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  1. Lol. The coach driver is apparently on near 2k a week as his job keeps driving him round the bend Toilet cleaners are on £1000 a week as their job is shitty and tools they use take the pi55 Oh and for the record blame mic(k) the stadium announcer who is making the most noise about his wages possibly not being paid
  2. We could be training here before the seasons over thanks to corona! every cloud and all that
  3. Also consider the fact players contracts could expire before the seasons over. What do you do with the summer transfer window if you take option 1 happening during the last quarter of the campaign ?
  4. Leicester have been preparing for corona since Xmas then judging by performances
  5. We haven’t. We’ve loaned him for cover
  6. Think it was a sign of respect for each other. Both teams were satisfied with a point so didn’t have to push and really go for it
  7. Only one shot on target and they’ve scored from it Nyland playing Neuer. We’re in this. Comeooooooon
  8. Better still Leics provide big issue clackers on every away seat as a gift 😂
  9. The fact people are moaning about the pundits suggests people are satisfied with the game
  10. Rodgers is just pissed he can’t have a holiday If the club genuinely don’t want a reply then if a draw at 90 stick in your own net
  11. Not what I thought at first.. Refs would make the decision and correct the ref for clear and obvious mistakes it seems to have evolved in to the ref making his initial decision but hiding behind VAR who makes the final decision laws of the game need clearing up too. If a “tap”in the box e.g. Mane, means it’s not clear and obviously not a pen then what is?
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