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  1. FoxyPalace.com

    Man City (EFL Cup - 18/12/18) - Match Thread

    Complete opposite to us these are Lethal up front and excellent passers of the ball.
  2. FoxyPalace.com

    Chrystal Palace Away Match Thread.

    Same old story hoof it in the box with zero quality hoping for a miracle. Now been punished! Rubbish
  3. FoxyPalace.com

    Chrystal Palace Away Match Thread.

    they will score soon if we allow them to press all the time.
  4. FoxyPalace.com

    Last Minute Christmas Advice and ideas

    Go to Gran Canaria like me, the best advise you will hear all day! Merry Christmas x
  5. FoxyPalace.com

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Yeah and we need goals, this man will not deliver that!
  6. FoxyPalace.com

    Loss of momentum when attacking

    None of our strikers apart from Vardy are sharp enough or clever Enough. Time for a over haul, Nacho, Slimani, Okazaki need to be gone.
  7. FoxyPalace.com

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Shame we don’t have a sell back clause
  8. FoxyPalace.com

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Puel in
  9. FoxyPalace.com

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    No consistency, what a surprise Puel
  10. FoxyPalace.com

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    What a load of crap Cant defend and cant score
  11. FoxyPalace.com

    Helicopter crash

    Should of been sent to the investigators then deleted! I actually feel guilty watching it.
  12. FoxyPalace.com

    Helicopter crash

    Made my stomach turn over. The helicopter spins so many times, Its all very very quick. Just hope the cause can be found, has to be mechanical as it seems fine on the way up.
  13. FoxyPalace.com

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Top Man and Chairman. RIP
  14. FoxyPalace.com

    Helicopter crash

    Thank you Mr Chairman. From day one you transformed this amazing club into a world wide brand, making the pundits eat their own words. Nobody believed, only us together as a team and family. You treated us all with so much respect, love and kindness. You will never be forgotten, RIP