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  1. Ricardo not on the bench? Really hoping he's just being fully rested and isnt injured again!
  2. Laughable that some of you are forming an opinion on him already after 40 minutes on the pitch when all our players were shite and we were already 2-0 down. Absolutely ridiculous.
  3. He is so lightweight it's unbelievable. What's concerning is that when he lost the ball last season, on most occassions he would at least work really hard to try and win the ball back. This season so far when he loses it or is out muscled, he just gives up and makes no attempt to retain the ball. For me he should be nothing more than a fringe player going forward.
  4. Been asleep for a solid 8 hours to wake up and find out Turkeys great for hair transplants, Turkey have decent rugs for sale, admin needs to sort it, Ali doesn't like kebaps only kofte and now i'm gonna shut the bloody up.
  5. Went down earlier. Was a long wait, but managed to get a few bits for my weekly kickabout. I got some grey training shorts for a fiver, black away socks for 3 quid and last seasons Leuven shirt in a medium for a tenner. 'Full price' would have been £100 for the lot, so all in all it was worth it id say. Just be prepared for a big queue both getting in and to pay!
  6. I"ve even dug out my title winning home shirt to wear today. First time i've worn it since that season. I'm sure it means f^ck all but it makes me feel better Come on lads!!!
  7. Had a dream last night that United smashed us 5-0. If that's not a sign we are gonna win, then I don't know what is! Come on City
  8. To the chorus of 'Monster' by The Automatic. 'Whose that dribbling out from the back, Is it Soyuncu, is it Soyuncu, Whose that breaking up the attack, Is it Soyuncu, is it Soyuncu.' Rinse, repeat....Masterpiece
  9. Absolutely no bottle at all. Every game we have played this season where theres been a little bit of pressure on us, we have crumbled. Players and management staff need to take a long hard look at themselves.
  10. It actually took me a little while to get in to Spiderman, but once I did I couldn't stop playing it. Great game mechanics and great story. I love the whole Uncharted series to be fair, even Lost Legacy was decent, but everything about UC 4 was unreal. It really was like playing along to a blockbuster movie. Still havent got round to playing RDR2 yet. The time I need to dedicate to it keeps on putting me off!
  11. 1. Uncharted 4 2. The Last Of Us 3. Days Gone 4. GTA V 5. Spiderman 6. Rise Of The Tomb Raider 7. Gears Of War 4 8. Until Dawn 9. COD: WW2 10. Beyond Two Souls Probably in that order aswell to be fair. For me, Uncharted 4 is the greatest game i've ever played. Masterpiece from start to finish with the perfect ending.
  12. Of course I don't think hes purposely losing the ball. Its more the fact that he looks as though hes just going through the motions and I feel as though he knows his place in first 11 is safe no matter how poor he plays.
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