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  1. Confidential Call but the worst Twitter rapist know's all about it, LOL made me Chuckle!
  2. Clubs will be spending still, we shall see
  3. He worth £20 milllion at least !
  4. Injury prone let him go
  5. I do not, he left us thinking he was too big for Leicester and pushed through a disaster move to Chelsea! Sometimes it's not always greener, Danny has found this out unfortunately.
  6. Throw the alot at em 2nd half, we have the quality lets make them pay before they get relegated
  7. All over them from the start should be winning this, villa been lucky. Get Vardy on need that cutting edge
  8. He's got a massive Koch
  9. We know these are bunch of door men why do we continue to let them swing in balls
  10. Benko plus cash for Ajer. he clearly will not be playing here.
  11. Good player that is now warming the Manchester City bench as predicted! Actually we prolonged his playing career for 2 years as he has been stop start for MCFC ever since. Good Player but certainly no world beater, his attitude is poor and clearly baby like when he cannot get his own way. As we can see from are team now, cohesion and togetherness is the winning formula not sulking and departure lounges.
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