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  1. cityfanlee23

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    I'm on soccer streams, they are all either arabic or crap for me
  2. cityfanlee23

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    If anyone has a stream that doesn't freeze every 3 seconds i'd appreciate a DM, thanks
  3. I would 1000% back this.
  4. Good manager. But by christ he's one of the most boring defensive managers in the league. Our fans would hate him after a few months.
  5. No I was Puel in, he tested my patience that's for sure though mate.
  6. And lost 8 of the last 12. Really poor record, I think he has the right vision though.
  7. Which manager from which club. No im not happy, but i still support the manager and his vision at this moment.
  8. Leeds have one of the best managers in europe IMO in Bielsa.
  9. I support puel but in fairness we've lost 8 out of our last 12 prem games.
  10. What? No, im talking about the actual "puel out" fans all over social media, why are you jumping to conclusions assuming i mean everyone who criticises?
  11. Yep, the usual knee jerk suspects can't wait to sack everyone, they never have a plan though.
  12. We aren't going to get Wenger, Conte or Zidane. Blanc is unlikely. Here is a list of available managers. Lambert De boer Pardew Bilic Moyes Allardyce Ranieri Henry Di Matteo If i've missed any feel free to add, but to those who want Puel out, who the hell do you want in?
  13. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Yep, on another day we would not have 2 goals. we need a player in these types of games capable of winning it in the air.
  14. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    "luck" By luck do you mean wolves hitting the post (instead of scoring) and your defender not clearing a header properly? the only chances you've created are when our entire team was at 6's and 7's. Since pressing we've been far better. It's not unlucky if you hit the post, it's a missed shot.
  15. cityfanlee23

    Wolves (H) match thread

    I do feel like we need a target man for these types of games though. Wolves have that back 3 and the central midfield dropping between the defenders, which is forcing us onto the wings alot, we need someone to whip balls in, any other day we would be at 0-0 and we've been fortunate with our goals today. It's vardy vs 5 defenders when we get the ball in.