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  1. Still give us - saying we also currently do
  2. Thats a good point - having a season of Tagliafico and Ricardo may still give us the best full back combo bar Liverpool for at least a season
  3. He’d be undoubtedly a fantastic signing at £22m, the only real issue is he has a few years on Ben so we’d be losing a longer term player
  4. Louder for the people in the back! Why are we not going for this its a no brainer.
  5. Think Gotze is maybe a Tielemans style signing of like “oh yeah like 2/3 seasons ago people were raving, gone a bit quiet since”. Think he’d be decent on a free but don’t know how often he’d play with Maddison still about. In a DM deeper role perhaps as a Mendy replacement?
  6. Said Benrahma linked in the sun - thoughts? Personally feel we could be aiming higher but he’s shown he can do it in England, don’t think they’d sell for cheap especially if they get promoted.
  7. Could be our next Huth
  8. Its not an exciting signing but I think I’d rather it than £15m for a patchy at best Vestergaard
  9. Diallo and Vestergaard in as cover isn’t bad for a January window for us, but admittedly isn’t the most exciting
  10. This would be ideal, fingers crossed
  11. Its funny how we’ve spend £100m on players, only major loss was Harry, who has been replaced quite well by Cags and we look so much worse than last season.
  12. I cannot recommend this guy enough - has such a high ceiling and Rodgers would mold his raw talent into something truly special. For £35m we’d be getting one of the hottest prospects in Europe believe me. Worth every penny
  13. I think Rodgers is going to rotate the squad slightly more this season, and I think our lack of quality in depth was rather apparent as the season went on. Praet really would be a coup in the vein of Tielemans in terms of his quality - he’s not as good as him but their partnership at Anderlecht and Belgium was quality at times. Expect them to work well together with Maddison pushing forward more. I think he’d be a really good signing, and alongside a winger, maybe Jarred Bowen - and a striker we’d be set.
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