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  1. cityfanlee23

    Jardim to Leicester?

    I understand the logic but why is it the managers responsibility to motivate them? They aren't in some sort of mundane job that they get poorly paid for, they are doing one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world for a stupid sum on money with thousands of fans cheering them on? If that is the sort of player we have in our ranks I would rather sell them tbh.
  2. cityfanlee23

    Jardim to Leicester?

    Sack Puel and replace him with a manager who has the same tactical approach to football, but had more success due to having a world class team last season.
  3. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Looking at our squad and their capabilities in terms of changing their style of play, we have a limited squad. Players I would call "one dimensional" that don't have the ability to really utilise new ways of football: - Wes - Albrighton - Simpson - King - Okazaki - Silva - Benalouane - James Then we look at players that could be moulded but still need work: - Ghezzal - Gray - Amartey - Iheanacho - Soyuncu - Diabate - Ndidi - Mendy That's a large amount of players that really are not the finished article, won't feature or have shown no or little ability to change their style of play. Of those lists we should be looking to replace atleast 7 of them, that's a bench and more of options to switch up a game. Whoever the new manager is they really are not going to do anything unless they are allowed to replace atleast 7 of the fringe players, and a new manager may even command an entirely new way of thinking and need to replace even more than that! Regardless of what people think of Puel, his signings have looked fine and the squad he would leave behind is definitely more diverse than when he arrived.
  4. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    If we are to get rid at the end of the season, Bielsa could be a shout if he does not get the poisoned chalice promoted. Although he has a record of leaving clubs after a season or two. Not really the approach i'd be looking for.
  5. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Ironically people are saying Jardim yet his style of football pretty much Mimics Puels, except his team was generally more attacking focused last season where he had one of the best teams in Europe. Not really sure what people expect Jardim to do with our squad, we are transitioning but still have a fair few one dimensional players.
  6. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    I thought so too, credit where credit is due though atleast I'm not the only one that saw the resemblance!
  7. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Being a good Lawyer does not qualify you to be a good Manager.
  8. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Have to admit I wanted Nagelsmann too.
  9. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Barnes and Hamza have, we've also signed youthful players who are looking good, Benkovic for example. Diabate needs time but has looked good at times. Gray has improved his all round play.
  10. cityfanlee23

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Does not have to be. Who would you want?
  11. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/trainer/verfuegbaretrainer/statistik Enjoy.
  12. Sack him. Get someone else in who's available like Moyes or speculate on some spectacular manager like Wenger or Conte then get on the back of the new manager within 10 games. Can't wait.
  13. cityfanlee23

    What are the Players doing wrong?

    Yep, I had a heated debate with someone the other day who claimed the reason we start games slow is because Puel doesn't "inspire them" as if grown adults need their manager to get them fired up for a game they will earn hundreds of thousands from! They seem to forget that we were a 2nd half team under Pearson, for the most part under Ranieri we improved in the second half and also under Shakey. But no, it's Puel being boring that causes the players not to wake up and organise themselves early doors.
  14. cityfanlee23

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    Can you save a copy of that FM formation and tactic then email it to me?