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  1. Just the same as Cags last year let him get games under his belt before all the negativity. With Wes injured we need another quality CB anyway.
  2. Like I said and others have agreed clear daylight between attackers and defenders is a clear advantage and should be deemed offside
  3. Do not get me wrong I was jumping up and down when Sons goal was chalked off but it does seem that someone in some far off place makes a decision on when he believes the ball was struck. Just asking te question that are we playing with too fine a margin
  4. Whats your thoughts. So fed up with all these stupid VAR decisions on offside, isit an armpit, toenail. Surely the benefit should go to the attacker as we go to see goals. The defenders always try to play offside or squeeze the play up but they should always bear in mind the postion of the attacker. The defender should always try to be goalside. If by good movement the attacker gains a half man advantage all the good. If however there is clear air between the two he would be offside. I was a defender but we go to see goals so surely the advantage should go with the attacker. These VAR decisions are ruining our game.
  5. Playing Morgan and Cags together would be disastrous. Both have positional issues and need Evans beside them.
  6. Lets put it all into perspective. We are second, unbeaten at home, 9 games unbeaten. How can people be disappointed. Yes we could have played better, certain players could have played better. We have a young team progressing nicley and with some shrewd additions in January and the summer we will be a force for a long time.
  7. I think the so called Big 6 are running scared of teams like us and Wolves
  8. Agree with thoughts on Son great player and a handful for anyone.
  9. Defensively he is the best left back at the club however I believe Brendan insists on a bit more.
  10. Patience is the key with him. He will come good he just needs to maintain his confidence and gain premier league maturity.
  11. Maybe just maybe a chant for him may help him release some pressure and make him feel accepted. Instead of hearing groans if things do not come off. We are there to support aint we?
  12. Have to agree, Hamza was as usual putting in the effort but I thought that some of his control and passing was not the sharpest, Lack of games probably.
  13. Think the crowd need to up their game as well. 12th man!!
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