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  1. I'm not sure if we have one, but if we don't is it not about time we made one and placed the club legends in there? Theres the obvious legends of the past, and the more recent legends such as Vichai, theres obviously a strong argument for the prominent prem winning players. Do we have an official HOF?
  2. Honestly, it baffled me how many seemingly intelligent fans wanted to get rid of puel due to "boring" football and replace him with rafa.
  3. Forgive me, but I really couldn't take anything a Celtic fan said seriously at this moment in time. The way the fan base has publicly exploded on every social media outlet is frankly embarrassing. The majority of Celtic fans are trying to play down what he's done there with some even suggesting Lennon is a better manager. I get fans are annoyed at the timing but the reality is it was a take it or leave it opportunity and the ad single thing to do is to take it. Leicester are a smaller club but we are a bigger managerial job. He's been one of the best managers in your history.
  4. There's no way he would be commanding 40m. He simply isn't worth it. 25m and yes take a punt. 40m would be stupid.
  5. Who knows, maybe, just maybe Brendan can work with him and get him firing on all cylinders? He's still young and he's the first to admit his form is terrible. BR has a record of taking players and improving them.
  6. 18/19 -Top 10, Improved displays on the pitch with faster counters. 19/20 - Top 8 with progression on the pitch. Attempt at the FA Cup 20/21 - Fighting for 6th-8th with a good cup run.
  7. It's been a while since I've been this excited with a managerial appointment, infact I don't remember being this excited before. I really do believe Brendan Rodgers will take us up a lot of notches and push us towards the promised land of top 6. I really do believe he can get top 7 and push that ceiling. Really very happy today.
  8. What a kick in the bollocks it would be to Celtic if Rodgers not only left them mid way through the season but recalled Benkovic at the same time.....
  9. I've seen people mention timing and mention waiting til summer. Surely now is the perfect timing for us? The players have had 15 months of a new style of football with multiple chops and changes, surely the last thing we need is another interim manager who again chops and changes things, then a new permanent manager in the summer who again changes things. This is perfect for me, we aren't in real danger of relegation at this point which gives BR 2 months to work out what he needs and wants in the summer to improve us, then he gets a proper pre season and transfer window with actual planning. This is perfect imo.
  10. Worth noting when listening to his post Valencia interview (2-0 loss at home) he kept mentioning basic mistakes, and used the phrase "at this level" over and over. He was rumoured to be unsettled due to failure of the board to back him in summer (as was Lennon when he was there) and I have to wonder if he really realised in that game against top class opponents that Celtic will simply never challenge those games consistently as they don't have the finances to get the players needed to challenge, and never will have. Leicester pose a real quality challenge here, one of the best owners in the world if not the best, a great structure and a really promising team thanks to quality young additions made by Puel. He comes into Leicester with a young ambitious squad with bags of potential and generous owners willing to spend when needed. I still feel like we have the potential to attack the top 7 and I still don't feel the top 6 is beyond the reach of many clubs in the league given just how competitive that end of the table is. I'm pretty sure we are just tying up loose ends now and hope he makes it to tonight game. Bring on the weekend where we welcome Brendan to the club for his first game in charge. Get off to flyer and let's kick on now.
  11. It would seem so in this case. Brendan Rodgers is literally walking away from the first ever "treble of trebles" in history. In order to take charge here. I think he's been told he will have unequivacle backing of the board and money to spend, something I would trust with BR. I'm really excited by this prospect personally.
  12. I honestly believe he can take us to the next level and build on what Puel has put in place in terms of ability to hold the ball when needed, but Rodgers can tweak our counter attack to make us more clinical. This is a perfect fit, Rodgers could probably get. Bigger job than us after his record with going close at Liverpool with a bang average squad and his success in Scotland. The fact he's found this so tempting that he's willing to turn down a treble treble to take it speaks volumes. He wants to be here. Bring on the weekend!!!
  14. I'd support Benitez but I don't want him. He's been wreckless with signings. For me it should be one of: Rodgers Howe AVB Then one of the unrealisitic ones, Wenger Zidane Conte Blanc Also think Jokanovic is underrated.
  15. No doubt many fans will be ecstatic this morning with the news Puel is gone. Yesterday I had to concede his job was untenable although I still supported his philosophy that he had in France and what he wanted to achieve here. It just didn't clock for him in the premier league and that's a massive shame. Credit to him, the squad that he inherited was full of dead wood and more than half of that dead wood has been cleared out which has paved the way for young players with plenty of potential under the right leadership, along with experience such as Evans who has been quality this season. The squad is in a much better position now than the one Puel inherited. And we all must thank him for her dignified and professional role that he played during the darkest time in this clubs history. Your position was untenable but I hope puel goes on to do a good job somewhere else.
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