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  1. cityfanlee23

    Bojan interview

    I wouldn't mind him being given a chance with us to be honest. If he can settle and get back to his best he would be a very strong player to have.
  2. cityfanlee23

    Marlon Santos - Barcelona CB

    Oh god. He got ripped apart by Musa
  3. cityfanlee23

    Marlon Santos - Barcelona CB

    The fact we have signed a right back and are heavily linked with Evans and now this lad can only be seen as positive.
  4. cityfanlee23


    He's obvviously got potential. Hope puel gets a proper look at him and gives him a chance.
  5. cityfanlee23

    Vardy to Atletico

    Hate to say it but this move would suit him down to the ground. Bigger club playing in a style that suits him. He would bang 25 per season easy over there.
  6. cityfanlee23


    That could be us when Puel gets us into Europe
  7. cityfanlee23


    I really do
  8. cityfanlee23


    Been binge watching all of Puels interviews, I was on the edge of the Puel IN fence, but now i've hopped over, gets my full backing. Papers saying we have beaten spurs and agreed a deal for Ricardo Pereira, Exciting summer ahead. One thing I am definitely not worried about is Puels ability to attract a player. Or even find a player. The manager does get a say in which players he feels he wants once the scouts have done their due dilligence and got a list together, and I feel Puels judgement of a player is decent. Roll on the summer.
  9. cityfanlee23


    Same, Vardy spends a lot of his time looking toward goal and focusing on making sure he's onside and on the last man to get an advantage. Goalkeeper is pretty much stuck in his box. Defenders can be anywhere on the pitch relative to where the ball is and where their position is, it's far more free and they can see everything infront of them. Midfielders have to have eyes in the back of their head. Give it maguire.
  10. cityfanlee23


    Maguire. Long term choice and personally I always prefer one of the back line to take the captaincy because they can see the pitch infront of them.
  11. cityfanlee23

    England world cup poll.

    It's almost as if the media completely brainwash the nation when it comes to football. They spend months telling the players they are shit then can't wait to celebrate a loss and say "I told you so"
  12. cityfanlee23

    Pick your starting 11

    I wanted to pace myself but World Cup Fever has got hold of me
  13. cityfanlee23

    Pick your starting 11

    Use the BBC sport squad picker and share your 11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44116448
  14. cityfanlee23

    England world cup poll.

    This is probably one of our best opportunities to go close. The squad isn't incredible but on their day can play anyone. Just need some favourable draws really.
  15. cityfanlee23

    England world cup poll.

    Where will we come?