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  1. Youri 2 assists, Barnes goal Maddison goal. Shit pitch did not help both sides but it was entertaining.
  2. Well thats my educational update for the day
  3. Questions simple really cannot Ricky be a straight replacement for Albrighton in the current line up. Not too hard guys and gals.
  4. Cannot Ricky replace Albrighton
  5. Fofana, Cags , Evan's Amartey. that will do for me.
  6. Urban it would all depend on wages for me but I would have him otherwise.
  7. Dele Ali anyone? Would he fit in Ok? We dont get many midfielders in the box.
  8. I hold my hands up and say I have been critical of Perez this season but he has shown that playing more inside he can have a positive I fluence.
  9. dele's girlfriend is a leicester lass. Geerriimmiiin
  10. Sounds like the Soyuncu thread all over again. He is a young lad who has been thrust into the team a lot earlier than expected. His early performances show what we can expect on a consistant level in the coming years. He is 19 FFS he will make mistakes just like Cags did but he will learn. Its not as if his Centre Half partners are helping him is it.
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