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  1. The fans aren't football managers. Who gives a shit if you disagree with a sub? How does that feel to the player coming on? Our fans are terrible. They've turned into a bunch of entitled children who cannot understand just how big a job puel has taken on. When he arrived we had 21 players that were past it, too one dimensional or just not good enough. Fans expect overnight results.
  2. I'm not going to blame it on the fans but make no mistake, our fan base is an embarrassment most of the time. One of the worst fanbases in the league when its not going our way. During the prem season I couldn't have been prouder, that unfortunately has gone to everyone's head. We were a better fanbase when being relegated from the championship to league 1. It's a mixture of things, puel being relatively stubborn it seems, defenders constantly making stupid mistakes that have nothing to do with formations or tactics but their own inability to think quickly, Forwards missing clear cut chances game after game after game.
  3. Can't help but think we wouldn't be talking about all of this if our forwards could actually finish a chance and our defenders could actually defend in the first 20 mins...
  4. The fact is vardy should be on about 12 goals this season but he's wasted something like 13 clear cut chances that were about as easy to score than miss. He's getting plenty of chances but he's fluffing them. His movement is also really poor and it looks as though he has no idea how channels work. I'm hoping we sign a replacement in summer for transition over the next year or so as the club simply cannot keep playing a certain way to suit 1 player. We are not a 1 player team.
  5. I kind of agree and disagree with the comments personally, I kind of agree based on a hunch, it's a theory I have no evidence for but we had rumoured unrest under Nige, Ranieri and now Puel, I can't see that as a coincidence. Then i disagree on the other side because I'm not sure if it's power or passion for the club. I expect their voices are heard and I would not be surprised if they don't have access to top privately whenever they want it. No evidence of wrongdoing though so It's just my own little conspiracy theory.
  6. Edited the original post just to add some players to the list that Puel originally inherited to show what a big job this club was when he took over.
  7. I think he's got massive potential but he's not as good NOW as we say he is. He runs a lot and he often beats his man when attacking, but more often than not his crossing is atrocious and he constantly has an opportunity to overlap but instead stays off and ends up passing back to kasper or the defence, I really don't rate him at 50m right now, hope he ends up being that good though but right now I think it's young english hype.
  8. Which is why I've been Puel in from the start. I wrote a list of 21 players he inherited that were either too old, past it or 1 dimensional when Puel arrived, and he's massively reduced that list. We need to bring new players in.
  9. Considered sticking him in there but I couldn't be arsed with the backlash after such a disappointing result today lol. He's been bang average for a while.
  10. I don't think it's a case of not seeing it, it's a case of getting the right player in that can. Iborra and Silva can pass a decent ball but they created other problems, they were both off the pace and players were gliding past them in midfield, atleast with Ndidi and Mendy you get some aggression and get hassled on the ball, so you fix one leak and cause another.
  11. I made a list interestingly enough of 21 players that Puel inherited that were one dimensional, past it or not good enough. The list is massively reduced under Puel and we have players like Ricardo replacing them. We definitely need 3-5 first teamers but the bench is really poor and need to add to that aswell, that's why i've consistently been puel in, however i have to admit even i've struggled to defend him recently.
  12. Problem is Morgan has been undroppable under 4 managers now and nobody knows why, it's almost as if he's got some sort of grip on the team, I would not be surprised to see a new manager come in and pick him also. Puel should not be accepting these mistakes, Morgan needs dropping but i guess we differ in approach, some players are loyal, Klopp was loyal for ages to his goalkeepers it took him nearly 3 years to replace them with someone competent. The issue is who do we play instead? It's not as if Evans or Soyuncu don't have a clanger in them. Soyuncu has looked Shakey at times in his short appearances but he's also been a rock in others. would Evans and Maguire work? The irony I see in all of this is that we did what the fans wanted today. We attacked, it backfired. Fans all over the Facebook groups are now saying we should have gone for the draw, yet if he had done that he would have got backlash from other fans saying we should be going for the win. Puel cannot win with our fans and for that reason I feel for him on a human level. I just wish he was more brutal. I hope he goes in to the dressing room and rips them to shreds for their defensive performance.
