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  1. Personally I think he will remembered for the ostrich saga it was a classic moment for LCFC history.
  2. Yeah he managed Knockeart brilliantly!
  3. Ake would be a very good buy.
  4. The owners are in Monaco to watch the grand prix this weekend. Talks also with Shakey and maybe Sam??? I prefer Mahrez to go abroad, much easier to just forget about him that way. I would not take anything under £40 Million.
  5. This stinks of Paulo Sousa.
  6. Think Champions League was around 65m.
  7. Someone who has experience who can pull in a better calibre of player. Sorry Shakey.
  8. Midfield poor again, no control of the game constant back tracking.
  9. Mahrez makes more poor passes, falls over, and ****s up play all the time. Get rid of him asap
  10. Is Bournemouth the home side ?
  11. Hodgeson must be waiting in the wings
  12. What a load of rubbish again can't pass a ball for shit. The complete opposite of Bournemouth.
  13. We need at least 2 quality mids
  14. Must admit we do seem to destroy players at times. Kapustka, Gray all added to the list. I for one hope Mahrez leaves, Nowhere near the same player, not looking as interested.
  15. No release clause its all poppy cock!