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  1. Lol. Well done Harvey here’s a tennis ball tube for your effort
  2. Can someone please find the “my mates the ref” thread and post it in here
  3. Pogba double yellow guaranteed then cus he’s a cock and in people’s faces
  4. Hamza and Ndidi for this with Tielemans in cm. maddison and either pereth, Kevin or Harvey each side of Vardy will be a good test of where we are
  5. Maguire own goal and soyuncu motm 0-1 scenes !!
  6. “Fill in” - we’re aiming for top 6 and so should be having more adequate cover imo
  7. Drinkwater starts for Burnley. Interesting to see how he does
  8. Barnes on for Chroudry. Bring Maddison in to the no. 10 role and Barnes left.
  9. The fella at Southampton possibly. If West Ham have a bad start after the money they’ve spent fan pressure could see pellegrini go
  10. 1-0 Leics. Soyuncu with an 85th minute header SCENES!!!
  11. No-one would see the game unless sat on the front row he’s certainly challenging ndidi. For me Hamza gives me more confidence when he’s on the ball and seems to cover ground quicker than Wilf. Should start against wolves imo
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