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  1. FoxyPalace.com

    James Maddison

    Hope we have a clause for the kid to go on loan to Forest 🌳
  2. FoxyPalace.com

    James Maddison

    Chill more like we are slow with updating the website, happens all the time.
  3. FoxyPalace.com

    Ascot Owners Horses Betting

    Where shall we go? Thailand?
  4. FoxyPalace.com

    Gray to Lazio

    MMMmmmm Reject £25 Million from Bournemouth then take 20 Million Euro from Italy. I smell Bullshit.
  5. FoxyPalace.com

    Ascot Owners Horses Betting

    At those odd's you just do not need to whack a wad down. Yes will also be come on Leicester tomorrow.
  6. Just banged £2.50 Double on, Beat the Bank & Shine so bright. I believe in those lucky Monks big time now. Potential £3,121
  7. FoxyPalace.com

    James Maddison

    Great Reply here, LOL I always bet on the opposite to what your prediction's are, because you have not got a clue! Now get back to Cant Cook Wont Cook you Ainsley Wannabe. LOL HA HA HA What a MUG!
  8. FoxyPalace.com

    James Maddison

    Direct from the Saints Forum, Rudders you are the daddy of negotiation. 'Leicester showing up our transfer team as the rank amateurs they really are Reed has to go or we will never move forwards'
  9. FoxyPalace.com

    James Maddison

    The best ever so far I would say, and I guess more to come.
  10. FoxyPalace.com

    The owners.......

    Best owners you could ever want, true sports men who love to win. Great investment, Training ground and Stadium improvements. Always back the club transfer wise, very proud to be linked with our Thai friends. Thank you to the owners.
  11. FoxyPalace.com

    James Maddison

    Take it off!
  12. FoxyPalace.com

    James Maddison

    Percy say its virtually done bar a Medical that's good enough for me. Coming to Leicester City this guy is ITK BIG TIME
  13. FoxyPalace.com

    Mario Gotze

    Does nothing for me, Holly willoughby & Rachel Riley duo. Imagine Vardy's face in the bath afterwards
  14. FoxyPalace.com

    World Cup watch list!

    Very poor both teams but Saudi are very very bad. No strength in the team, its like a team full of Mahrez's without the quality. Constantly bullied mixed with shocking passing and horrendous decision making.
  15. FoxyPalace.com

    World Cup watch list!

    Farage - Nigel ?