5? Basically 6th place points required.
  11. Wow that doesnt look good, that seems such a unnatural position for the left leg, and there also seems to be some motion of it as well. If this gets vardy banned it proves what I said before about how Rodgers should have been moaning and groaning about all those VAR against us, as it can draw attention and get people to review incidents. Vardys reaction seems to indicate it was an accident, he did the right thing afterwards, but I think with that leg position, hes in danger of this been made a ban.
  12. towards the end of last game he was given 2 chances, both times he passed it straight back to the passer, when I felt he should have turned to try and beat his man, if he succeeded he would have been in a position to do a cutback.
  13. if man city ban is upheld, suddenly things look a little more positive with wolves losing 2 in a row.
  14. wow that is madness. makes you wonder how much club hopping he has done trying to work out whats going on in his brain I do wonder if its related to sky who he also works for and people switching to support a big 6 club?
  15. Probably down to bradford levels. The problem is they looking at cases per 100k. We are massively ramping up testing, which will increase the numbers. Hardly anyone seems bothered about the local lockdown, so there is no political pressure to get it over with. Even people on here are been quiet about it as if they dont care, or maybe most live outside of the city.
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