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  1. Well done to Slavia they defended well like bee's swarming around us ! We had our chances in the 1st leg to put ourselves in a good position but lack of creativity was our down fall, no sharpness up front, Nothing to worry them. Passing the ball around at the back in dangerous situations, we should of gone for the throat !
  2. Jenas if your reading this, most probably you are because we are massive! Please do not give us your clueless evaluation, you were no Ronaldinho! We have no problem taking criticism from the best which clearly you were NO where near.......... Now been a good TV Puppet!
  3. Round of applause to our amazing owners, smashed it like a true Fox! God only knows what they have instore for the stadium. Watch this space.
  4. Absolute Monster of a Player! Youth with the decision making of Maldini. This guy will break the Maguire record.......Although he aint for sale
  5. We are not sharp enough up front, we create but fluff so many chances. We need some dangerous wingers who scare the defence overall nowhere near clinical enough. Heavy investment needed in those areas.
  6. Clubs will be spending still, we shall see
  7. He worth £20 milllion at least !
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