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  1. he is definitely regressing. Too many tumbles to the ground, and also holds onto the ball too long, he should have scored vs burnley or at the very least worked the keeper, vardy laid it to him on a plate.
  2. I dont have the answers but I do know this, we are failing to do some basics. You either give the other team space and counter. Or you press. We are doing neither, considering we like to pass, we should also be pressing. In addition we not tactical fouling when other teams counter against us, instead we just let them counter. In the last game a burnley player recieved the ball with ricardo right in front of him and then ricardo backed off giving him space he didnt initially have. Couldnt believe what I was seeing. There is also too many players who just seem to be lacking sharpness, and I have no idea why that is.
  3. You realise you can win whilst playing poor, and are allowed to criticise even if we win? Didnt watch the villa game. West ham and newcastle games we were average, both games the opposition was really bad.
  4. Bad form and confidence are not necessarily the same thing.
  5. Kind of how it feels comparing Puel to Rodgers. Last season we was only one of two teams to stop Liverpool winning at home, the other was Man City. We also beat Man City last season as well, in a season when they were still at their best. Both of those results under Puel. Rodgers seems much more able to beat weaker teams but seems naive against the big boys.
  6. The way to bring confidence back is a spell out of the side, you cant play players back into confidence, clearly proven with Nacho.
  7. January is a poor time to do business, but its also important. Would have we stayed up without Huth? When did Tielemans get brought into the club? I would be surprised if we bring no one in at all, but I expect the club will take its time.
  8. Do you believe it though, because we certainly did not pay 2p in the pound on the stadium, we brought it in the end for a lot more than its initial cost and on top of that paid rent for several years. The myths from that era are staggering, people making stuff up just to draw hate to a club. A quick estimate based on how much KP paid to buy the stadium, and what we paid in rent I would say we paid 50-60m for the stadium which had an initial cost of about 30m.
  9. yep our issue was always wages rather than transfer spend.
  10. How many jobs pay 10s of thousands per week? the pay reflects that. I would rather be paid 50k a week, take some stick for 2 hours every couple of weeks vs been paid £300 a week and taking stick 8 hours a day, every day. The two are not even remotely comparable, I suggest you drop this one, because you onto a beating. Also dont think for one moment chillwell is the only player in the country taking stick, all clubs do it, and many under performing players have to deal with it. Its probably worse at small non league clubs, as at least in big grounds, the general noise will drown out individual shouts. One could argue its even "tough love", in my first job I started very badly, got the tough love, improved and stopped getting stick, so Chilwell knows what to do to silence his critics.
  11. Correct on the squad and manager, agree on both there, the issue though, there is no point in having the squad if the manager is not prepared to swap out players out of form. Rodgers seems to have the "favourites" trait in him sadly.
  12. It is nice to finally have someone agree with me on the experience problem. Remember our first season, when a old Cambiasso was put on the pitch, and his presence alone was enough to calm the players around him.
  13. Thats a fair point, in many jobs if you dont perform, you can expect to at least get "some" stick, especially if you working in a team and it affects the rest of your team.
  14. Do we play at king power all day every day then?
  15. We need more time to see where things are going, looking at it in a glass half full way, I will say this. The last two games we had no Ndidi, and the two before we won. So from that I would say its struggling to play without Ndidi. Southampton looked a very good team, and completely different from when we last played them, Ings monster of a striker and they were not scared to attack in numbers. Liverpool and Man City, were expected defeats anyway, the issue really was the manner of the defeats. Now ultimately for me whats important is we make top 4, even if we crawl over the finishing line one point ahead of 5th, its fine, CL qualification for LCFC is amazing. Also a cup final or cup win would be good as well. I did complain about the two defeats in Dec. given alot of people now are mentioning low confidence, the way we approached those games, with little care for winning the ball back, lead to heavy defeats and ultimately heavy defeats do reduce confidence. It would be ironic if we were not able to recover from those naive tactics. The issue is though we need to get probably at least at minimal 22 victories out of the games against the bottom 14 teams. So far we have failed to beat Norwich home, Saints home, Wolves home. Man Utd are currently top 6. In top 6 we have managed to beat Sheff Utd. 22 out of 28 games, we can fail to win 6 of them. That leaves 4 more, there was definitely scope to have a worse 2nd half of season vs 1st half, but we still needed to maintain around top 8 form about 1.5 points game. If we beat any other top 6 teams, it gives us room for more shock defeats. This assumes we would obtain 6 points from top 6 teams, of which we have 4 points so far. Remember teams such as Arsenal, Wolves and Spurs currently reside in the bottom 14. Its going to be close and nervy come end of season.
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