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  1. 0-1 Ricardo with a scuffed shot off the shin! purely predicted on the basis I took him out my fantasy team!! come on foxeeeees!!!!! Let’s have it!!
  2. One of the nice things about being a foxes fan at the mo is that I don’t worry or concern myself about wandering if a player is good enough for us or not.. I just sit back and let the club decide.. and if they bring him in then that’s good enough for me.. .. of course still worthy of a debate but if the club like the look of him and attainable then he’s good enough to join
  3. URGENT: ADD 11-15 OPTIONS TO THE PLAYER RATING THREAD !!!!!! A stunning TEAM performance!!!!!
  4. Whether to swap the kop end and the family stand
  5. Really poor first half. castagne and Ricardo struggling to gives us attacking width. nacho and Amarty off. Go 433 albrighton left wing (Ricardo right) Thomas to left back, Castange to RB
  6. Debut start for ST. Excited to see him play. Go oooooooon foxes.. be up for this from the off!!! In to ‘em.. quick with accurate passing
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