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  1. Come back when you've won the prem chap!
  2. King giving us the aggregate lead away at Cardiff in the play-offs. Never been in an away end like it. We've been through it all the last 15 years!
  3. Is there a reason AC Milan are outsiders tonight? I know inter have a new boss but ac are starting to look decent again. 9/5 looks big.
  4. What a muppet. Surely you pick your most in-form players, no?
  5. I went to Budapest this summer and would 100% go back if we had a game there, no idea where you've got your info from because it's a brilliant city.
  6. I'm sure he'd find it odd that you're posting about him on a football forum.
  7. Hahahah I'd forgotten all about this lad, I was certain he'd be a star.
  8. My missus' dads out there now, got a video of him in a bar with all his mates barricading the door to keep the Russians out, stun grenades and the rest, looked insane.
  9. James Doyle at Doncaster today rather than Epsom, remember it being pointed out a few months back he did the same, may be worth keeping an eye on.
  10. Hahaha I had seating but literally just walked down onto the pitch with no problems, absolutely quality night. We're all Leicester aren't we
  11. Fvck me as if kermorgant was 6 years ago!! Remember that game vividly, the scenes when King scored, the absolute heartbreak when waghorn failed to bag his pen. We've had so much shit, Stoke and their fans on the pitch, Cardiff and their fans on the pitch, Watford and their fans on the pitch, and here we are now. Who'd have thought it
  12. I'll be out. I actually think the atmosphere tonight will be better than yesterday's.
  13. I remember leaving the ground that day absolutely dejected, trips to hereford and Stockport on the horizon with no sign of things getting any better. Funny how things change.
  14. Absolutely speechless. Although saying that, ulloa's goals last year kept us up, now's his time to step up and fire us to the title.
  15. What on earth is Gallagher on about 'you have to give the right one'. You either give them or you don't. You can't pick and choose which fouls you give. I can just about accept vardy's second yellow, but the inconsistency in every other aspect of yesterday's game is what's riled so many.