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  1. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Yep, on another day we would not have 2 goals. we need a player in these types of games capable of winning it in the air.
  2. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    "luck" By luck do you mean wolves hitting the post (instead of scoring) and your defender not clearing a header properly? the only chances you've created are when our entire team was at 6's and 7's. Since pressing we've been far better. It's not unlucky if you hit the post, it's a missed shot.
  3. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    I do feel like we need a target man for these types of games though. Wolves have that back 3 and the central midfield dropping between the defenders, which is forcing us onto the wings alot, we need someone to whip balls in, any other day we would be at 0-0 and we've been fortunate with our goals today. It's vardy vs 5 defenders when we get the ball in.
  4. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    I've been impressed with Mendy tbh, after so long off and no match fitness he's been everywhere, made some mistakes but that's expected.
  5. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    It's his job, but I have to say I love the fact Claude Puel has been so vocal on the touchline all game, and is now calling players over to go through scenarios and tell them how to change their game to improve, telling them how to play. They are clearly listening to him.
  6. cityfanlee23

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Chilwell couldn't cross the road let alone a football. apart from that we looked far better than I expected.
  7. cityfanlee23

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    100% behind him.
  8. cityfanlee23

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Lucky bastard Shaw. He knew nothing about that touch and definitely didn't play for it.
  9. cityfanlee23

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    **** me, some absolute spanner on one of the lcfc facebook groups is complaining that we didn't play Johnson over Morgan. Our fans numb my mind at times.
  10. cityfanlee23

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    His pass to Ricardo a second ago was sublime.
  11. Andy King has been heavily rumoured to be going to Aston Villa, This could still be the case potentially with a loan deal. However, could he now feature for the 1st team considering Puel has filled a Gap that the squad lacked and effectively opened up new Formation potential? Puels favoured 4231 looks to be the long term goal, and with Maddison coming in it seems likely we will play a formation with a #10 for the season, does this open up a space for King to find some of the potential we all knew he had as we came up the leagues, Since he first showed proper potential in League 1 and the Early championship days under NP, we went to a solid 4-4-2, which often played against Kings strengths and left him overrun in midfield, this formation has been the foundation of the club for a Decade now, and looks to be starting to unwind. Could King potentially be backup to Maddison in that #10 role where his defensive frailties are less important? With 2 CMS behind him could he have the freedom to contribute to LCFC? He played very well at swansea in a very poor team.
  12. cityfanlee23

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Rather keep him tbh. Never given a proper chance here. Had the best goals to minute ratio at the club when he was given a chance. The vardy problem strikes again.
  13. cityfanlee23

    Claude puel will prove to be....

    There's a few decent Puel tactical analysis videos online, one of them in particular was an interesting watch as although they analysed his tactics well, they were well off the mark assuming Leicester players would suit the tactics when he came in, example, when he said Simpson and Fuchs were attacking players. He seems to be trying to remedy that with players that can hold the ball up and keep possession whilst being able to switch on a counter when needed. He then speaks about counter attacks here in some detail where he clearly takes the approach of holding possession and only countering when it's the right moment for a quality attack, and not just to attack as soon as we get possession which can lead to players being out of position should we lose the ball on the counter. Interesting really when you step back and look at last season, he often said all of these things in his press conferences as to why we were less ruthless going forward as he clearly wanted the players to put quality counters over sheer numbers of counters. He's definitely a methodical tactician. I genuinely believe given time he will prove a success, but even if he's only given a season, he will leave the club in a much stronger position than he inherited. And definitely with better players.
  14. cityfanlee23

    Claude puel will prove to be....

    In his defence before Southampton he was a manager with a name in France for fast paced counter attacking football and high pressing. Not sure what changed in England but I'm seeing signs that he a trying to sign the types of players that could play that way.
  15. cityfanlee23

    Claude puel will prove to be....

    Nope. Go with your instinct!