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  1. Is there any news on his contract? Not sure if the registration has affected its length
  2. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Good shout. Both need to be in contention for England surely. (never will they dont play in london)
  3. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Really happy with Maguire though! MOTM for me so far!!!
  4. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    Absolutely agree. Dont get me wrong sometimes things look really nice, the interviews for instance look better than they did a couple of years ago, but we need some new equipment sharpish. And a lighting course 😂😂
  5. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    That may be true, due to the League obviously, but that's nothing to do with our crappy, cringey videos of our players so clearly reading lines off a board. Nothing against the players, they arent actors, but bad acting can look drcent with proper videogrpahy and contemporary editing. Just looks undramatic and flat along with most videos and images we put out. Even on the news article for the new kit, it's pixelated on my phone. Should be so simple to sort out. And our template website that football league clubs use...Idk, maybe Its cuz Im in the business I notice it more
  6. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    I really think our Media Production team needs a serious update. Look at Arsenal or United or Everton. Really impressive graphic design, video quality, editing etc. If we want to be seen at a big club, we need to stop looking like a League 2 level media department. I realise this is of no interest to most, but it's a real pet peeve to look so crappy off the pitch.
  7. Vardy Euro 2016 Thread


    Ranieri should have a statue outside the stadium if we win this title. Vardy, Mahrez and Kante sure they're great players, but they all needed a leader. The greatest manager we've ever had. o'Neill and Pearson have nothing on him. This is beyond my wildest dreams as a fan, and he's delivered amazing results. Win the title, and he's done the greatest job in modern football.
  9. Player of the year

    Kanté Vardy Mahrez Morgan Payet De Bruyne
  10. Squad 2016/17

    Get Ter Stegen, Bojan and Aboubakar and im happy as anything
  11. Spurs (H) FA cup 3rd round replay match thread

    Remember when dyer scored against villa? Looked a great signing. Thank god its only a loan. Schlupp, Gray, Albrighton and Mahrez are great thank you
  12. Spurs (H) FA cup 3rd round replay match thread

    Ulloa shit again
  13. Spurs (H) FA cup 3rd round replay match thread

    Dyer should have netted that
  14. Spurs (H) FA cup 3rd round replay match thread

    Id much rather have Kram than Ulloa. Hasn't looked good enough. Defintely 2 changes at half time, 4-4-2, vardy and albrighton on, Benalouane and Was aren't looking good, clearly need to buy some defenders in the summer if not now. No realistically good cover beyond Huth and Morgan, apart from Amartey coming in.
  15. Stoke (away) match thread

    I understand that but every article says he's fine. Thought he'd at least make the bench. Weird one Id rather have fuchs than benny, simpson or rdl