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  1. Sorry for my ignorance but is little Wes available tonight?
  2. Remember that Rickys opening games were not the best. He needs time to adapt
  3. Sorry forgot I was on pointless! He has respect just showing concern.
  4. Have we heard whats up?? Still not in Northern Ireland team.
  5. Am I supposed to be enjoying this build up experience?
  6. Enjoy the ride boys this is Leicester City we are talking about.
  7. Dennis was at Knighton Park yesterday with his peronal trainer. He looked in really good shape and it will not take him long to get up to full speed. We certainly have a great player on our hands and next year he will really push on.
  8. Hats off to Albrighton for the pass but FFS he has been abysml apart from that.
  9. a nod for the assist but it just shows our lack of options
  10. Well that team will certainly cause debate win lose or draw. Only doubt for me is albrighton never done enough this season however the faithfull on here would be glad either Perez or Gray are not starting.
  11. Thought Kelechi ran his socks off up front on his own.Had a better game than most and looked sharp.
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