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  1. Hats off to Albrighton for the pass but FFS he has been abysml apart from that.
  2. a nod for the assist but it just shows our lack of options
  3. Well that team will certainly cause debate win lose or draw. Only doubt for me is albrighton never done enough this season however the faithfull on here would be glad either Perez or Gray are not starting.
  4. Thought Kelechi ran his socks off up front on his own.Had a better game than most and looked sharp.
  5. FFS we are a young inexperienced team that have to be honest punched above their weight this season. We have improved over last year which was part of the 5 year plan. If we manage to qualify for europe our goal for this year must surely have been met. Some of the squad are not good enough which we are all agreeing with but I am sure that the club know that as well. The last thing the team need at this point is critisim and talk of sacking the manager???Get a grip!
  6. Time to go. Younger fresher legs to come in. If we talking about standards surely theres enough at the club to maintain the clubs ethics without his contribution.
  7. Sorry for ignorance but does anyone know the problem?
  8. what the hell are you slagging off Nacho?? He has worked hard linked up well and made runs.We have shot from distance
  9. Seems as though he has a manager who understands what young players require to progress. Like they say some players run through walls for certain managers others lie down.
  10. If Perez goes in with conviction the corner don't happen
  11. Just the same as Cags last year let him get games under his belt before all the negativity. With Wes injured we need another quality CB anyway.
  12. Like I said and others have agreed clear daylight between attackers and defenders is a clear advantage and should be deemed offside
  13. Do not get me wrong I was jumping up and down when Sons goal was chalked off but it does seem that someone in some far off place makes a decision on when he believes the ball was struck. Just asking te question that are we playing with too fine a margin
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