  13. Can't help but think we have a massive amount of players on the books who regardless of manager simply are not good enough. Morgan - So inconsistent and any other manager would be trying to retire or sell him, he's lucky Puel is so loyal to him, disgraceful to hear he ran past puel to celebrate with others for his goal, Puel is the only manager that would still be playing him week in week out. Simpson - Really one dimensional and his defensive solidness really is not what it used to be. Mendy - Great first few games and has had his moments but generally he's just average at best, him and Ndidi together just do not compliment eachother. Iheanacho - Too many chances now, 10 mins left, you're a CF and you're losing the game, you should be up and down the touchline making sure the manager sees you, instead he's sat on the bench in his coat without his boots tied up or pads on. Just get rid. Okazaki - Past it Silva - Probably needs more chances as he's proven quality, but everytime he has played he's generally been off the pace, so unless we have a new manager with a master plan, can't see him doing much at this level. Fuchs - Past it, been below average when he's had a chance this season, either his passing or his defending lets him down every game he's played. King - Time has come. James - Time has come. Jakupovic - Waste of a wage Inconsistent players Gray - Did well today for his goal, but can't help but wish he did it more often, shows flashes of brilliance but often just gets marked out of the game. Chilwell - He's decent enough but massively overrated IMO, i'd take 50m for him if city offered it, his defending is OK and his attacking is OK. Very rarely does a cross connect and more often than not he turns and passes backwards. The last 2 and possibly Silva could be good under a new manager, but generally speaking I really think the problem goes deeper than this. Our bench is piss poor and many of our first team players just cannot adapt any other style of play than hoofball. EDIT --------------------------------- Just to add to this post and to reflect on the last 18 months or so, here is a list of players that Puel inherited that he's had to offload whilst trying to progress the squad. Huth Wasilewski Hamers Musa Slimani Ulloa Kapustka??? Benalouane Zieler Lawrence Lists combined thats 20 players that have been or need to be moved on, he did not take on a small job.
  14. So frustrating, it's getting so difficult to defend Puel but at the same time, it surely cannot be Puels fault that we make SO MANY individual mistakes. All 3 goals were due to poor individual decisions and bad positioning and the players know better. Someone mentioned Morgan celebrating his goal with the bench but ran past puel, did not see it myself but if that is true it's a ****ing disgrace, the amount of mistakes Morgan has made this season yet still gets played he should be licking puels shoes, any other manager would have retired him by now. His goal didn't even make up for half of the 7-10 mistakes he made today. Simpson and Morgan are a burden on the team defensively, Mendy and Ndidi are just too similar and I think they actually hinder eachother, playing them together cannot be defended but at the same time we literally have no other options in that position that would compliment eachother, Choudhury is not the finished article and I don't think he could play in a midfield 2, Silva is way too slow and off the pace and has been a passenger every time he's played in a 2. I know i've always been Puel in but it's so difficult to defend, today however I really can't help but feel sorry for him, he's always been cautious and the fans have hated him for it, 2nd half we did what the fans wanted and it backfired and he looked as though he wanted the ground to open up, I have a gut feeling that this is it now and the final nail has been hammered in. All in all I feel sorry for Puel, our team is a bit of a shambles at present and 95% of the blame is put at his door whilst the players seem to get a free pass. So frustrated and I don't know what the answer is. I think Chilwell is MASSIVELY overrated and i'd snap man citys hand off for 50m, Maguire has been poor this season, Morgan has been a rock in some games and a donkey in others, Simpson fills me with zero confidence and the duo of Simpson and Morgan combined fills me with fear. Maybe we get Rodgers in and he gets a new manager bounce, make no mistake though, we need atleast 10 first team and bench players before we have any hope of fighting for the top 6.
  15. I didn't say it was a stupid to say he could play there just that our fans seem to think he's the immediate saviour to multiple different positions. I was under the impression he played as an attacking/central mid for most of his time at MK Dons And Barnsley.
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