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  1. Yep I am sold. Get him in....
  2. This is happening.
  3. The Roma Gypsies can do one. Peasants!
  4. Had their pants down!
  5. Looks like the bat suit.
  6. Delayed until 9.30. Ian Acho fancied Mc indian's first!
  7. Shirt only.
  8. We should move on from Ulloa and embrace Slimani.
  9. Nah any fool can clearly see that is Wigston.
  10. If the medical was today they would proberly announce it tomorrow.
  11. I agree with you on some points here. We are now a more popular club, winning the league and going well in the Champions league certainly catapulted us into a different bracket. Thing is many people think us winning the league was a fluke when the so called big clubs were in a terrible state. I personally think its a load of crap, the day we duffed up Man City at home really showed we had the quality and desire to actually win something. The owners are very rich like you say, we are being linked and signing a better calibre of player which is what we should of done straight after the league triumph. I would class Leicester as a mid sized premier league club we are not on the scale of Man City, Chelsea etc yet. I really like you ambition, in the future who knows, the Thai's mean business I know that for a fact.
  12. We are on par with Southampton but Palace is much smaller than us surely.
  13. Ulloa will go. We paid 30 Million for Slimani cant imagine anybody stumping up that on last seasons performances, unless its a swap deal with Silva involved. I think Slimani will do much better this season.
  14. Hearing Ranieri takes all medicals now. The Dilly Ding Dilly Dong test works wonders. Includes Pizza making and italian lesson's.