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  1. I do have some investments which will hopefully pay off. I hear Starbucks is primed to accept Bitcoin soon
  2. Cool yes I have some Ripple XRP and a few others, its so interesting but risky.
  3. Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone on the site was investing in Crypto ?
  4. Why do we constantly look clumbersome its so frustrating
  5. Any of you lovely foxes have a Stream Please ?
  6. Get him work with us behind the scenes, great guy deserves it
  7. Thanks god for that Shocking Run
  8. My Mrs said the way things are going currently it maybe a better idea to crack it open. LOL
  9. Does anybody have any idea of the current price of the Captain Morgan Winning year Rum. I was lucky enough to buy a few a while back I was thinking of letting one go.
  10. Mahrez you left a club where you played every week, adored by most fans and paid like a king. Do the math Riyad.
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